I’ve listened to and read so much rhetoric, spin, and reasoning by people on both sides of the political aisle as to why they prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump and find myself, at times, wonder.  Yes, wondering, for reason, history and logic seem to be missing in many, if not most of the equations.  I have heard people who say they are Republican and/or Conservatives declare that Trump needs to lose massively to preserve the Conservative movement and party. I am not sure how one arrives at the conclusion but, alas there are more than a sprinkling of those out there.  What I am going to say will award me the ‘left foot of fellowship’ from many and involve me being banned from some Social Media Groups, I’m sure.

I have already voted and am not ashamed to say that I voted against Hillary Clinton and the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Statist ideology and agenda that she espouses and the Democrat Party characterizes.   No, I did not vote Third Party or Write in some obscure name, I voted for the Republican nominee Donald Trump.  If that causes you to cease listening to me, that is your choice, but let me explain why I voted that way and why I believe it is a terrible tragedy to withhold support for the Republican ticket.

To those who say they believe we might survive a Clinton administration and would be better served to have her as President than Donald Trump please answer the following questions if you will.  Do you want Obamacare as a permanent fixture or the precursor to a National Health Insurance Single Payer Program where the government makes your health care decisions?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  She has guaranteed it.  Do you want Open Borders where illegals are given amnesty and a fast-track to citizenship which allows them to vote and vote as a Liberal Democrat Block?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want higher taxes?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want Sharia Compliant Zones in major cities in America?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want stifling government regulations that cripple entire industries and a weakened economy?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want an expansion of the policies of Barack Obama?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want a Supreme Court that is packed with Liberal Activist Jurist who legislate from the bench, ignore the Constitution, and are a rubber stamp for the Leftist Agenda?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want abortion on demand regardless of the stage in the pregnancy?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it under Hillary Clinton.  Do you want more stringent gun control laws and even gun bans?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it under Hillary Clinton.  Do you want your religious liberties to be infringed and mandated by the government when you can stand by your convictions?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want to see government expanded, entitlements increased, and spending go even higher?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want to cede more of our sovereign rights to the Globalist United Nations?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Minor bump in the road?  IN YOUR DREAMS!


Honestly, Donald Trump is way down on the list of reasons I voted Republican.  I do not consider him a true conservative or even conservative on many issues.  I consider him abrasive and lacking polish most of the time.  However, while I do not fully know what I will get with Donald Trump I have ZERO DOUBT what I will get with Hillary Clinton and unless you want more of the same of what we have endured for the past eight years you cannot say she would be better than Trump.  I do believe that Mr. Trump wants a restored America whereas Hillary wants a ‘transformed America’ into her Globalist Utopian image. A Total Disaster for America and Americans!  For Trump to lose massively would mean that we lose the House and Senate as well, is that something you are comfortable with in order to, as some say, ‘preserve the conservative party.’  WHAT?  There will likely be nothing left for us to aspire to if we allow Hillary Clinton to take the reins of government for the next four years or possibly eight years.  Please don’t tell me you think Hillary more moral than Trump.  I consider neither of them examples of morality.  I did not vote hoping to cast a ballot for a Moral Candidate I voted for a Cause and that Cause is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the Free Constitutional Republic.  My preference on personality was suppressed in the interest of what I believe best for the Republic and I believe that STOPPING HILLARY CLINTON is the best for America.

Love me or hate me, agree or disagree with me all I ask and all I have asked from the beginning is for you to Pray about the matter, carefully consider the costs and consequences.  I ask that you try to move past any personal biases and personality preferences and honestly evaluate the incredible danger of allowing Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States of America. I believe if we do that, we will see with absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton is the worst possible thing that could happen to America.  Again, if you look at my questions you will see that Donald Trump is not my major reason for voting Republican, Hillary Clinton is!

God bless you and God bless America!

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