BLOG POST 4 - Denial

This President wants us to believe that if we identify the Radical Islamic Terrorist as Islamic we legitimize, empower, and embolden them.  Hillary Clinton and the Democrats echo that chorus and sadly too many Republicans jump on the Politically Correct Bandwagon and lecture us about so-called Islamophobia.  ISIS and the Islamic Jihadist do not need our recognition to be considered a legitimate threat, they are!  They are not empowered by our identification of them, they are empowered by our denial of the problem. They are not emboldened by our refusal to call them what they are, they are emboldened because of the perceived weakness on our part.  No, Mr. President your denial is not advancing the war on terror nor is it weakening their position, influence, power, or danger.

This President has declared that Americans with guns are a greater threat than Islamic Terrorism or Terrorism. Wait?  He actually believes that those of us who own, keep and bear arms are Domestic Terrorist and a threat?  We are a threat, but only to the nefarious attempts to subvert our constitutional rights and liberties and attempts to so fundamentally transform America she is no longer the Free Constitutional Republic.  Therefore, in my view, He is an equal if not a greater threat to America and the world as ISIS or any Islamic jihadist.  His ideology is not just dangerous it is destructive.  He may believe he is acting in the best interest of America but he is tragically misguided if that is his true heart.

BLOG POST 4 - Denial 3

DENIAL is incredibly powerful and dangerous.  It can and often does cause people to ignore danger, problems, or solutions that are glaringly visible for all who will honestly view the situation.  It is said, and rightly so in some situations, the pen is mightier than the sword.  However, when facing an enemy with a weapon seeking to kill, maim, pillage, and destroy writing them a note, poem, or challenging their ideology and intent on paper will end in disaster for the one with the pen.  They will not only laugh at that approach it will, in all likelihood, infuriate them and cause them to seek to do more damage and destruction.  Peace is not achieved through coddling and appeasing the perpetrator or one waging war it is achieved by power, either killing enough of the enemy they accept defeat or demonstrating the ability to inflict sufficient damage they rethink their objective.  Peace is achieved through strength, not denial. 

Putting a piece of masking tape over the “check engine light” on the car’s dash will not remove the problem.  Repainting a wall where termites have eaten through the sheetrock will not remove the problem.  Refusing to go to the doctor when a deadly disease is suspected does not remove the disease.  NO, denial does not resolve the problem it usually makes the problem worse or leads to worse problems and the policy of denial regarding radical Islamic terror does not make it go away.  Denying the problems in the economy does not create jobs.  Denying the problems in Healthcare and Obamacare does not magically remove the problem.  Denying the problem of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION does not instantly turn all the Illegals into Legal citizens and remove the danger and threat.  NO, it exacerbates and escalates the problem.

BLOG POST 4 - Denial 1

I know people who refuse to reign in their credit card spending denying the fact they do not have the funds to pay the bills when they arrive.  The end result is financial chaos.  I know people who deny a problem in their marriage or relationships somehow believing if they just deny and do not talk about it, the problem will somehow dissolve into thin air.  The result is often a divorce, not a resolution.  I consider denial living in an “Alternate Universe” that is completely devoid of reality and reason.  It is a “Fantasy World” and one that only produces sorrow, not victory or joy.  It is a place that millions have chosen to live politically in America and that Utopian Denial Fantasy has brought us to the brink of destruction as the Constitutional Republic.

The picture of the three monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” and the “ostrich with its head in the sand” always comes to mind when I hear much of the rhetoric in the media and politics today.  Sadly, I hear it in churches as well, where some have adopted the philosophy that if we do not address the problems they do not exist.  THEY EXIST!  We must not only acknowledge the problem we must address the cause in order to find the remedy.  If we only see the problem and not the cause we will never discover the solution.  If you are traveling in uncharted territory, denying you are lost, will not make you any less lost, it will only exasperate you for a longer period of time.   You may eventually stumble on the right path but as I’ve heard all my life, “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.”  Solutions are arrived at when we acknowledge the problem or condition, discover the cause, and commit to the reasonable and rational remedy.  DENIAL brings DESTRUCTION.  It may leave a person with a sense of “false bliss” through ignorance but it will not lessen the danger or problem.

BLOG POST 4 - Denial 2

That is where we are in America and in the Elections of 2016, at every level, we must acknowledge the Problem or Condition, discover the cause, and embrace the remedy.  Every election is important.  America, we can no longer afford the luxury of denial we must find the remedy and that first begins with acknowledging the problem.

God bless you and God bless America!


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