ALINSKYISM – Democrats Use It, Should Republicans?

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I had someone ask me recently, “Roy, at what point do I refuse to abandon my convictions to gain an electoral victory?”  My answer that is simple yet complex and something I have never drifted from.  NEVER, if it is truly a conviction, not just a preference.”  If I ignore my convictions and violate or shelve them my integrity is gone to myself and anyone who knows my convictions.  My words will no longer have any meaning and I negate any positive influence I might have or could have.  If it is truly a CONVICTION you cannot violate or abandon it.

I understand “Conviction” to be a firmly held belief according to Miriam-Webster but I believe that it is much more than that.  My convictions are a result of my values and determine my conduct.  A man will die for his convictions but not for his preferences or opinions.  Often I hear people talk about their convictions when the more they talk the more convinced I am they are referring to preferences or opinions not firmly rooted convictions based on knowledge and values but desires or wishes.  If you are addressing the political with a “conviction” that is truly a “preference” you should be adaptable and compromise is permissible. If you are addressing something that violates the “core values” you hold dear and requires you to compromise your firmly held principles and beliefs then I would never tell you to abandon those convictions.

BLOG POST - Convictions


Can or do convictions change?  Of course, as we gain new understanding and see additional sides to the diamond of truth we seek if that alters our beliefs to include or incorporate things we formerly held at bay, we would be changing our convictions.  But, do we abandon our convictions to win an election?  Is it acceptable for Republicans to adopt the Alinsky model of “the end justifies the means” and “all is fair in love, war, and politics?”  Some believe it is, I do not, but that is my opinion and I would even argue my conviction.  As I said, my answer is simple and complex.  One one hand, I must address my core beliefs, how the elections will affect my freedom, and the pros and cons of my decision and how it will affect myself and others now and in the future.

Holding politicians accountable should be a desire and objective of all Americans.  If we who identify a conservatives, constitutionalist, and/or Republicans are offended and demand that Hillary Clinton is held accountable for her words regarding the lives lost in Benghazi, “What difference does it make now?” are we not to hold all politicians to that same standard?  If Hillary Clinton can declare that since the event is history it should be ignored and we should move on, showing utter disregard for the lives of those brave Americans who fought for their lives and to protect those they were charged with protecting we are right to be angry.  If she lies about the cause and the failure for the failure our assets being dispatched to their defense, we are right to want her held accountable.  If she places our nation at risk with a private email server to hide her activities and for her convenience, we have a reason to be angry.  BUT, if we fail to hold Republicans to the same standard we demonstrate Alinskyism as much as the Democrats and I refuse to do that.  That violates my CONVICTIONS.

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You have to know, by now, that I believe America cannot survive if we have four or eight more years of the Obama type policy and politics.  So for me to say we cannot afford to win an election by completely ignoring our convictions is almost contradictory in the minds of some.  If I believe a Hillary Clinton presidency means doom for America how can I refuse to ignore my convictions in order to defeat her?  On one hand we might lose the nation and on the other hand, we could lose our self-respect and integrity and all that comes with abandoning one’s convictions.  If I argue that it is not about me, then I can justify placing my convictions on hold and do whatever is necessary to defeat her.  If I argue that gaining the whole world and losing my soul is not an acceptable prize, I cannot.  I am not saying that to vote for the Republican candidate I have to abandon my convictions, I am saying that if that becomes the choice it will be a very difficult and prayerful decision I make.

Some have become angry with me because I question some of the things said or done by candidates on the Republican side.  If I truly hold the conviction that politicians should be held to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and properly dispensing their duties, how can I not question when something is questionable?  I won’t ignore what Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or any other Republican says or does while taking Hillary and the Democrats to the task.  That would be hypocritical on my part, in my view.  That would violate my core principles and beliefs.  Many are on the horns of a dilemma in this election knowing the absolute danger and sure destruction of a Hillary Clinton presidency and troubled by this or that GOP candidate.  Some of it is preference and some of it is their deep-seated conviction.  My purpose is not to judge or try to force anyone to abandon their convictions but to ask that we all earnestly pray because America’s survival may depend on what we do in November.  Another reason I am committed to interceding for my nation and her people.  It is my conviction that America is worth saving!  I am 100% convinced that allowing Hillary Clinton to become President is a disaster for America.  It is my conviction that I am to do all I can to preserve the Republic in my fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Therefore, I weigh all my convictions in this decision and am earnestly seeking God’s guidance and will follow that which I hear in my heart through prayer.  What do we do when convictions about one thing meet in conflict about convictions regarding another?  We TRUST God!


I am praying for America, Americans, and the politicians, for integrity, honesty, and the preservation and/or restoration of our Constitutional Republic.  May God bless you and May God bless America and led us forth into His light and right.

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