BLOG POST 1 - Questions 1

I, like many of you, are troubled by the current state of affairs in America and the political cycle has not alleviated those concerns or answered many of our questions.  It appears, since Ted Cruz and John Kasich have suspended their campaigns that Donald Trump is or will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.  It is also, almost assured that his opponent will be Hillary Rodham Clinton in the General Election.

There are those who are ecstatic about Mr. Trump’s victory and others who are in a state of deep depression.  Some are proclaiming that he will “Make America Great Again” and others singing, “Turn out the Lights the Party’s over.”  There are those who believe Mr. Trump is God’s chosen leader to escort us out of the doom and gloom we have been in for almost eight years or longer and others who see him as the destruction of Conservatism and the Republican Party.  Some of Mr. Trump’s supporters accept whatever he declares as factual and run with it and others see his rhetoric as a dangerous unsubstantiated diatribe.

BLOG POST 1 - Mixed Bag

I confess he has said some things that trouble me and some that excite me.  He is  often a mixed bag and impossible to press into a box and define.  His stance on the Transgender Bathrooms troubles me and when he quoted the National Enquirer as a viable major news source I raised my eyebrows and said, “WHAT?”  A gossip rag magazine a viable major news source?  Hardly, and I am surprised he’d quote them, but I understood that the pattern of repeating what has been tweeted or written and then defend it as, “I just cited what was said.”  But, then when he stands firmly against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and wants to secure the border I applaud and get excited that we might finally take definitive action even if his proposals are modified and adapted to some degree.  When he fearlessly identifies the major problem we face as being Islamic Terrorism I cheer.  The political correctness and defense of the world of Islam by this administration endangers America and Americans and Mr. Trump’s stance is somewhat a breath of fresh air.

I like the idea of bringing back jobs to America but question if “tariffs” and “punitive action” rather than proactive action to reduce corporate taxes and lift stifling restrictions and regulations is the right approach.  The intent is desirable the process to get there leaves me with questions as to the spillover effect in various parts of the economy.  I believe that Obamacare is a disaster and I want to see it totally repealed not simply restructured into a Universal Healthcare system and I need much more clarification on Mr. Trump’s proposals so I can contrast it to that of Hillary Clinton which is Universal Government Run Healthcare where we lose all freedom to coordinate with our doctors the type of care we receive or pursue.

I am Pro-Life and believe that the rights of the Unborn are important and must be protected as well as the rights of the mother.  That baby did not choose to be created and if life is deemed over when the heart stops beating why is it not deemed to begin when the heart starts?  Who is speaking for that baby?  Planned Parenthood, in my view, needs to be fully and thoroughly investigated for any criminal and immoral activities they have practiced not funded without limitations and restrictions.  We could fund other organizations and eliminate them completely or deny them federal funds and still provide the supposedly positive services they provide for women’s health.  I do not want to endanger any woman or hinder her from obtaining adequate healthcare but I do want to stop any agency or organization that practices harvesting body parts for profit, thus promoting abortion and even murdering a baby that has been born via a botched abortion.  We need to be able to contrast the Republican and Democrat view on those issues.

BLOG POST 1 - Constitution

I am an Originalist in my view of the Constitution.  I do not see it as a living and evolving document that is molded and changed at the whim of a political party in power but must be preserved and followed, as closely as possible, in the original intent of the authors.  If we do not like what it says we need to offer a Constitutional Amendment and go through the process of having it ratified but we must never allow any court to rewrite it to suit their political or ideological agenda or views.  Our system of government was carefully and prayerfully established and it will enable us to preserve our Republic and ensure our unalienable rights if allowed to stand as written.

I am decidedly a LIMITED GOVERNMENT advocate and I know, beyond doubt, that Hillary Clinton is diametrically opposite of that view.  Therefore, I am troubled when I hear Donald Trump say he does not want to eliminate any of the entitlements but will work deals to get more revenue to pay for them.  That is, in my view, not possible without an increase in taxes and even then it is not a desirable path if we truly want LIMITED GOVERNMENT and REDUCED SPENDING.  I hope for much more clarification from the Trump campaign so we can efficiently contrast his stance and that of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  Then, when he speaks of taking care of our veterans, I am ecstatic.

I am strongly a FREE MARKET believer and opposed to crony capitalism which is destroying the free market.  I am appalled when businesses leave our shores transferring their manufacturing operations offshore.  I know Hillary Clinton wants to tax, tax, and tax everything and everybody and while I appreciate Mr. Trump wanting to bring back jobs I have questions about the proposed approach.  I believe that reducing the corporate tax rate significantly and lifting the crippling regulations and restrictions on businesses would provide that solution.  I do not believe that punitive tariffs and subsidies are a viable solution.  My concern is that will translate into higher costs for the consumer, higher costs for businesses, which means less manufacturing and loss of jobs.

BLOG POST 1 - Questions

I HAVE QUESTIONS and if I am to be tarred and feathered for daring to ask questions then go for it, run me out of town and I’ll get in front and we’ll have a parade.  I am TOTALLY OPPOSED TO HILLARY CLINTON and will do everything in my power to see she is defeated.  I want to be a supporting voice for the Republican nominee and to effectively and sincerely do that I have to have some of my questions and concerns answered.  I need some of the unknowns to become knowns.  I know the disaster that Hillary Clinton poses and I cannot, in good conscience, not work to stop her from being President of these United States of America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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