BLOG POST 1 - Blame Game

The act of terrorism in Orlando by gunman Omar Mateen is reprehensible and should be condemned at every level.  This was another act of senseless slaughter of people and with a direct link to ISIS and the Islamic jihad specifically targeted a gathering place for homosexuals.  The Muslim religion hates homosexuals and considers them fair game for slaughter whenever and wherever.  This comes on the heels of the threat of ISIS to bring terror to America and named Florida specifically.  Now, ISIS has taken credit for this act of terrorism.  The gunman Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was heard shouting “Allah Akbar” as he carried out his act of murder and mayhem which can be called nothing other than diabolical hellish terrorism.  It is reported that shortly before the attack, this terrorist called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Does that leave questions as to who is responsible?  NONE WHATSOEVER!

Now, the left, including this President are positioning themselves to push for “more gun control” and press their agenda forward to achieve “gun control” and/or “gun bans”.  This individual, who had been interviewed and had dealings with law enforcement in 2013 and 2014 was able to legally purchase two guns in the past week or so.  The problem is not “guns” the problem is in our broken system and the pandering to Islamic jihadist out of fear of being accused of Islamophobia.  Call me whatever you please, the problem is the system and the terrorist, not GUNS.  We know that this individual was interviewed three times by the FBI suspected of having a connection to terrorist organizations and suicide bombers in particular.  Yet, he had a job as a security guard.  His ex-wife has stated that he was “not a stable person” and that he has issued threats against her in the past.  The questions I would have is, did she report this and if so when coupled with the FBI concerns why there was not a “red flag” on his background check.  Maybe there was not genuine cause for alarm and I would never want to go overboard in restricting a citizen from the lawful purchase of a firearm.  However, with the recent threat of ISIS to bring terror to Florida, the previous concerns of the FBI, and his ex-wife’s indication of previous threats of violence, that seems to be sufficient cause for the FBI, who is responsible for background checks for firearms purchases to “flag” this and do more diligent research before allowing him to purchase the guns.  Maybe I’m being too simplistic and maybe not.

I would add that I can somewhat understand the missteps and plight of the FBI in investigating any Muslim with the current administration and DOJ as their boss.  Do you remember how the FBI failed with regard to the major in the Fort Hood shootings?  What about the older brother in Boston?  Then, look at the handling of the investigation of Hillary.  I can only imagine the threat hanging over the heads of FBI agents and the fear they have of taking any action against a Muslim.  Of course, we could argue, they are supposed to be fearless in their pursuit of justice and conduct complete, thorough, and honest investigations.  But, we cannot fail to remember who is in the White House and who appointed the Attorney General or how quickly this president rushes to defend any member of Islam and how quickly he turns everything against the constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights.  I am not seeking to absolve the FBI but I can understand their plight.

BLOG POST 1 - Kissy-Face

The problem is this administration wants to play “Kissy-face” with Islam and Islamic terrorist while targeting guns and gun organizations who seek to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  The fact that he was a licensed security officer and held a Statewide Firearms License is problematic.  The reports are he was organized and very well-prepared.  Had he been trained?  Was he working as a lone-wolf?  Were there connections to ISIS, the Taliban or other Islamic terrorist groups?  Questions we will likely not get answers to with the history of this administration in dealing with Domestic Islamic Terrorist.

My stance on gun violence has been consistent.  We must carefully guard and protect the lawful ownership and right to keep and bear arms of legal American citizens.  However, if anyone commits a crime using a firearm they should have the book thrown at them and punished to the full extent of the law.  Maybe we need to increase the punishment, close the loopholes, and strictly enforce the laws we now have while acknowledging the real threat of terror from Islamic jihadist.  That, instead of using every terrible act of evil violence as an opportunity to go after the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans.  The NRA did not create this situation.  The 2nd Amendment is not the problem, evil is.  The firearms are not the problem, people filled with evil, hate or suffering from mental disorders of the gravest kind are.  We need to move from the misguided and misdirected blame to the real problem.  However, I know this administration and the Democrat Left will seek to “never let a crisis go to waste” and spin the spin, use the willing media, and continue the narrative and rhetoric of the evil gun.  Using flawed logic results in flawed action and reaction and NEVER solves a problem but often exacerbates it.

BLOG POST 1 - Problem

So, Mr. President, Mrs. Clinton, and all politicians I plead with you to abandon your push to ban guns and strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights and turn the focus one of the gravest threats to America and Americans, ISLAMIC TERRORISM.  I also plead with all so-called moderate and peaceful Muslims to OPENLY CONDEMN and take steps to STAMP OUT this type of behavior rather than attack anyone who calls attention to this evil.  If you want to be known and believed to be a Religion of Peace then take steps to condemn the evil, call it what it is and join the fight to rid the world of all who follow this diabolical hellish mentality.  Until you do, I can only believe what I see and what I see is the evil and violence of Islamic Jihadism.  I would condemn any so-called Christian or groups that did this and I condemn this.

Another evidence and proof that if we allow Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to keep the White House and make inroads in Congress we are dooming America.  I CANNOT DO THAT and will continue the fight to reclaim and restore our Republic!

God bless you and God bless America!

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