I realize that many think the words, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” came from Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address but they are found in Mark 3:25, spoken by Jesus Himself.  “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”  That is exactly where we are in America and the division is severe and incredibly dangerous.  The survival of the Republic as the Constitutional Republic reflecting any semblance to that Union established by our Founding Fathers.  It is severe, it is destructive and incredibly dangerous.

I believe there are Three Main Streams of Division in America today with many tributaries within those streams.  It is my conviction that many within, those streams have not truly evaluated the consequences of their rigid stance and attitude of division and separation.  Two of those three Main Streams are apparently forming a loose coalition to stop the Third Stream and if that continues the catastrophic result could well be far more devastating than most anyone envisions.  Some take their position without regard for the damage and others do so without fully grasping the import of their actions.  Sadly, it matters little whether it is intentional or unintentional the final damage will be the same.  The only difference is that those in the unintentional crowd would change if they truly saw or believed the danger and damage.  They do not see and do not believe, therefore they continue believing they are on the side of right, morality, integrity, principle, and even the Constitution.  We are dangerously near a time of chaos and destruction beyond which there is no redemption.

When the idea that there is no peaceable solution to the political problems of a nation there an atmosphere created where the diabolical wield great influence and destruction is likely.  When a people believe, there is no peaceful solution and no way to change course in their nation through peaceful means they have two choices.  They can submit and accept the fate imposed on them by the tyrannical or they can take up arms and rebel.  They may or may not succeed in their rebellion and fail to throw off the chains of the tyrants.  They may be forced into submission.  We see that in nations of the world and I am very concerned that we are dangerously close to becoming so divided in America we will fall to the tyrants and be forced into submission.  What are the Three Main Streams dividing America today? 


There is Stream Number One made up of Leftist Liberal Socialist largely led by the Democratic Party.  Within that stream, there are multiple sub-streams of activist groups, ethnic groups, and political elitist groups too numerous to list.  That Stream wants to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  They would do that by eradicating our borders and making citizenship virtually meaningless.  They would do that by redefining our Constitution and rather than considering original intent they would make it a living document interpreted according to modern mores.  They would make government all powerful and gain total control over the citizens. Political Correctness would determine what we can think and speak and seek to reprogram how we think thereby stripping us of our most fundamental inalienable rights in the process.

There is Stream Number Two made up of Fundamental Conservatives and Constitutionalist, largely Republicans, Independents, and some Libertarians.  This group wants to see the government limited and power returned to the citizens and the states rather than in the Central Bureaucracy in Washington.  This stream has largely gotten behind President-elect Donald Trump and while they do not all believe he is the knight in shining armor riding to save the day, they understand that he provides a window of opportunity and possible respite in the impending destruction now existing.  This stream wants government’s involvement in our lives and businesses restricted as per the constitution.  This stream wants a secure border, a strong national defense, and to maintain the sovereignty of the Republic.  This stream wants our inalienable rights protected not restricted.  This group wants a return to Constitutional Republican Limited Government.  That is not exhaustive but indicative of the current of this stream.

There is Stream Number Three and this is possibly the most problematic in that this Stream is made up of those who truly love America and desire most of if not all of what the Second Stream desires.  However, there is a fly in the ointment for them and that is the person of Donald J. Trump.  They cannot accept him and are willing to align themselves, at times, with the First Stream to prevent his inauguration and/or successful enactment of his proposed agenda.  The deem him so unacceptable they coalesce with those who do not truly love America as originally founded and are those who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ this nation into a Socialist Union.  Those in this Third Steam do not agree with that philosophy and but, in my view, many of them cannot see the potential damage and destruction.   They believe they are acting in the best interest of the republic in their actions driven by their abhorrence for the man.  That rigid refusal to work with the Second Stream to try to turn the tide of destruction and reverse course nationally is creating a climate of division that strips everyone in all streams of hope and that is incredibly dangerous.  None of us want to see those of the First Stream aligned against those of the Second Stream facing each other in the streets in a violent upheaval.  THAT WOULD BE CATASTROPHIC, in my view.  In that scenario, America would be the loser and nothing positive accomplished.


I know that those rigidly opposed to Mr. Trump may well take exception to what I have said and I regret that.  My purpose is not to lecture anyone on what they should or should not believe politically.  My focus is AMERICA and the state of division that I see existing nationally.  My fellow lovers of liberty and freedom if we allow this nation to reach the place where people believe that elections do not matter and there is no hope of peaceful change and resolution we are doomed to destruction.  The diabolical forces lurking behind the scenes and working diligently to steal this prize called America will swoop in like vultures and I warn they have a plan in place, a strategy to take control.  All they are waiting for is chaos to the point hope is abandoned by the masses.  I issue this warning, knowing that it will not be popular with some and maybe many but my love for America is greater than my concern whether I will be accepted or rejected.  I am unimportant, America is! 

I ask everyone regardless of what Stream you find yourself, is America not worth trying to find a peaceful resolution to our differences?  Is America not worth seizing upon the opportunity to reverse course on many of the destructive policies of the past few years?  Is America not worth have a strong national defense, a secure border, a strong economy, and preventing further incursion and intrusion of the federal government in our lives?  I believe that most of us want the America of our Founding Fathers where we can proudly declare, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Is that not the America we all want?  We can have it but we cannot have it so if we insist on remaining so staunchly divided we will consider no path other than our preferred on or no candidate other than our chosen one.  We will make mistakes and we will experience failures but they do not have to be fatal.

I am not asking that we all sit around the campfire and sing Que Sera, Sera or Kumbaya accepting and tolerating everything and anything. What I am asking is that we place America ahead of personal preference.  It is my view that Hillary Clinton was not just unacceptable but would have been the death knell of the Republic.  Some feel the same about Donald Trump, I do not.  We need to take advantage of any opportunity to work toward restoring American principles and values, limiting government, strengthening our national security, securing our borders, and rekindling our economy.  If we recognize where this divide is leading, we can, not only survive but thrive as the Restored Republic.  The decision must be made by each of us individually and then as a nation.  Therefore, I say, pursue what you believe but please consider the consequences and the cost to America in whatever path or stream you follow.  America can survive if we can find it within our hearts to unite around that which we have in common and refuse to allow our differences to become so volatile that we are unable or refuse to hear those of opposing views and summarily reject all views but our own.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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