If that is a question as to what kind of government we are supposed to have in America, the answer is simple.  We were established as a Constitutional Republic with a Representative Democracy, not a Pure or True Democracy.  However, it seems that media, politicians, activist and many in America today have become so accustomed to calling our Republic a Democracy that’s what most think we have.  Majority Rule regardless!  I believe that is one of the foundational concepts upon which the PROTESTS are being carried out.  They believe that MAJORITY RULE is the rule, of our American government and believe they are the MAJORITY.  They believe that because of the coverage of the Main Stream Media, the vocalness of the activist and the weakness of politicians to resist.

Sadly, the Republicans, especially the RHINO’s have a morbid fear of public opinion from the Left.  They seem to forget after each election and that the elections of recent years can only be interpreted as a rejection of the Liberal Agenda of the Left.  But, alas, the Republicans cower in the corner when the MSM, Democrats, and Activist take to the streets, airways, or floor of Congress.  Their memories are either incredibly short or their brain power incredibly weak.  The Republicans have accepted the insistence from the Democrats that they modify and become more moderate or liberal and become Democrat Lite in their politics. The Public has voted in 3 elections, with respect to Congress, to express displeasure with the policies of the previous administration and the Left but the Republicans missed that reality.

One of the earmarks of a Pure Majority Rule Democracy is ANARCHY and we are witnessing the seeds of that today.  I fully support FREE SPEECH and will argue for it without question UNLESS the free speech of one becomes censorship of another and transitions into riotous behavior and engages in lawlessness and destruction.  That is not FREE SPEECH that is TERRORISM!  I support the right of those women to march in protest even when they are protesting things I believe wrong and even reprehensible.  I support the right of peaceable assembly but it must be PEACEABLE.  It is of great concern that allowing the squeaky wheel of a minority have the power and impact of a majority.  The idea that the presidential election of Donald Trump was somehow illegitimate because he did not win the popular vote is flawed, in my view.  There is the lingering question as to ‘illegal’ voters in California and New York that went for Hillary Clinton.  Subtract those votes and the popular vote totals might have shifted in Trump’s favor.  However, we are not a Simple Majority Democracy we are a Republic and have a determined manner of electing presidents through State Votes in the Electoral College.  That was a safeguard against the dangers of a Pure Democracy where whims, agitation, or knee-jerk reaction could completely change the direction of our nation.

Every Majority Vote Democracy that has ever existed has committed suicide and imploded.  The selfishness of a Pure Democracy is destructive and produces the condition of instability.  On the other hand, a Republic affords stability because it allows the entire nation to determine its direction.  Our Constitution protects the sovereignty of the individual states and affords each state an equal voice in the Senate and a proportional voice in the House of Representatives.  If we allow the influence of the protesters to shape our nation’s direction overriding the will of the entire nation though the individual states having a voice that counts.  Were we a Pure Democracy then the pockets of liberal, activist, in California and New York as well as a few other places would determine the governmental direction of the entire nation.  Places like Wyoming, Idaho, and many of our smaller states would be relegated to beating their heads against the wall and subjected to the wishes of those pockets of liberalism.

We dare not allow Hollywood, the MSM, and Activist become the voice of the nation especially when their voices are contrary to the idea of the Constitutional Republic, anti-moral, and anti-biblical.  As for the Presidency of Donald Trump, I do not suggest that everything he does will be things I agree with, but he is moving toward restoring much of our Constitutional Foundation.  If we do not value, the wishes of every state and every citizen we will morph into a state of chaos that will lead to anarchy and ultimately destroy our nation.  We all have responsibilities and are to be accountable.  We each must carry our fair share of the burden of maintaining liberty and freedom.  America is worth fighting for and the election just won was a rejection of the Ultra Liberalism of the Democrats but the War has not concluded.  I believe God has given us an opportunity reclaim and restore our nation and return to Constitutional Principles and Precepts.  He has given us an opportunity to return to being a Christian Nation that has strong moral moorings.  We must determine if we are willing to fully invest ourselves in the fight for freedom.  If we are we must PRAY like all depends on our prayers.  We must WORK like all depends on our labors.  We must become INVOLVED like our involvement will determine the outcome of our national direction and survival.  We must become intercessors for America, spiritually, nationally, and economically.  We must also become squeaky wheels in the ears of the elected officials voicing our concerns and desires via phone calls, email, texts, letters, and assembling in large groups signifying our desires.  WE CAN WIN THIS WAR and OCCUPY THE LAND but we must stay focused and continue to be involved.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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