DISAGREE WITH ME AND YOU ARE – An Idiot, Evil, and an Enemy of the Republic…

BLOG POST - Criticism

I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT, but hear it from supporters of each of the candidates and it is wearing thin, serves no real purpose, resolves no problems this nation faces and is tiresome.  If you support candidate “X” and I support candidate “Y”, while Bob down the street supports candidate “Z” that is called DISAGREEMENT.  It does not mean that any of us are evil, idiots, or enemies of America it means we are exercising our God-given and constitutional right to hold the opinion we hold. 

How does it help to dive into the deep end of the cesspool of politics and resort to labeling all who disagree in some disparaging manner?  I know it is inconceivable that any of us could be mistaken or even misguided in our loyalty and devotion to our chosen one but what if we all are, on some points.  I suspect that is exactly the case, but for that statement I will be unfriended by at least three, receive a few threatening messages by a few and called every name in the book by others.  We are or should be focusing on America and the problems this nation faces, which are many and complex not choosing up sides for a street fight or schoolyard brawl.  I salute you for being loyal to your candidate, for if you believe that person espouses the values and ideology you hold dear and their message resonates with you stand firm and support them.  Talk of their finer qualities, detail their policies, try to enlist supporters, volunteers, and by all means VOTE for them.  But, please DO NOT resort to name calling, innuendoes, and smear tactics.  It serves no purpose and usually only serves to diminish both sides in the process.

I had someone ask, “Roy, why do you allow people to remain on your friends list who believe so differently than you?”  It is simple, to me.  If that person is civil I respect their right to disagree and believe what they believe.  They have a right to express their view, even if I totally disagree and we can discuss our differences in a mature and civil manner.  HOWEVER, if that individual resorts to name calling, profanity and for the purpose of letting me know they are shouting and attempting to intimidate me by typing in ALL CAPS that is another story.  If people become angered or offended by what I say and choose to “unfriend” me that is entirely their choice.  I seldom “unfriend” anyone and if possible I tolerate differences of opinion.  If that individual, tries to hijack my wall and use it as their bully pulpit because of the number of friends I have, I do not allow that to continue long.  If that individual begins to use profanity and makes it personal I do not tolerate that out of respect for myself and my friends and those who read what is on my wall.  If that individual resorts to name calling and bullying I do not permit that.  In those cases, if I cannot simply ignore them, I may have no recourse but to block them temporarily or permanently.  I respect the 1st Amendment and will fight for it even for those who I disagree with but in the cases listed above I consider that an abuse of that right.  If they want to do that on their wall or in groups where it is encouraged, more power to them.  I do not choose that path and that is not trying to make myself appear ‘holier than thou’ or anything, it is a preference.

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We have MAJOR ISSUES before us not the size of any part of any candidates anatomy, their wives, and calling each other liars, con-men or another disparaging name is not conducive to addressing the issues.  Please, identify differences in philosophy, ideology, policy, and proposals but refrain from making it personal attacks.  You may think it is great, I do not.  You may think me weak because I do not want to resort to that low-level of debate, and that is your prerogative.  Obviously, you do not know me but if that makes anyone feel better to go there then by all means go there.  Yes, I am ranting and on a soap box because I see the 2016 Election as an election that should be a SLAM DUNK that the GOP candidates are doing their best to lose.  That makes me mad. 

  • If we get Immigration wrong we will lose our sovereign nation. You cannot allow non-assimilation and segregated communities in which those living there operate under a different set of laws other than our Constitution.  That is what happened in France and Belgium and is in danger of happening all over the world including the United States of America.
  • If we get the SCOTUS wrong we will lose our Republic and our Constitution will become meaningless.
  • If we get National Security wrong we will be overrun and overcome by outside forces seeking to destroy us and Americans will be unsafe anywhere in the world.
  • If we get Spending and the National Debt wrong we will bankrupt this nation and destroy the hope and future of successive generations.
  • If we get Taxes wrong we will continue to have an Internal Revenue Service that is a weapon used by the devious in power to punish, coerce, and bully our citizens.
  • If we get the Presidency wrong we will continue to have a rogue DOJ, EPA, and Homeland Security that becomes a Gestapo rather than serving the people, protecting and defending the Constitution and having any legitimate purpose.


  • BLOG POST - Disagree


Now I ask, which is more important, who wins the twitter and campaign ad wars filled with insults, innuendos, half-truths, and scurrilous presentations and has the most pointed sound bites or the real problems we face.  Let me be clear, I am hearing vitriol and hate from all camps so it is not one-sided, but somebody has to step forward and say, NO MORE let’s talk about the real problems, not our personality differences.  Politics is a dirty business but it does not have to reach the low levels we are rapidly reaching.  AMERICA IS TOO IMPORTANT!  Be angry at me, lash out at me, criticize me, and call me what you will but my love for America is TOP PRIORITY and I will not sit silently while we lose the golden opportunity to turn this thing around positively.  As the Republic teeters on the brink of destruction we dare not lose focus of the real problems and real enemies faced.

God bless you and God bless America!


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