What I’m going to write about is not original for I am not the first to touch on the subject or broach the question but when we look at the Democrats, Republicans, and Presidential Elections I have to ask what does our current political climate and condition say about us?  When I consider who the Democrats and Republicans have nominated since Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, I notice some consistent patterns and it disturbs me greatly.

I believe that Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy both loved America and wanted what was best for the nation.  I may or may not have agreed with their political ideologies or strategies all the time but I believe they both believed in the Constitution and in America.  After those Presidents, I cannot say that with complete confidence.  In fact, my observation, with possibly one or two exceptions is that the pattern of nominees from the Democrats has been of the same ilk regarding character and the Republicans have offered people largely opposite.  Yet, the Democrats, since, George H.W. Bush have, with one exception, defeated the Republicans while offering candidates of questionable character.  How can that be?  I believe it says more about America and Americans than the political parties.

George H.W. Bush was a terrible disappointment because he violated his campaign promises on more than one issue but especially on his “read my lips” promise regarding no new taxes.  His failures opened the door to a man that was a known philanderer and had a history of incredibly dark and questionable associations and involvements in his political life.  Yet, he (Clinton) defeated Bush and we endured two terms even with him demonstrating his propensity for lascivious behavior and questionable actions to cover his exploits that endangered and harmed America.  Of course, his 2nd term came at the expense of the sacrificial lamb, Bob Dole the Republicans offered knowing he had about as much chance inspiring voters as a snowball would surviving hell’s flames.

In the next cycle, the Republicans nominated a man perceived by many as a dolt and cowboy but one whose message and personality resonated with millions.  George W. Bush won two terms and then the Democrats once again offered us a man of incredibly questionable character whose most significant claim to electability was his ethnicity, not qualifications.  He was closely associated with domestic terrorist and the Chicago mob-based Democrat Political Machine and Money People.  He was mentored by none other than Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying communist who hated America and everything about Western culture and government.  One of his (Barack Obama’s) inspirations was Saul Alinksy, who declared in his book ‘Rules for Radicals’ that the book was dedicated to “the very first radical”, Lucifer.  Alinsky also said, “In a fight, almost anything goes.  It almost reaches a point where you stop to apologize if a blow lands above the belt.”  Barack Obama has followed the Alinsky model to the letter including calling Republicans “enemies” and inviting Paul Ryan to a speech for the sole purpose of attacking him in public, knowing it was a direct violation of federal law and daring anyone to stop him.  A federal judge in Texas took him up on his challenge even though four of the Supreme Court Justices would have allowed him to do whatever with no consideration of the laws.  STILL, the public voted him in not once but twice and anyone who opposed or opposes him is labeled a racist or something equally derogatory.

BLOG POST 7 - Qualifications

Sadly, the Democrats have demonstrated a consistent propensity to nominate people of questionable and even evil character and the Republicans nominate people who are not so tainted in their personal lives, political ideology and demonstrate a heart or love for America and the Constitution and still lose.  How can this be?  In this election we have an individual being nominated by the Democrats who has brazenly lied to the American people repeatedly about Benghazi, her emails, her associations and dealings with foreign governments and shady characters, the Clinton Slush-Fund Foundation and pilfering millions from various sources for their personal and political benefit disregarding the law, moral rightness, and the American Constitution. Although the FBI has refused to recommend criminal charges for criminal activity they did say that she was “EXTREMELY CARELESS”.  Is that what we want for President?  EXTREME CARELESSNESS or GROSS NEGLIGENCE?  Yes, that is what we get from Washington but we are talking about the next President.  I won’t say that Donald Trump is of impeccable character but I do believe that he loves America and wants what is best for the nation.  His ideas may or may not all be right or even possible but there is a distinct difference between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton.  It seems that over the past few elections or since John F. Kennedy between the Democrat and Republican candidates we have one party offering us corrupt and even diabolical candidates and still winning.  “How can this be?”   YET, America keeps electing the Democrats with no seeming regard for character.  What does that say about us?

I believe we are facing and have faced for some time, a very deep moral issue in our nation.  We have drifted from our founding principles and the principles of morality and rightness to a self-centeredness and entitlement mentality that is destroying our nation.  We have reached the place that character in politics is meaningless and we have virtually sold our souls for benefits and entitlements or fear of being branded with a negative characterization by the Politically Correct Society in which we now live.

We need to return to God and 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a plea that is needed in our present America.  You may totally disagree about the need to return to God but as a Christian, I believe that if we fail to restore our moral moorings we will completely and irrevocably lose this Republic.  More reasons to remember November and consider what is at risk in allowing Hillary Clinton ascending to the Oval Office.

God help us and God bless you and may He bless America again!   


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