I am genuinely and seriously praying that all those who tell me that I am ‘overstating’ the criticalness of this election and to just ‘chill’ are right.  I am praying that those of you who have decided that it is okay to vote in such a way that facilitates the ascension of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the White House are right.  I am praying that those who are going to stay home and withhold their vote in protest to the character of the available candidates and believe it will not help push the Democrats over the top are right.  I do not think you are, but I hope you are!  This is one time I am seriously praying that I am wrong!  I am praying that what I see coming is a simple case of paranoia and after 2-4 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency we have seen the Republic so damaged it is unrecoverable.

My problem with the theory that it is no big deal are the last eight years!  I did not yell from the rooftop that if Barack Obama became president the Republic would be lost or destroyed.  What I predicted and warned was that he would do incredible and possibly irrevocable damage to our Constitutional Republic.  How could anyone not acknowledge that he has done incredible damage to our Republic if not irreparable damage?  How can we not see the erosion of our Constitutional Rights and liberties on many fronts?  How can we not see the damage to our economy, the weakening of our national security and sovereignty, and the increase of terrorist activity throughout the world?  How can we not see the escalation of racial discord in America that has turned back the clock thirty or more years?  How can we not see the disdain for the rights of the Unborn, Christian views and values, the continual increase of the national debt, and the drive to make Political Correctness the law of the land.  How can we miss the willingness to defend the Islamic jihadist and Islam while decrying Christianity?  You may think me still overstating but if you seriously and honestly look at the facts it is impossible to miss the real intent of his promise or threat to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA.

Now, after eight years of his escaping the oversight of Congress, side-stepping the courts, and ignoring the Constitution, and the will of the American people we are at the brink of destruction.  Hillary Rodham Clinton and a Democratic regime will not bring harmony, restore the economy, make our borders secure, protect and defend our Constitutional Rights, and make us safer as a nation.  She will do the exact opposite.  My question for everyone who has not yet voted is, “How Much Can More Can We Endure and Survive?”  A second question that I keep asking myself is, “Can We Take the Risk of a Hillary Clinton Presidency?”  My answer is NO!  As I have been praying the scripture that keeps coming to my mind regarding this election is found in Deuteronomy 20:19 – This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live 20 and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him.” 

As I write this morning two of the many amazing headlines include the revelation that the FBI Director has announced ‘nothing here, no charges’ against Hillary Clinton.  I find it beyond amazing that the FBI could have thoroughly sorted through 650,000 emails and determined NOTHING TO SEE or NOTHING NEW.  I find that difficult to believe with the new leaks and revelations of the intent exposed, the involvement of so many and the overt assault of the DOJ on the process.  I said initially that if the president was okay with the investigation being reopened the process would play out over time but if he was not this weekend the Director would do what he has done.  Was this a ‘false flag’ or a ‘wag the dog’ to divert our attention or to cause people now to say, “See they are falsely accusing Hillary and vote for her out of sympathy”?  Whatever the reason, it will work in Hillary and the Democrat’s favor tomorrow, I have no doubt.  It is collusion and corruption reaching all the way to the White House.

Drudge has a RELEASED A SHOCKER.   They have released a video of the sitting President Barack Obama not only encouraging illegals to vote but assuring them there will be no repercussions when they do.  That is beyond anything a reasonable and moral person could imagine.  It most assuredly is an impeachable offense if not incarceration offense.  Here the titular head of the Democrat Party in an attempt to guarantee the passing of the torch to the next Democrat, Hillary Clinton, is encouraging people who are already breaking the law to further disregard it and VOTE.  This demonstrates such contempt for America, Americans, the Constitution and our system of government it is beyond belief.  The fact that Hillary Clinton has not condemned this indicates her agreement and disregard for the constitution.  The fact that all Democrats are not decrying this as not only unlawful but Anti-American and unconstitutional indicates their willingness to ‘do whatever it takes’ to secure their objective. AMERICA, if we do not stop this we have lost the Republic.  I did not say that we might lose the Republic I said LOST IT.  Congress, Law Enforcement, Judges, what are you going to do?  BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, America are we going to allow this?

That may not resonate with anyone but me and may simply be the LORD speaking to me alone.  I can accept that but when I consider America and what tomorrow will reveal I tremble for my nation.  Yes, we have survived bad administrations in the past but each time the Left gains ground we move nearer and nearer the Loss of Our Republic.  How near are we to the total destruction of the Republic and can we survive a Hillary Clinton Presidency?  I hope so, but believe that her election will be the worst possible thing for America. If Hillary Clinton becomes president there will be a dramatic increase in persecution of Christians who faithfully stand for God’s truth.  Freedom of Speech will be so trampled and selectively allowed, many of us will face criminal charges for ‘hate speech’ for speaking truth.

God bless you and God bless America.   I would never ask you to do other than follow your conscience and allow your reason to reveal to you where we really stand.  May God guide you in that decision!


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