Doing what, Roy?  Why are they making plans to oust President Trump after his reelection is what I’m talking about?  If there is as much chance of Trump winning as a snowball surviving in hell, why bother?  In my mind, it makes no sense to spend time laying the groundwork to challenge his reelection if that is not remotely possible.  But then I don’t think like the liberals.  I try to allow logic and reason guide my thought processes, but again, I’m not a Donkey so maybe I’m not thinking clearly.  After all, we are told that only Donkeys and Anti-Trump Republicans can engage in any sane cognitive activity. 

Before COVID-19, the panic, pandemic, paranoia, and overly aggressive measures imposed on everyone, the economy was roaring, and Trump was almost guaranteed a second term.  The events following the introduction of this virus into America destroy that economy and it does not appear it can recover fully by November.  It is argued that tosses running on the economy out, at least partially.  I still contend that Trump can reflect on where we were and where we would have been had the Obama-era economic conditions existed at the outset of COVID-19.  Reasonable people would respond positively to that reality, but then we are talking about 2020, so who knows.

The president’s endurance in the 24/7/365 assault by the Left, the Media, and the Nevers has been almost super-human.  No, I do not think he is a superman or a saint, but I do believe he loves America and cares about what is happening, has happened, and could happen to this nation.  I do not believe he would have run or continued after the first year or so had that been not the truth.  His personality may be grating even on those who voted for and will vote for him again.  He is a New York fighter and when pushed pushes back.  He has a massive ego, like virtually every politician in Washington, and craves recognition.  Those may be negative to many, but I try to look beyond the personality to the production and the overall body of work is positive. 

One of the things that make me wonder about my nation is the incredible passivity with which we succumbed to the lockdown, mandates, and infringements.  I won’t argue over masks or no masks, but the infringements in many other areas are deeply troubling.  I hear people insist that COVID-19 will disappear shortly after the election. I do not believe that they will let it disappear that easily.  I say that, not because of the seriousness or lack thereof of the virus but because of the newly found power in the political elite.  They will not cede that easily and therefore will continue to milk the ‘crisis’ gleaning every edge into the foreseeable future. 

This is not a passing infringement and will become the new normal UNLESS.  Unless what?  Unless we soundly and thoroughly defeat the liberal leftists globalist socialist Marxist communist in November.  Yes, I called the agenda of the Democrats those things and I stand by that assertion.  If that places me on your list, then so be it. 

The admission of the Black Lives Matter co-founder that they are all trained Marxists should be troubling to everyone.  The insistence that we defund or redirect funds designated for the police is not meant to correct systemic racism by the cops but to realign power. 

In today’s world, I can only imagine the depth of trepidation any police officer experiences as he or she begins their day.  If they do their jobs, they may be indicted or murdered.  If they fail to do their jobs they may be indicted or murdered.  If they do what they are supposed to do, they receive no thanks but are lumped in the same basket as all of us who rejected Hillary and voted for Trump.  They are assigned their place in the Deplorable Basket.  It is getting crowded in here, but welcome to my world.

Some governors and mayors claiming their assault on the police major victories for humanity and even insist that their cities and states are safer.  However, the data, facts, and statistics reveal that emptying the jails, ceasing to enforce the law, and allow anarchy to run amok is not producing safety but the opposite.  I argue that even a blind and deaf person could see and hear the fallaciousness of their rhetoric. 

The CDC and other organizations are manipulating numbers with a multi-pronged intent.  They want to hurt President Trump’s reelection bid, and they want to pave the way to a forced vaccine.  They have tasted power and when the power-hungry taste power it becomes addictive and the more, they get the more they want. 

The quote from Federalist No. 51 either from Alexander Hamilton or James Madison is apropos to today’s situation.  “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”  But we are flawed humans being governed by flawed humans and therein lies a revelation of the problem.

Will Law and Order prevail and turn the tide of the election?  I don’t know, but I do believe that if the anarchy and rioting, looting, arson, theft, and murder continue many Americans are going to become fed-up and wake-up.  Will that be enough?  I do not know.

I believe that I am seeing a move within the members of the law enforcement community and they are abandoning the Democratic candidates in favor of Trump.  The National Association of Police Officers (NAPO), with a membership of 241,000 have endorsed Trump.  In 2008 and 2012 they endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket.  The shift is significant, and Biden did not bother to address the group.  Maybe he assumed he had them in his pocket or maybe he knew that the position of his party was anathema to all clear-thinking law enforcement members.

I laugh when ‘news outlets’ like CNN present Biden as a man of faith and insist he has the evangelical vote because of his piety.  I’m sorry, but piety is not the word I would use to describe him, nor is it a word that I would readily use for the president.  They both have flaws, but Biden’s support of abortion and his promise to overturn the rulings of the SCOTUS regarding the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Hobby Law decisions.  Joe Biden will attempt to force people to abandon their faith and religious convictions in order to implement his healthcare agenda and political ideology.  That is pious?  He supports abortion on demand and is okay with forcing people of faith to adapt to the politically correct view of life.  That is pious?  Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt for me.

But, if Biden’s lead is insurmountable and as in 2016 the election is in the bag for the Democrats and they are going to enjoy a super-majority in the House and win the Senate is factual, why are they concerned with Trump?  

I pray they are wrong, and that enough Americans will awaken and smell the coffee and reject them in November to stymie their plans.  I am voting to Keep America Free, Make America Safe, and Great and be One Nation Under God that is Indivisible and one that seeks to provide liberty and justice for all.  I am voting to keep America the America of the vision of the Founders expressed in our Declaration of Independence, “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

God bless you as we move deeper into the election cycle.  God bless America!


BLOG POST 4 - Edge of the Precipice

I never cease to be amazed but not amused at the Democrats, the MSM, and the Never Trump cults insistence that Donald Trump could not have beaten Hillary Clinton without Russian interference.  Even, Rod Rosenstein and other leading Democrats in various agencies acknowledged that was a farce, but it is still the assertion of the leftists and Trump haters.  Hillary lost because Hillary was a terrible candidate and her policies were not what most Americans wanted, at least not those who work for a living and think.  Enough people were aroused and awakened who wanted to go a different direction to turn the tide.  The Obama followers in the DOJ acknowledged that not one vote was changed because of alleged Russian intervention.  The election was legitimate, just not what they wanted so they scream fraud.

When the shoe is on the other foot and there is clear evidence of voter fraud and collusion by the Left, they charge those protesting of being racist, haters, or conspiracy kooks who deserve no consideration.  It is interesting how the Left shifts when things go their way or when they do not.  If they fail, it is somebody else’s fault and if they succeed, regardless of tactics or corruption there can be no questioning of their win.  Remember how Hillary tried to paint Trump as a deranged devil when he refused to say that he would accept the outcome.  She insisted that to do less was Un-American, then she did less and has refused to accept the outcome two years later.

Donald Trump has insisted, as have many of us, that James Comey, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and others should be investigated.  There were cursory sham investigations of Hillary’s scandals and even the then director of the FBI James Comey acknowledged Hillary and others lied to the FBI and she had committed gross negligence.  However, the Democrats in control took the necessary steps to guarantee no indictments, broke out the brooms and swept everything under the rug.  But when it comes to Donald Trump they use a fake dossier that was opposition research filled with fraudulent and unverifiable information and called it intelligence.  From that platform, they launched a never-ending fishing expedition (Investigation) that was supposed to be about Russian Collusion but has been about anything but that topic.

Those involved know that there is nothing there and rather than end the investigation they go after anyone and everyone for anything trying to get someone to incriminate the president on something.  Rudy Giuliani granted an interview to Axios (A Millennial journalist enterprise).  Out of that interview, we now know what the Mueller Team wants answers to from the president.  It goes back to the campaign and Trump being Trump and cracked a joke or used sarcasm toward the CIA and FBI regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Do you remember?

Trump said, “Hey, Russia!  If you’re listening, maybe you can find the emails that the media can’t find of Hillary’s – – and if you do find ‘em, and hand ‘em over.”  To argue that Trump was asking the Russians to interfere in the election is beyond ludicrous.  Hey, did anyone find it disturbing that Barack Obama would tell Putin’s emissary, Medvedev, to relay to Vladimir that after the election Obama would have more flexibility?  Not a whimper of protest from the Democrats, the MSM, or even most Republicans.  Where was the outrage when Hillary orchestrated the transfer of Uranium holdings to Russian?  We have been told that Hillary was joking when she called the Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables.”  I guess the Left can crack jokes but not those on the Right.

If Mueller and his team actually think that Trump was asking the Russians to hack Hillary’s computers, they are more naïve or lacking the ability to use any measure of reason than I thought.  They know better but when the fish aren’t biting you must move to different locations and try different bait trying to elicit a response from the swimmers.

Throughout this entire process and before there was the repeated ‘looking the other way’ regarding real crimes and violations of federal standards by Hillary, Comey, Holder, Lynch, and a myriad of others.  From what I have seen, if there was any real collusion with the Russians it was from the Democrats.  When you, cherry pick what laws you are going to enforce, as was the case with Barack Obama, you create a situation where the entire justice system is damaged.  In this past mid-term elections, the enormity of voter fraud, virtually all committed on behalf of the Democrats should not be overlooked.

I can only imagine what our Founding Fathers would have thought about federal law enforcement agencies and arms of government planting spies in a political candidate’s campaign.  The FBI even attempted to bait people in the campaign to break the law.  If anything had been done outside the bounds of legitimacy it would have been front page news.  Polls such as YouGov and The Economist report that 42% of Americans think the Russians tampered with the 2016 ballots would be laughable were it not so serious.  Of course, as with most polls, these were likely heavily slanted and seeded with liberal leftists and not a random sample of Americans.

I am 100% convinced that if Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians and the Russians actually managed to tamper with ballots and alter the election, President Trump would be behind bars.  The investigation was supposed to have been about Russian Collusion, but it has morphed into an investigation into everything in President Trump’s life and anyone associated with him.  It appears to be more about damaging him or destroying him in any fashion than determining if there was foreign tampering with our elections.  I wonder why there is not the same devotion to investigating the votes by illegals in our elections.  Why is there not a sustained investigation into the voter intimidation by various groups while former President Obama was in office?  Why was Eric Holder given a pass when he back in 2011 he said, that the case against the New Black Panthers demeans his people. He refused to prosecute because they were black.  That is a story of far more significance than the faux Russian Collusion story.

America, I fear that we are not just standing at the edge of the precipice of the destruction of our Republican System of Government but may have fallen over the side and holding on by our fingernails.  Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield people from political, economic, and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  That philosophy is being played out before our very eyes in the MSM, activist, and Leftist Democrats following the toxicity of their liberal ideology and agenda.

God help us, and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Sgt Schultz Defense

In the TV series “Hogan’s Heroes” the infamous jovial, dumb, and overweight character Sergeant Schultz repeatedly exercised his best defense included, “I know nothing”, “I see nothing”, “I’m not here” and “I didn’t even get up.”  It was a continual deflecting saying, “I see nothing!  I hear nothing! I know nothing!”  The three proverbial monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” come to mind.  That defense kept him from being sent to the Russian front more times than one could count.  It worked in the movies and seems to be the path many on the Left and some on the Right have chosen to employ in today’s political arena.

Sgt. Schultz was designed to play the role of a gullible, dumb POW guard that enabled the American POW’s to conduct espionage and covert activities behind enemy lines.  It was silly but often funny because it was entertainment.  It may be silly but not funny when it is employed by politicians even if they are really that dumb and incompetent.  It is a dire threat to the American Republic and our Constitutional System of Government.  They should not be allowed to get away with it and if they are that dumb, uninformed, inept, and incompetent they should be quickly shown the door and sent back to the private sector where they would do far less damage.

In all the investigations during the past few years, the Leftist including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their cohorts have repeatedly declared, “I know nothing!”  The MSM then parrots that as a justification even when the evidence is overwhelming that they not only knew but were neck deep in the decisions to engage in whatever the activity was.  The other Democrats chime in and insist that their fearless leaders were simply “in the dark” and some rogue subordinate initiated the action without proper authorization.  However, those subordinates never seem to face indictment or suffer any consequences for their actions.  Even in the IRS scandal some were reassigned, demoted, or as in the case of Lois Lerner given a full pension as she departed.  How’s that for consequences?  If you do the dirty work of a leftist administration, you are punished by being rewarded monetarily and shielded legally and politically.  SOME PUNISHMENT for a rogue operative isn’t it?  Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese, there are unicorns grazing on the lawns in DC, and pigs are flying overhead.  Hey, if you buy their argument and spin, I would like to offer you some prime ocean front property in Arizona at a ridiculously reduced rate.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly pretended to be Sgt. Schultz or his clone when asked about various things.  She knew nothing or had no idea how anything technologically worked or how anyone could possibly do some of the things her staff did.  Her insulting question when asked about wiping her server clean, “You mean like with a cloth?” should have immediately drawn the ire of every American citizen.  It was an insult to every person with an IQ above 40 and a clear attempt to deflect the question or responsibility.  My statement then and now is that if she is really that dumb, uninformed, and inept she should be under the careful medical supervision and never allowed to run for any public office.  We have enough stupidity in Washington, D.C. without adding that level of DUMB to the mix.

But, in today’s political climate, if you are a Leftist Democrat all you have to do is plead ignorance and you are given a pass.  However, if you are a Conservative or Republican you are expected to KNOW everything.  Of course, everyone remembers, or should, Hillary’s argument regarding the death of our people in Benghazi, “What difference does it make now?”  We dare not forget Nancy Pelosi’s insistence regarding Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.”  We had numerous times when former President Barack H. Obama claimed ignorance.  Selective and situational ignorance seems to be a prime defense for members of the Democrat Party and some of the RINO’s.  Ignorance is bliss, the saying goes, and if that is accurate many in Washington, D.C. must be in a constant state of euphoria.  The FBI allowed the claim of ignorance to be a justifier for Hillary and her team regarding her State Department emails on a personal or private server.  Rather than taking the path that you and I would be given where ‘Ignorance is no excuse’ regarding the law, they were exonerated, excused, justified, and deemed honorable citizens fighting for right and freedom.  SERIOUSLY???  Try telling the traffic cop that you did not know the speed limit was 25MPH in that School Zone and you were doing 50 MPH and see if that sways him from writing you a ticket?

If we pattern our lives after the Liberal Leftist Democrats, members of the MSM, some of the FBI, and intelligence community, as well as the Department of Justice and other bureaucracies in Washington we would all be pleading ignorance all the time.  If it worked for us like it works for them we would have no reason for a judicial system because it would be meaningless.  If you were apprehended committing a crime PLEAD IGNORANCE and you are immediately set free.  If you fail to do your job and cost your company truckloads of money or endanger lives simply PLEAD IGNORANCE and you could expect to receive a promotion rather than termination.  In your relationship, you violate the trust of your spouse simply PLEAD IGNORANCE and all is forgiven.  Most of us know that DOES NOT WORK in real life for real people.  You may get away with it once or twice but if you employ that defense repeatedly you will awaken to some severe consequences, as you should.  I cannot imagine PLEADING IGNORANCE with God, He knows everything, but the voters are not god, and many are so blinded by their own lack of knowledge and so oblivious to the facts and reality they TAKE THE BAIT and buy the Sgt. Schultz defense.

So, my friends, if you want to be allowed to do anything you desire, become a Democrat and employ the Sgt. Schultz defense it seems to work famously for the politicians.  I hope you see my tongue firmly pressed against my cheek.  God help us if we continue to allow politicians to PLAY DUMB when cookie crumbs are all over their fingers and the evidence is crystal clear they are being untruthful.  If they are that dumb then let’s get them help so they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else.

God bless you and God bless America!


RACISM – Not a White Thing or Color Thing but a Heart and Mind Thing…

BLOG POST 12 - Racism

I am tired of being told that only White Christian Conservatives can be racist and often it is only men in that category deemed to be capable of racism.  STOP THE RIDICULOUS LIE because everyone including those who are making the charge knows it is not true.   If we are ever going to find any semblance of harmony in America we MUST stop this type of bogus rhetoric and spin.  Politicians and the diabolical who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America for their devious purposes are using race as a useful idiot as they pit one ethnicity against another.  They are not seeking resolution but revolution!  There are black leaders or so-called leaders who fan the flames of racism and hate because it keeps them relevant and lines their pockets with cash.  There are those in politics who continue beating that drum because it equates to anger and anger equates to votes.  I acknowledge that whites are not exempt from fanning those flames.  Those on the left doing so know if they can charge the Republicans and White Christian Conservatives with racism and make it stick in the minds of various groups they secure votes.  Once in office, rather than advancing the cause, they harped about they continue to advance ideology and agenda that is counterproductive and does harm to those they are supposedly offering to help.  IT MUST STOP!  WE MUST WAKE UP!

I recently saw, among the many incidences, that a Detroit EMT said that all White People “should be raped and killed.”  But of course, that is not deemed racist for some unfathomable reason.  No, this EMT did not escape from the plantation and has never been in forced servitude by a white master and lived as a slave.  Kimberly Asaro, a former emergency technician has sued the Detroit Fire Department because she was, allegedly, made to feel UNSAFE after a complaint about a fellow EMT, Willie Bragg.  Bragg posted on Facebook, “White men, women, and children should be raped and killed. White people should be alligator bait. Whites should be enslaved and beaten, like they have done to African-Americans.”  HOW IS THAT NOT RACIST?  How is that not deemed inciting violence and calling for criminal activities against other citizens?  I guess the only explanation is his skin color and that is not a justification in my mind.  If you are white and issue such evil racist diatribe you should be held accountable and if you are black, brown, or any other skin color you should also be held accountable.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED regardless of skin color, black, brown, or white. 

The Detroit Fire Department argued that his incendiary post was protected by the First Amendment, and took no action against him whereupon he apparently began to threaten Asaro.  This is the same Fire Department that fired a white fireman for bring a racist watermelon to work.  After all liking watermelon is racist.  I did not know that blacks did not like watermelon or any other fruit or vegetable because of their racist components and makeup.  I learn something every day.  Yes, I am being sarcastic.  Bringing a watermelon to work with the intent of making some racist or stereotypical statement would be wrong but the fact that someone brought one to work should not be automatically deemed racist.  Do we ban the growing of watermelons in America?  Please fix this in your mind:  A black EMT states that all white men, women, and children should be raped and murdered and that is protected free speech.  A white firefighter brings a watermelon to the station and he is a racist pig and immediately terminated.  WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?  

he story is that Kimberly Asaro left her career as an EMT after she complained to her supervisors about a co-worker’s provocative Facebook post that made her feel unsafe.  The Fire Department did nothing.  She also stated that Bragg would show up at her ambulance and intimidate her.  He was threatening and/or calling for violence including the reprehensible action of rape.  He further confronted Asaro and attempted to intimidate her which would understandably make her feel uncomfortable.  With the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the other men in Hollywood and even former President George H.W. Bush being vilified and rightly so for the most part, how is this man given a pass?  Why is he given a pass?  Where are the Left and the MSM on this issue?  Does it have to do with skin color and is it because it has been deemed that only Whites can be racist, bigots, sexual predators?  WHY?

I wonder how the public should feel if they are injured and have to call an ambulance and Mr. Bragg or anyone ascribing to his ideological view of people of another skin color and ethnicity?  If those citizens are white they have a justifiable reason to be concerned about the care and treatment they would receive, after all the call was for them to be raped, murdered, and turned into alligator bait.

Sadly, this is one of the many unacceptable verbalizations today.  I do not care if you are Black, White, Brown, or any other skin color RACISM is not acceptable.  You cannot or should not be allowed to call for the violation, assault, or murder of anyone.  You can dislike them, disagree with them, and refuse to associate with them but we are supposed to be a civil society and that kind of vileness is or should not be tolerated by any side of the issue.  Maybe everyone could benefit from a statement Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  I want no person judged based on the pigment of their skin but the character of their heart.  I am not attempting to diminish any past wrongs done to any group of people or individuals rather pleading for everyone to seek peace and embrace the words of our Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…”  (Emphasis mine)

America, we have many problems and the attempts to divide us further along racial lines is adding to the attempted disintegration of our Founding Framework and our Constitutional Republic.  I ask all who pray to earnestly pray for America.  I want not person enslave and want no person to enslave me.  I cannot rewrite history or turn back the clock but I can live in the moment and treat my fellow man as I want to be treated.  If I reject you it will not be based on the color of your skin.

God bless you and God bless America is my cry!



BLOG POST 5 - Principle

The hate, vitriol, and divisiveness that continues to manifest itself in today’s political scene are troubling.  No, I am not suggesting that anyone abandon their principles for without principles and a strong core belief system places an individual or nation in dire peril.  Therefore, stand by your convictions and adhere to your principles.  The concern I have is are we truly talking about Principles or have we transitioned to Preference?  Immediately, I lost some and the barbs are being hurled or prepared to hurl at me.  No problem, hurl them but as you do I beg that you tap the brakes, take a deep breath and ask yourself a few questions and then hurl your barbs if you still desire.

Some of the things I read, see and hear seem to be more interested in identifying the “Warts on the Frog” than “Saving the Republic.”  No, I am not naïve enough to believe that any political candidate can single-handily save the Republic but an individual politician in the Oval Office can do fatal harm to it.  That, in my view, is the critical issue before us in this year’s electoral cycle.  Donald Trump is the frog with warts, without question.  He is not perfect and some of his ideas resonate with me and some leave me wondering.  There are things about the GOP candidate that are uncertain, in my mind.  However, there are no uncertainties in the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama has been the most destructive president in history regarding the Republic and its preservation and continuation.  I have NO DOUBT that Hillary Clinton would be even worse and because of the damage that has been done by the current administration would further destroy if not inflict fatal wounds to the Republic.  Her character, as well as her agenda, are incredibly dangerous and troubling.  I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt but she continues to assassinate that desire with her loose use of truth and incredibly leftist proposals.

BLOG POST 5 - Warts

It is one thing to stand on Principle and no principled person would object to a person doing that.  However, when we allow our Preference to so bias and blind us as to the potential and possibilities of good we become “Wart Inspectors.”  In life and politics, there are times when we have to set aside Preference in the interest of standing against something.  There are those who are so adamantly NEVER TRUMP they would accept nothing he said or did and have expressed a willingness to see Hillary win the White House rather than consider any possibility they might not be totally right.  This will make some made and some will say, Amen.  Mr. Trump was not my first choice but he is the choice of the Republican Party.  Almost every politician in this cycle has left me disappointed from time to time and if I could take the things I most like and compile them into one candidate, I would.  That is not possible, therefore, we have to either focus on the “Warts on the Frog” or the “Republic” and the known danger in Hillary Clinton.  Some of the NEVER crowd will argue that both are diabolical and dangerous and if that is what you believe, nothing I can say will change your mind.  I just hope that we do not come to a decision in November based on Preference.  I am concerned that some have a greater interest in being able to say, “I told you so” than saving or salvaging the Republic.  I am not saying that is the case in all or even most NEVER people.  I am simply asking that we all look deep inside and decide if our angst is truly Principle or has a strong element of Preference driving our decision.

I would also like to ask that we consider the Party Platforms of both the Republicans and Democrats.  I would suggest we consider who surrounds each candidate, for that will be quite revealing, I believe.  Barack Obama told us before his first term, “If you want to know who I am, look at those I most closely associate with.”  That was incredibly revealing and yet millions ignored those realities or found them acceptable.  We have endured almost eight years of fundamental transformation, divisiveness, denigration of America and Americans, and policies that have damaged our economy, weakened our national security and rolled back the clock on race relations decades.  Can we continue on this path and survive as a Republic?  My answer is NO!  Your answer may be, I THINK SO or YES!  Each person has to decide what they believe and they are willing to accept.  Each person has to determine what we can afford as a Republic?  Each person has to consider what is at stake in this election and either set-aside Preference and vote their hope for the Republic.

BLOG POST 5 - Party Platform

Some have called all those of us who are so adamantly NEVER HILLARY and even though we see the “Warts on the Frog” we believe that any vote that allows the Democrats to keep the White House is fatal for the Republic, STUPID.  Yep, they boldly and angrily declare that we are deficient in our mental capacity.  When I believe I am right I believe I am right and so do you, but I do not consider everyone disagreeing with me STUPID nor am I willing to call them vile names.  I believe them to be misinformed.  I accept they may see things differently than I see them.  I have learned, as the Bible declares, “…we see in a mirror, dimly…”  None of us have a corner on truth and none of us know all the facts.  When I hear the assertion that anyone disagreeing is STUPID I immediately suspect that the person making that charge has moved from Principle to Preference and Preference and that has become more important than Possibility.  Sorry, you can unfriend me, hate me, and vow to never listen to me again, but AMERICA is my major focus politically and I have had, at times, to move past the “Frogs Warts” and rest my dreams in Hope!  Some will find that idiotic and tell me that Hope is not enough.  I do not disagree that Hope alone is not the answer but Hopelessness and Surrender are not part of my core convictions.  Therefore, if there is a glimmer of hope I will reach for it.  I will not ignore the “Warts on the Frog” and make them serious matters of prayer.  I will also not ignore the KNOWN THREAT to the Republic in the person of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

It is my prayer that God will turn hearts and help this nation return to our founding principles and become the Constitutional Republic our founders established and envisioned.  It is my prayer that we not allow Preference to be viewed as Principle and do what is needed to salvage the Republic.  How you vote in November is your personal decision and one should be and must be made with deep introspection, careful evaluation, and hopefully much prayer.  We may disagree but I still believe we want the same thing, an America that is restored to the status of being the Constitutional Republic and preserved for posterity.  All I ask of anyone and everyone is PRAY.  

God bless you and God bless America!



            I have been thinking and wondering if you could describe Washington, DC using “colloquialisms and witticisms” and have decided to venture into that endeavor with both feet.  Will Rogers once said, “I don’t make jokes.  I just watch the government and report the facts.”  The truth of that image is so painful it is inescapable and the humor this endeavor affords, where it not for the painfulness, is almost endless.  In fact, humorist, have been making a living of doing just that for years and it is an incredibly successful practice.

             The old rancher that I talked to some time back said about most of the politicians in Washington that “if brains were electricity, they wouldn’t have enough power to light a firefly.”  He then said, most of them were so dumb or acted so dumbly that “they could not find their behinds with both hands and a road map.”  He said that they have an IQ lower than their shoe size.  While I doubt that some of the things they do if you were to grade them on the ignorance scale you I am convinced you would have to use negative numbers.  He said of the President and some of his recent actions that “he’d screw up a two-car funeral procession.”  He said that the way those in Washington have been acting for a long time caused him to think that if you were to put their brains on the edge of a razor blade it would be like putting a pea on a six lane highway.  Needless to say, He was not impressed with Washington politics or politicians.


            Napoleon once said, “In politics stupidity is not a handicap” and I believe he is painfully correct for it seems that the more ignorance is exhibited by politicians the more electable they become for many.     P.J. O’Rourke said, “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”  That is not just a witticism it is absolute truth!

            Henry Cate VII said, “The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”  Aesop said, “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”    Plato declared, “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who were dumber.”  Even the Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev understood and said, “Politicians are the same all over.  They promise to build a bridge even when there is no river.”  Clarence Darrow brought it even closer to home when he said, “When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.”  John Quinton described politicians and politics accurately saying, “Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnels.”  Charles de Gaulle, the French leader said, “I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”  Doug Larsen breathed some reality saying, “Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it’s better to change the locks.”


            The sad reality is politics, as conducted by politicians, is an exercise that results in bigger government, more restrictiveness at the federal level, hindrance of the free market, loss of liberty by the people and a clear example of classic failure, ineptness, and inefficiency.  If a private company were to run a business the way politicians run the federal government with the ludicrous restrictions and deficit spending they would not last one year.  If they treated their customers the way politicians treat WE THE PEOPLE they would find a boycott of their product and/or services over time.  I know that some companies actually do treat us like the government does and when you are the only game in town you act like it.  The solution, in business, is to stop using their products and/or services and strive to provide a market that will entice someone else to step in and fill the void.  However, in government it is not quite that simple.  We can’t just boycott the federal government though I would like to.  We are stuck with them until WE THE PEOPLE utilize our constitutional right and privilege to CHANGE OUR GOVERNMENT or better RESTORE OUR GOVERNMENT to what it was designed to be and as is described in the Constitution. 

            Sadly it seems that P.J. O’Rourke was correct when he said, “Politicians are interested in people.  Not that this is always a virtue.  Fleas are interested in dogs.”  Herbert Hoover made an incredibly sad commentary saying, “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the National Debt.”  I think that a quote by George Stephanopoulos while Bill Clinton was President fits the bill, “The President has kept all the promises he intended to keep.”  That was a truth and a revelation that I doubt he really intended to reveal but it is nonetheless true of ALL POLITICIANS including the current occupant of the White House and both Houses of Congress. 


            We have a situation that, were it not so dire and serious, would be hilarious but I’m not laughing because it is so serious.  It is one thing to joke and another to be one and that is what our political system has become.  The ones that suffer the most from the politics of politicians are WE THE PEOPLE.  I don’t know about you but I’m ready for a change in the lot of them.  I want my country, my constitution, and my liberty back!

             God bless America and God bless you!