Was the 2016 presidential election a clear mandate in favor of Populism or Nationalism?  Many are saying yes, but I have questions and one research exit poll by a non-partisan group suggests another possibility.  I have questioned whether the election of Donald Trump, a candidate who is not clearly or truly a conservative on some issues was a shift to Populism or a desire to see massive Big Government Nationalism.  Let me briefly expand on the basis of my questions.

I truly believe that the election of Donald Trump was a total rejection of the Obama doctrine, the Democrat Progressive agenda, and a rejection of Hillary Clinton personally.  I believe that the election, which placed the Whitehouse and both Houses of Congress in the hands of the Republicans was a clear mandate from the American people to CHANGE DIRECTIONS and STOP THE INSANITY of an overreaching all-powerful Big Government.  I believe that this election was the result of prayer.  I believe that more than being a mandate for Populism or Nationalism it was a rejection of Status Quo and Corrupt Cronyism in Washington.

I am not, nor have I ever been a NEVER TRUMPER and never hesitated to vote for Mr. Trump.  I pray that he will provide the leadership we need to change course and return to many if not most of our founding principles.  Some of his nominees give me hope and some of them give me concern, so I will, like most, wait and see.  He could be a great president and revive our economy, secure our borders, strengthen our military, and shore up our national defense.  He could reverse many of the disastrous Executive Orders of Barack Obama and reverse the stranglehold of the federal government on businesses large and small as well as the American people.  He could bring sanity to the Healthcare Insurance situation and much more or he could follow the Populist/Nationalist ideology and create more unnecessary and undesired government and problems.  I will pray for him and his team to do the right thing and if he takes a turn I believe detrimental I will question that as I have with Barack Obama.


The research that I referred to was from the Edison Research Group and they identified a segment of voters called the “Neithers”.  This group wanted ‘neither’ Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but voted in an interesting way.  The compilation of the National Polling Data indicated that those Favorable ‘only’ to a candidate went for Clinton 41% to 36% Trump but there was 18% that wanted ‘Neither.’  Of that group, 49% voted for Trump and 29% Clinton which is a real indicator of how and why Mr. Trump won.  This research revealed some interesting information in the individual states.  In Wisconsin, the ‘neithers’ comprised 22% of the voters and they voted 60% Trump to 23% Clinton.  In Pennsylvania, the ‘neithers’ amounted to 17% and they voted 56% Trump to 31% Clinton.  In Michigan, the ‘neithers’ were 20% of the voters and they voted 50% Trump to 29% Clinton.  In Florida, the ‘neithers’ were 14% of the voters and they voted 61% Trump to 24% Clinton.  In North Carolina, the ‘neithers’ amounted to 15% and they voted 63% Trump to 28% Clinton.  What that suggests to me is that the NEITHERS were the catalyst which gave Donald Trump the votes sufficient to win those states and thereby win the Electoral Vote in impressive numbers.  The NEITHERS were largely conservatives that wanted, limited government, not Populism or Nationalism.  The ‘neithers’ were 61% male and more likely to be between the ages of 30-44 and were 78% white, as compared to the overall electorate which was 70% white.

We heard so much about the Independents being the swing vote in the election but from the above-cited research and exit polling data it seems that the NEITHERS were the deciding factor in this election.  Those that found neither Clinton or Trump favorable and yet voted, in my view, indicates an abject rejection of the Democrat agenda and the policies of Barack Obama as well as the policies and person of Hillary Clinton.  It was, in my view, a cry of the American people that shouted, I find both candidates lacking but am voting for a ‘stay of execution’ for America and while I don’t know exactly what I will get in Donald Trump I know and reject what I have gotten in Barack Obama and in Hillary Clinton.  Yes, those neither voters were a minority of the total votes but the size of that contingency is too large to overlook and I hope the Trump administration does not overlook them.

I am appalled at the tactics of the Democrats and Leftist in their continued push to either overturn or delegitimize the Trump presidency.  I am elated that Hillary Clinton was stopped and that Donald Trump was elected.  I contend that we won a battle not the war and we must continue to Pray diligently, stay abreast of what is happening, continue to be engaged in the process and stay vocal with our elected officials at all levels.  AMERICA’S FUTURE IS STILL HANGING IN THE BALANCE. 

God, bless you and God bless America!

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