Focus is a vital ingredient in success in life, athletics, relationships, spirituality, and politics.  I fear that some of the things recently being introduced into the political mix will have the intentional or unintentional effect of causing us to lose or misdirect our focus.  Rush Limbaugh might be right that it is a ‘false flag’ and a ‘wag the dog’ type scenario for the Director of the FBI to reopen the Clinton Email Case.  It could well be a designed effort to shift the focus from the startling revelations found in the WikiLeaks releases and the problems in a Hillary Clinton presidency in multiple areas.  Regardless of the reason, WE MUST NOT LOSE FOCUS.  The future of the Republic is hanging in the balance and we dare not lose focus. 

I used to play competitive golf, participating in numerous tournaments and leagues where there was friendly but spirited competition.  I observed, often, how people would lose focus or become so singularly focused on winning they forget to focus on the shot before them and shipwrecked their own cause.  I see that in athletics where teams will be focused a few plays or series of downs and then inexplicably lose focus either because they became overconfident or thought the battle was the war and lose the game.  I have seen people in relationships lose focus and drift doing incredible damage to those relationships.  I have witnessed it in business and even in the Church where loss of focus was incredibly costly and damaging.  Focus is critical in life and politics so in 2016 with the election just days away we MUST NOT LOSE FOCUS.


One of the most revealing and frightening statements I have heard from the leftist came from Bill Maher regarding this new FBI investigation.  He said: I don’t know what they’re going to find, and I don’t care. She’s got a server in her basement. I don’t care if she’s got JonBenét Ramsey in her basement, I’m still not voting for Donald Trump.”  That, in my view, is descriptive of how so many on the left and even some who are supposedly conservative and constitutionalist feel regarding this election.  Mr. Maher is not losing focus, he wants to STOP TRUMP and he is willing to take concede that, in his view, nothing Hillary does or has done including murder would move him from his focus to STOP DONALD TRUMP.  That is frightening!

The Left are focused on shifting the focus and, as usual, are hypocritical in their attempt.  The Clintons demonstrate the belief that LYING is not only acceptable but profitable, especially in politics.  The myriad of lies she has told on virtually everything has not gotten her booted from the race, it has often facilitated her efforts and entrenched her more in the minds and hearts of the Left as the savior of their cause.  Her aide Huma Abedin is now saying that the emails ‘magically appeared’ on the Laptop she considered her husbands.  She cannot imagine how they might have gotten there.  Could it be Ms. Abedin that you either used that computer or you gave your husband access to your email?  Either way, surely you do not think we will just sigh and say, “Oh, Well…” 

Hillary is arguing that it is ‘Unprecedented’ that the FBI would, at this stage of the political race, reopen the probe into her lawlessness and corruption.  Wait just a second.  Does anyone remember when George H.W. Bush was appearing to close the gap on Bill Clinton and suddenly a special prosecutor raised new charges against Bush in the Iran-Contra probe?  The Clintons seized on that and declared that they were running against a “culture of corruption.”  Imagine that coming from the Clintons!  Republicans then, like the Democrats now viewed the charges and probes as nothing more than a political move.  It likely cost Bush any shot at winning the election and shortly after the election the indictment was thrown out.


But be all that as it may, a real key is to ensure that WE DO NOT LOSE FOCUS in this election.  The major issues are still pertinent and possibly even more pertinent than any potential indictment and conviction of an incredibly corrupt politician in Hillary Clinton.  There is the issue of the Supreme Court which would shape America’s political future and destiny for generations if not permanently.  The issues of National Security and our Borders are still powerfully important issues.  The issue of the Economy is a pressing issue as are spending, taxes, regulations, and our constitutional rights including the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendments.  Our Religious Liberty is still a significant part of this equation and we dare not lose focus.  The pressing questions are and must remain, “What happens to America if Hillary Clinton becomes President?”  Also, “Can We Survive Four More Years of the Ideology and Agenda she embodies and will pursue?”  “What Will Happen to Our National Sovereignty?” 

America, if you have not voted I plead with you to COUNT THE COST and CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES of your vote.  This election is not a personality contest or a beauty contest we are voting on the FUTURE of the Republic.  We are voting on America!  Please, please DO NOT LOSE FOCUS!  Beyond, November 8th we must maintain FOCUS and work to shift the shape of Congress and move the needle to Constitutionalism in Washington.  We must remain focused on the real prize and that is THE REPUBLIC.  America is the prize and she is worth fighting for!  Will we stay focused and stay in the fight?

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!

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