THE MURDEROUSNESS of the Religion of Peace…

BLOG POST 1 - Terrorism

That title alone will probably get me booted from various social media sites and further ensure that my name remains on the ‘watch lists’ of this administration.  I am a small fish but they have demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice small fish in their efforts to promote their liberal agenda.  A prime example would be Benghazi where they arrested and imprisoned a person for an obscure video to promote their lie about the cause of the act of terrorism that cost four (4) American lives in Libya.  They needed to divert the attention to the truth to prevent any negative press or views that might cost Barack Obama a second term.  Therefore, I proceed knowing that my advancement of truth is dangerous but I also believe it is vital that we expose that which needs to be exposed and warn against that which needs a warning.

We know that just prior to the onset of the Ramadan, the Islamic religious practice, various Imams, and ISIS called for Muslims worldwide to carry out acts of terrorism and vowed that this would be “the month of conquest and jihad.”  They encouraged MURDEROUSNESS in the name of their Religion and to be during the time of the religious festival known as Ramadan.  According to what I can determine they believe that sacrifice during this time is considered more valuable than any sacrifice made at other times. Therefore, martyrdom during the month-long festival holds a powerful allure to the Islamic Terrorist.  Their month of Ramadan ran from June 5th to July 5th and according to their beliefs it was during this month that their god revealed the first verses of the Qur’an to Mohammed, on a night known as “The Night of Power.”  But, not to get into their beliefs only to reference the blood-letting they called for and have carried out as clear examples of the Murderousness of their Religion of Peace, making it anything but a Peaceful Religion.  For all Muslims who claim this is not the religion taught in the Qur’an, I call upon you to actively and openly CONDEMN the practice, call out the Imam’s and take definitive action to bring the perpetrators and instigators to justice.  Until you do, I can only assume you agree with the call and philosophy behind the call for MURDER and MAYHEM.

We have seen attacks in Orlando, Afghanistan, Kenya, Lebanon, Istanbul, and Bangladesh.  I am not sure there have not been others or other targets, that for one reason or another failed but those are sufficient to highlight the murderousness of the terrorist.  We must never forget they are doing their deeds in the name of their religion and at the behest of their religious teachers the Imams and ISIS.  It is not done in a vacuum.  They are not hiding or attempting to hide their religious zeal but wearing it like a badge of honor.  At the same time, they are openly proclaiming their commitment to their religion the American President and Left are working laboriously to ensure that we do not identify the real issue or problem.  No, this administration and the Left are making it about “gun control” not “terrorism.”  This president proclaims with reverence the virtues of Islam while denouncing the evils (as he perceives them) of Christianity.  He wants to label those of us who follow the Bible as evil and those who follow Islam as good.  Something is terribly wrong with that view and it comes from an individual who declares he is a Christian.  A skunk can call itself a domesticated housecat but it won’t remove the glands filled with that horrible smell.  I can only evaluate a fruit tree by the fruit I see hanging from its branches.

 BLOG POST 1 - Terrorism

If you will recall, during Ramadan in 2015 the Islamic jihadist carried out attacks against France, Syria, Kuwait, Somalia, and Tunisia.  Since declaring its caliphate in June 2014, the Islamic State has inspired at least 90 acts of terrorism in 21 countries other than Iraq and Syria.  The result is at least 1,390 dead and over 2,000 wounded.  If that does not get your attention and causes you to realize that the Murderousness of this so-called Religion of Peace is not abating as this administration would have us believe.  They are not contained and most assuredly not the Junior Varsity Team Mr. Obama proclaimed.  They are a cancerous blight on humanity and radical surgery is required to deal with this problem. 

Again, I call upon all followers of this religion, if you want us to accept you as a peaceable religion that exhibits tolerance, do something!  You must immediately denounce those committing and calling for these types of acts.  You must immediately take action to bring the perpetrators and instigators to justice.  You must modify your Sharia to allow tolerance and freedom of religion in your communities and countries.  Until you do so, I cannot call you a religion of peace but will continue to identify the murderousness of the jihadist who proclaim they are acting in accordance with your book and following the directives of your religious leaders and teachers.

America, there are many problems in the world and ignoring the source of this kind of terrorism and attempting to blame everything except the true source will only enhance and embolden those who follow this ideology.  If we want to protect America we must not allow the Liberal Left to continue dictating the policy with regard to terrorism and our War with the jihadist.  Therefore, please pray earnestly about the elections in November and I believe as you examine the record, study the facts, you will conclude we cannot afford Hillary Clinton and the ideology of the Leftist and Liberals.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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