BLOG POST 5 - Principle

The hate, vitriol, and divisiveness that continues to manifest itself in today’s political scene are troubling.  No, I am not suggesting that anyone abandon their principles for without principles and a strong core belief system places an individual or nation in dire peril.  Therefore, stand by your convictions and adhere to your principles.  The concern I have is are we truly talking about Principles or have we transitioned to Preference?  Immediately, I lost some and the barbs are being hurled or prepared to hurl at me.  No problem, hurl them but as you do I beg that you tap the brakes, take a deep breath and ask yourself a few questions and then hurl your barbs if you still desire.

Some of the things I read, see and hear seem to be more interested in identifying the “Warts on the Frog” than “Saving the Republic.”  No, I am not naïve enough to believe that any political candidate can single-handily save the Republic but an individual politician in the Oval Office can do fatal harm to it.  That, in my view, is the critical issue before us in this year’s electoral cycle.  Donald Trump is the frog with warts, without question.  He is not perfect and some of his ideas resonate with me and some leave me wondering.  There are things about the GOP candidate that are uncertain, in my mind.  However, there are no uncertainties in the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama has been the most destructive president in history regarding the Republic and its preservation and continuation.  I have NO DOUBT that Hillary Clinton would be even worse and because of the damage that has been done by the current administration would further destroy if not inflict fatal wounds to the Republic.  Her character, as well as her agenda, are incredibly dangerous and troubling.  I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt but she continues to assassinate that desire with her loose use of truth and incredibly leftist proposals.

BLOG POST 5 - Warts

It is one thing to stand on Principle and no principled person would object to a person doing that.  However, when we allow our Preference to so bias and blind us as to the potential and possibilities of good we become “Wart Inspectors.”  In life and politics, there are times when we have to set aside Preference in the interest of standing against something.  There are those who are so adamantly NEVER TRUMP they would accept nothing he said or did and have expressed a willingness to see Hillary win the White House rather than consider any possibility they might not be totally right.  This will make some made and some will say, Amen.  Mr. Trump was not my first choice but he is the choice of the Republican Party.  Almost every politician in this cycle has left me disappointed from time to time and if I could take the things I most like and compile them into one candidate, I would.  That is not possible, therefore, we have to either focus on the “Warts on the Frog” or the “Republic” and the known danger in Hillary Clinton.  Some of the NEVER crowd will argue that both are diabolical and dangerous and if that is what you believe, nothing I can say will change your mind.  I just hope that we do not come to a decision in November based on Preference.  I am concerned that some have a greater interest in being able to say, “I told you so” than saving or salvaging the Republic.  I am not saying that is the case in all or even most NEVER people.  I am simply asking that we all look deep inside and decide if our angst is truly Principle or has a strong element of Preference driving our decision.

I would also like to ask that we consider the Party Platforms of both the Republicans and Democrats.  I would suggest we consider who surrounds each candidate, for that will be quite revealing, I believe.  Barack Obama told us before his first term, “If you want to know who I am, look at those I most closely associate with.”  That was incredibly revealing and yet millions ignored those realities or found them acceptable.  We have endured almost eight years of fundamental transformation, divisiveness, denigration of America and Americans, and policies that have damaged our economy, weakened our national security and rolled back the clock on race relations decades.  Can we continue on this path and survive as a Republic?  My answer is NO!  Your answer may be, I THINK SO or YES!  Each person has to decide what they believe and they are willing to accept.  Each person has to determine what we can afford as a Republic?  Each person has to consider what is at stake in this election and either set-aside Preference and vote their hope for the Republic.

BLOG POST 5 - Party Platform

Some have called all those of us who are so adamantly NEVER HILLARY and even though we see the “Warts on the Frog” we believe that any vote that allows the Democrats to keep the White House is fatal for the Republic, STUPID.  Yep, they boldly and angrily declare that we are deficient in our mental capacity.  When I believe I am right I believe I am right and so do you, but I do not consider everyone disagreeing with me STUPID nor am I willing to call them vile names.  I believe them to be misinformed.  I accept they may see things differently than I see them.  I have learned, as the Bible declares, “…we see in a mirror, dimly…”  None of us have a corner on truth and none of us know all the facts.  When I hear the assertion that anyone disagreeing is STUPID I immediately suspect that the person making that charge has moved from Principle to Preference and Preference and that has become more important than Possibility.  Sorry, you can unfriend me, hate me, and vow to never listen to me again, but AMERICA is my major focus politically and I have had, at times, to move past the “Frogs Warts” and rest my dreams in Hope!  Some will find that idiotic and tell me that Hope is not enough.  I do not disagree that Hope alone is not the answer but Hopelessness and Surrender are not part of my core convictions.  Therefore, if there is a glimmer of hope I will reach for it.  I will not ignore the “Warts on the Frog” and make them serious matters of prayer.  I will also not ignore the KNOWN THREAT to the Republic in the person of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

It is my prayer that God will turn hearts and help this nation return to our founding principles and become the Constitutional Republic our founders established and envisioned.  It is my prayer that we not allow Preference to be viewed as Principle and do what is needed to salvage the Republic.  How you vote in November is your personal decision and one should be and must be made with deep introspection, careful evaluation, and hopefully much prayer.  We may disagree but I still believe we want the same thing, an America that is restored to the status of being the Constitutional Republic and preserved for posterity.  All I ask of anyone and everyone is PRAY.  

God bless you and God bless America!

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