OKAY, Let’s Talk About Guns…


That’s right I said, talk about guns.  The sad fact is that this president and the left want to render the 2nd Amendment null and void for the Law Abiding in America.  They know, you know, and I know that “banning guns” will only take them from the hands of those who obey the law now, not the criminals, terrorist, and lunatics in the world.  Locks on doors are for honest people they do little, if anything, to deter those who are willing to steal.  When we consider the Orlando situation a number of facts come to light and “tighter gun laws” would not have prevented that evil outburst.  Why?  Because giving the FBI carte blanche to reject a person without legal basis because they deem it proper would not have prevented Omar Mateen from having guns.  Why?  Because he was licensed by the State to guard State facilities and check for people with weapons.  He was taken off the terrorist watch list by the FBI.  So, none of the proposed solutions offered by the President, the Democrat politicians, Media, and activist would have had any bearing on him and his ability to do what he did.  In fact, the FBI ignored or were prevented from any intensive investigation because they had numerous warnings.  The owner of a gun shop reported him attempting to buy heavy body armor and became suspicious.  Co-workers reported his bragging about connections to terrorist, his hatred for the West and anger at our military actions toward ISIS.  No, Mr. President the Christians, Republicans, nor the NRA caused the problem, your policies helped to ensure an open door but your political rhetoric and vitriol against anyone who dares question Islam or Islamic terrorism are misguided, at best.

BLOG POST 5 - Gun Laws

But, let’s talk about guns, legally purchased, legally kept, and legally used.  It would be almost impossible to determine the exact number of firearms in the hands of civilians in America today.  Some of the most realistic estimates are that there are approximately 270 MILLION such guns.  Some very reasonable estimates are that over 200 THOUSAND times each year a woman uses a gun to defend herself against sexual assault.  Likewise, some research I have viewed declares that 60% of felons questioned said they would opt to not attempt to accost a potential victim who was armed.

The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy published a study that concluded there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and violent crime in countries internationally.  Simply, they reported, more guns resulted in less crime.  I know that won’t set will with the “gun control activist” but facts are stubborn things and wishing they weren’t so won’t change them.  They also reported that nations with the strictest gun control laws had substantially higher murder rates than those countries with less stringent laws or restrictions on citizens to keep and bear arms.  They reported that Nine (9) European nations with the lowest gun ownership had a combined murder rate 3 TIMES that of the Nine (9) European nations with the highest rate of gun ownership.

The report cited the nations with the highest rate of “Intentional Homicide” had Honduras at the top with 91.6 per 100,000 and the U.S. at 4.8 per 100,000.  Now, I ask, “How exactly will more stringent gun control laws help in America?”  The FBI released crime statistics and found that states with concealed carry laws reduced the murder rate by a minimum of 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7%, and robberies by 3%.  Tell me again, how stricter gun laws will make us safer.  It was reported that in 1982, Kennesaw, Georgia, passed a law requiring heads of households to keep at least one firearm in the house. The residential burglary rate dropped by 89% compared to 10.4% in the state as a whole.  It is clear from virtually every study that guns are used 80 TIMES more often to protect a life than to take one. 


BLOG POST 5 - Guns

I have repeated this so often I feel as though I’m speaking to a wall and nobody is listening but the problem is not GUNS it is PEOPLE.  It is the moral condition of the heart, the belief system of the individual, and the willingness of that person to do what they do.  Someone said to me, “Roy as a Christian and a preacher surely you want ‘gun control’ to make everybody safer.”  I said, “I would love for everybody to be safer but having more stringent ‘gun control’ will not accomplish that.”  There are too many reports verifying my argument that if law-abiding, responsible citizens are allowed to “keep and bear” arms we are much safer than if we create a society where only the lawless have firearms.  The politicians, Hollywood Types, and money and power brokers of this world have “armed bodyguards” but not the average citizen.  Those aforementioned people will not relinquish their arms but want us to do so.  That is tragic.

The argument, here in Texas, was that if “open carry” was passed it would turn Texas into the Old West and there would be gunfights daily.  Since January when the law passed and was signed by the Governor that has proved to be a total fabrication by the left and gun control activist.  I would prefer the criminal to be uncertain about my packing status, however, you can believe I am.  I would hate to have to use my firearm on another human being but made the decision about whether I would or not, long before I purchased the gun.  In the case where I am fearful for my life, my family, my home, or an innocent person, I have already resolved the question and I feel safer and my family feels safer knowing that reality.

BLOG POST 5 - My Guns

You can think of me what you will, that is almost inconsequential because I have come to this decision through prayer, careful thought, biblical and constitutional study.  I am at peace with that choice and know that only to preserve the life of the innocent would I brandish the firearm and use it, if necessary.  I believe that is at the heart of the intent of our Founding Fathers with regard to the 2nd Amendment.  Of course, they knew the dangers of a rogue government and tyranny but they also understood the basic human right for “self-defense.”

God bless you and God bless America.  I WILL NEVER vote in any way that would allow a person who wants to take my inalienable and constitutional rights away.  November is about much, and this is certainly an issue that must be considered.



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