Ignorance is Bliss Patch

We all know people, and some may be among those who declare, “What I don’t know won’t hurt me.”  I may not know there is a deadly disease in my body but being unaware will not shield me from its destructiveness.  I may not know there is a mugger waiting in the darkness near my parked vehicle but being unaware does not forewarn or enable me to fend off his attack.  I may not know the financial investment I am entering is built on fraud and deception but my ignorance of that reality will not prevent me from sustaining a loss and the expense of trying to recover my investment.  Ignorance may give me a sense of serenity allowing me to live oblivious to the lurking dangers and in that sense, provide bliss, but when the culmination of that of which I am ignorant become reality BLISS will not be what I experience.  Ignorance may seem like bliss, but believe me, it is not!

In today’s political world we are watching the implosion and consistent denial by the Democrats and Progressives and can call much of their diatribe nothing short of ignorance.  Over the past few election cycles, the Democrats have consistently lost seats in Congress losing both the House and Senate and now the White House.  Yet, rather than discovering the disconnect with reality they blissfully follow the pathway of ignorance and blame everything but themselves for their losses.  The failure of both their message and messenger in the presidential election should have sent them back to the drawing board to restructure and rethink their strategy.  However, that is not what is happening and while I don’t want to burst their bubble and diminish their bliss, they are making a tragic if not a fatal mistake.  Consider the election losses under the House leadership of Nancy Pelosi and rather than become enlightened they walk in ignorance and extended her contract by reaffirming her as the minority leader of their party.  WOW!  That makes as much sense as blaming an obscure video for Benghazi or taking a hammer to the check engine light on the dash of your car.  But, who am I to suggest that their ignorance is not providing bliss?  It most assuredly is for those of us who are aware of truth and reality.  They seem to be positioning themselves to name a bitter racist as the head of the DNC will not bode will in upcoming elections, is my view.  This man once suggested a separate nation for blacks and supports the Islamic jihad while lashing out at our most consistent ally in the middle-east, Israel.

If ignorance is bliss, then President Barack Obama should be in a state of constant euphoria because he seems to believe that we are living in the Obama-land or La-La Land.  He has expressed that he has saved the American economy, brought stability to the middle-east, provided a most loved healthcare fix in Obamacare, and his environmental policies and massive regulations are loved and supported by most Americans.  If he truly believes that, his bliss should be virtually uncontainable and he must literally be whistling while he walks in the Whitehouse.

If ignorance is bliss then the many millennials marching in the streets, being coddled in their ‘safe zones’ and told that life is supposed to be fair and equal should be filled with joy.  We have not only done them a disservice but we have endangered our American way of life and our Constitutional Republic in how we have allowed them to be indoctrinated.  They are ignorant of life and unless confronted with reality and truth would be in a constant state of blissful euphoria singing, ‘We are the world around the campfire with choruses of Kumbaya.’ 

Sadly, too many Republicans are also living in a state of ignorance and have the idea that if we will just be nice, extend an olive branch, and make a few concessions the Democrats will become bipartisan and cooperative.  What a blissful state they must be in.  Unfortunately, history warns and present reality exposes the reality that they have an agenda and will not deviate from that agenda for anything or anyone.  Their idea of bipartisanship is a total concession by the Republicans and even when they lose they drive the bus and determine policy.  If those of us who are happy that Hillary Clinton was defeated and Donald Trump won, the election live in ignorance of the incredible war that still lies ahead do not wake up our momentary bliss will be turned into tears and become a nightmare.

It has been said that “knowledge is power” and in a very real sense, that is correct.  In war ignorance, can and will likely bring about defeat.  In war, a key strategy is to know more about the enemy than he knows about us.  In business, ignorance is a recipe for failure.  In health, ignorance can be disastrous.  And, in politics ignorance will not produce lasting bliss so let’s follow the biblical directive for life and ‘study to show ourselves approved…’  I know that was speaking of ministering the Word of God but it is applicable in every area of life.  Knowledge may be power but Wisdom is knowing how to use that knowledge and right application of knowledge will open the door for success and in success comes true bliss!

God, bless you and God bless America!

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