I doubt seriously that, in a short session, I could adequately address the reasons why a significant number of Americans have bought into the Globalist Mentality but it is a reality and a dangerous one.  The quote, “If you want peace, prepare for war” is a quote attributed to many but it appears that it was first issued by the historian Vegetius to the Roman emperor over 1700 years ago.  It is not a new thought but most assuredly is a philosophy that has been proven valid over time.  Strength keeps peace far more than weakness and if you are dealing with a threat or a bully weakness or the perception of weakness only encourages them whereas strength often causes them to rethink their plans and/or actions.

I would argue, as do many historians and world leaders of the past and present, that when America manifested overwhelming military and industrial might it helped to maintain peace in the world.  Today, we have a sitting president and too many in political power who embrace the idea of Globalism and are intent on weakening America’s military might and also damaging our industrial strength.  That has led to and will continue to lead to instability throughout the world and bury us in quagmires of conflict that we may never dig out of.  I believe that is by design and deliberate and, in my view, incredibly Un-American and contrary to everything America has and should now stand for.

What is Globalism?  The full definition and description would probably take more time and space than would reasonably be allowed in this forum but basically, I view it from two specific major strains.  There is the Libertarian view that believes that isolationism militarily and free trade will always result in peace and prosperity.  The other is the Totalitarian view that believes that nations are obsolete and the future belongs to bought into and become part of the One World or a World without Borders or Nationalism.  In Globalism there is no national loyalty and national sovereignty is viewed as obstructive and a thing to be relegated to ancient history.

But, Globalism’s view of a world without borders and a One World Government and all human beings being citizens of the world rather than of a Free Sovereign Nation is quite dangerous for America.  Take the issue of Illegal Immigration and you should immediately see the dangers in this mentality.  A mentality that is embraced by the current president and the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, has offered some radical proposals regarding Illegal Immigration and Immigration from countries where Anti-Americanism and Islamic Jihadism is not only prevalent but promoted.  That has earned him the ire of a myriad of people especially the MSM and the Democrats but it has also been attacked by some Republicans as being Un-American.  Hillary Clinton has vowed to eliminate our borders within her first 100 days in office and has issued a declaration that she will STOP rounding up Illegals and prevent our Border Patrol and other Law Enforcement agencies from protecting America and enforcing our laws.  WHY?  I believe it is rooted in her Globalist mentality and in a hope of ensuring a significant portion of the Hispanic vote goes Democrat in November.  Her interest is largely Hillary Clinton but it is also part and parcel of her Globalist view and belief that national sovereignty should be a thing of the past.  Of course, she like most power seekers, think they will be key players in the control of the world.

Our founding fathers understood the importance of national identity and national sovereignty in order to provide a union in which all citizens could enjoy freedom of speech, religion, maintain the right to private property, have protection against unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure, keep and bear arms, and in general maintain the right to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  That was to ensure that we would not be subjected to the whims of a Despot or Human Potentate but would be according to each person’s own Free Choice.  That ceases to be if we lose our National Sovereignty and become a member of the World Union in which the ruling powers determine what, if any rights, we have as citizens.   Globalism also endangers our citizens from a defense perspective.  If there are no borders, no controls over who enters, no regulations as to who and what can come because we are borderless and citizens of the world terrorism is free to roam wherever and whenever and we have no means of combating it.

There is much more to Globalism than what I have described but those are a few of the problems I see in the philosophy and ideology.  We are rapidly moving away from the America of our Founders, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights to one that will plunge us into a darkness we have not yet known.  I stand for AMERICA as a FREE and the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and will give my all to defend that view.  In November, if we allow Hillary Rodham Clinton to be inaugurated as President America’s sovereignty will be damaged greatly if not destroyed completely.  I am unable to passively accept that and will do everything I can to STOP HILLARY and make NEVER HILLARY a realized reality.

God bless you and God bless America!

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