Every day there is something new that causes me to have strong doubts about the future of our republic and most of them make my blood boil.  This administration has pushed the needle so far forward in not only ‘fundamentally transforming’ but ‘reducing to rubble’ our constitutional republic.  Everything from Obamacare, the IRS, Homeland Security, NSA, Foreign Affairs, National Security, Terrorism, the Economy and much more continue to expose the disaster if not his intent to destroy and punish the United States of America.  Who would have imagined that could be even a remote possibility just a few decades ago.  Imagine telling the WWII generation in the 1940’s that this would be the state of the nation after the turn of the century.  I’m not sure what they would have said but they probably would have recommended a ‘straight jacket’ and ‘psychiatric care’ for those advancing that theory or suggesting that scenario.  But, alas, reality is reality and here we are.

We know from numerous reports that many of those detained or incarcerated in Gitmo this president has ordered released are, once again, leading the fight against us in Islamic terrorism.  In fact, the numbers suggest that about 1 out of 3 return to active jihadism and that number may be even higher.  He has been hell bent on closing Gitmo with virtually no regard for our national security.  Even when he is forced to acknowledge that some of them have rejoined ISIS or other Islamic terrorist organization he downplays it calling them low-level operatives and criticizes us for complaining and tells us that Gitmo is UNAMERICAN.  No, Mr. President, you are UNAMERICAN but protecting America and Americans is a very AMERICAN action!  The push for Amnesty and the push to eradicate our borders continues to lead to an erosion of our national security and the full impact of that policy has yet to be fully revealed.  I can assert without fear of being proven wrong that policy will cost many American lives and open the door to terrorism on a scale we have never known before.

But, now there is something coming to light that will get almost ZERO NOTICE in the Press or from most politicians or political candidates.  WHAT WOULD THAT BE?  Glad you asked.  We now have a report that the United States Government has ‘mistakenly’ granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants who had pending deportation orders.  They came from countries of concern to our national security and with astronomical rates of immigration fraud.  Imagine that!  MISTAKENLY?  I have difficulty believing that anything was ‘by accident’ with this administration and even if this proves to be accurate in this situation it exposes the incredible ineptitude and inefficiency of our VETTING PROCESS.  We don’t know, for the most part, who is here or what they are doing and that is a colossal disaster with regard to National Security. 

We are told that they skirted detection by using different names and/or dates of birth to avoid detection. IS THAT ALL IT TAKES?  Wow, I feel so safe now, don’t you?  But the matter is even worse as DHS reports they have identified another 953 who have been naturalized despite having deportation orders pending.  DHS states they do not know if those person had digital fingerprints on file or not.  WHY NOT?  I had to be fingerprinted to get my Concealed Carry License , have been fingerprinted numerous times in security clearances, and in a few jobs, I sought.  So why would someone who is seeking to become a naturalized citizen of the United States not be vetted thoroughly including being fingerprinted?  That is beyond ineptitude!  To make matters worse we are being told that there are upwards of 350,000 who have final deportation orders or are criminal fugitives with not digital fingerprints in our system.  Again, we do not know where they are or what they are doing and we are supposed to close Gitmo, open our borders, allow inadequately vetted refugees from the Middle East, and other Islamic nations come in by the 100’s of thousands!  SERIOUSLY!  That is a good national security policy?  Well, it is a policy that Hillary Rodham Clinton agrees with and desires!  Some of those who have bypassed our system and wrongly granted citizenship have clearances in aviation and at least one is in law enforcement.  WHAT ELSE ARE THEY DOING and WHERE ARE THEY DOING IT?

I call upon all lovers of Freedom and patriots to consider the disaster the past 7 plus years has been and consider the destruction that a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring.  We allow her to become President to our own peril and endanger America and Freedom around the world.  If you like the idea of a borderless world where a few moneyed and powerful people run the world, she is your obvious choice for president.  If you want a restored America and desire to give the republic a fighting chance to survive then you will become a NEVER HILLARY person, I am quite sure.  Maybe not but I cannot imagine a worse disaster other than Michelle Obama being president than a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

God bless you and God bless America!

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