If you honestly believe the rhetoric of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that the left will or even that they believe they should give Donald Trump a chance you are going to be in for a rude awakening.  That seeming Olive Branch will not be extended long and Rush Limbaugh was right in his prediction of one of their prime tactics against Trump.

What did the Democrats do when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush?  Did they all get behind the Bush presidency and seek reconciliation and unification?  NOPE!  They began almost immediately attempt to ‘delegitimize’ his presidency and after harping on that throughout his first term they succeeded in shifting the thinking of a large segment of the population into believing that he stole the election, was simply a dumb cowboy, and everything he did was corrupt.  He managed to win a 2nd term but it was over the inflammatory rhetoric and outright fabrications of the Democrats.  They are never gracious losers even though initially they may attempt to present that image.  Of course, when they win, they say as did Barack Obama to the Republicans, “You lost deal with it” or “Elections have consequences.”  Graciousness, right? 

They won’t attempt the ‘hanging chad’ effort with Donald Trump but they have already begun attempting to ‘delegitimize’ his election by attacking the Electoral College.  You may think that popular vote should decide the elections but I caution you to consider the incredible wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  They gave us a Republic, not a Democracy and therein lies the problem with strictly utilizing the popular vote.  If we were a Democracy the popular vote would be the only means to determine the outcome.  However, since we are a Republic or a Republican Democracy, not a Pure Majority-Vote Democracy we must remember that we are a Union of Sovereign States.  The founders designed a means whereby each state would have proportional representation in the decision for president.  If we allow the highly populated areas such as California and New York to determine the outcome, the rest of the country loses its voice and representation.  Rarely, does a candidate fail to receive a majority of Electoral Votes and a plurality of popular votes but it can happen and when it does it gives understanding as to the wisdom and purpose the founders had in designing that system!  They sought to preserve the sovereignty and voice of every state giving them proportional representation. 


What will the Democrats, Liberals, Leftist, and Socialist Activist do?  They will, riot calling it a spontaneous protest, seek to coerce the Electors to disregard their states popular vote and seek legislation to trash the Electoral College claiming the election was stolen from them and the majority of voters.  But, I contend that the will of the States, which represents the people, was and is done through the Electoral College System.  Are we willing to allow the most populated areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities and/or states determine the direction of the country?  Are we willing to eliminate the 10th Amendment and destroy the sovereignty of the individual states?  Do we want those living in sparsely populated states having a sense that their vote and voice is ignored?  That is a recipe for tyranny and a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America from being the Constitutional Republic into a Pure Democracy which our founders were adamantly opposed.  In a Pure Democracy, the knee-jerk decision of the masses shapes the direction of the nation.  Whereas in a Republic there is proportional representation and a Congressional process by which change is effected allowing time for cooler heads to prevail and reason to do its designed work.

Sadly, there will be some Republican Elitist and a portion of the Never Trump crowd that will join their chorus and if they are successful we will have won the election but forever lost the Republic.  I will fight that with everything in me for I see that path the Road to Tyranny and Anarchy in that path.  I am on the side of the Constitution, Liberty, Freedom and want to preserve, protect, and defend our Republic and thereby preserve our Freedom and Liberty.  You may not like Trump and he may prove to be a bad president, I do not know.  However, the message of the masses in virtually all regions of the nation was a clear rejection of corruption, big government, higher taxes, weakened national security, and the disaster of Obamacare.  There is truly a movement of citizens, not just Whites, that have had enough and have drawn a line in the sand, saying, NO MORE!  We want change but not the kind of hopeless change that Barack Obama brought to the table and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats promote.  We want the Constitutional Republic established by our founders where the three branches of government function as designed and provide true and adequate checks and balances.

I hope you see through their insincere outrage and attack on the Constitutional System we have for electing our president.  I hope you see it for what it is, a ploy to ‘delegitimize’ a Trump presidency to advance their cause and agenda, not in the interest of America and Americans.  They have expressed and demonstrated their disdain for the wisdom and guidelines our Founding Fathers established but we dare not let them steal that from us.  God help us to stand firm in defense of the Constitution and Freedom.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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