When Harry Reid led the Democrats in the Senate and they controlled that body they made a bed, that even members of their tribe warned could come back to haunt them.  Senator Reid, defiantly declared, “I don’t care, I’ll be gone by then.” I don’t know if he was in denial that the Republicans could reclaim the Senate or if he was so committed to advancing the Obama agenda he truly did not care about what might be in the future.  Either way, he and the Democrats made a ‘Bed of Thorns’ and it is high time that Senator McConnell and the Republicans allow the Democrats to lie in that bed of their own creation.

The concern I have is that Senator McConnell is on record as being ‘opposed’ to the nuclear option that Senator Reid advanced to ram through President Obama’s nominees and thereby pack the federal courts.  Senator McConnell, this is not the time to engage in timidity.  This is war and in war, you fight to win, so WIN!  Senator McConnell has sent mixed signals in that declaration and his assertion that President Trump’s nominees would be confirmed.  The Democrat tactic may be required to fulfill that promise and here’s hoping that the often-weak-willed leader of the Senate will become strong-willed and determined.  He and too many Republicans seem to believe that if they offer an olive branch to the Democrats they will secure cooperation and concessions from the Left.  AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!  The Left thinks a compromise is when the Republicans do what the Democrats want not a compromise by the Left.  Compromise in the Democrat dictionary is, “Republicans agreeing to the Democrat demands.”

When the diatribe, rhetoric, and vitriol of the Democrats, activist, the anarchist of the left, MSM, Hollywood types, and the like go ballistic over every action or nominee that President Trump advances there is little cause to be hopeful of a compromise.  Senator Schumer has become, and maybe always was, as much a jacka$$ as Harry Reid and finding common ground with him is highly unlikely.  I have heard some of the Trump haters attempt to make President Trump and Senator Schumer best buds.  Believe that if you please, but watch as Senator Schumer fights to block every action of President Trump and every attempt to repeal, reverse, and erase the terrible policies of Barack Obama.  If that is being best buds, then who would need an enemy?  Chuck Schumer is an ideologue and I honestly do not believe that Donald Trump is.  That may prove to be a detriment for Mr. Trump because he tends to see people as other than ideologues and that creature is rare in Washington.

The Democrats, MSM, and Leftist have long called Republicans obstructionist but they are proving to be that themselves.  If you do a little quick search of historic facts, you will find that Bill Clinton and George W Bush had 13 Cabinet nominees approved by this juncture in their Presidency and Barack Obama had 10.  The Democrats are boycotting committee meetings to prevent the Republicans from voting the nominees out of committee.  Obstructionism?  Without question and incredibly childish, in my view.  If the Democrats persist in their obstructionism then Senator McConnell should realize that he has no choice but to force them to recline in the bed of their making, thorns, and all.

Someone called the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch a ‘lose-lose’ situation for the Democrats.  Judge Gorsuch statement, “a good judge doesn’t always like the outcome of his legal reasoning” is problematic for the Democrats.  It suggests that he is aware of the possibility and embraces the responsibility of having to make a legal ruling that is contrary to his personal or political preference.  How can the Democrats villainize that?  With the insane rhetoric coming from them, I am quite sure they will, but it will be illogical.  If the Democrats persist in their threat to ‘filibuster’ this nomination, then they leave the Republicans little option other than the ‘nuclear’ one to squelch filibuster.  They cannot win using that tactic since they originated it and arguing against it on principle would be ludicrous.  The Democrats know that this will not be the only nomination that President Trump is afforded for their will be vacancies in the not too distant future.  If they use up all their ammunition and political capital on this nomination, they will pay dearly in 2018 and in future nominations.  If they approve Judge Gorsuch they lose and if they don’t they lose.  Sounds wonderful for those of us who identify as Constitutional Conservatives but it is not that simple.  It is good but not quite as simplistic as that sounded.

I believe that one of the driving force and a prime factor in the Leftist opposition is the fear that if the SCOTUS becomes unbalanced toward the Right the court could return the decision of Abortion to the States where it belongs.  Abortion, in many ways, is the Holy Grail of the Democratic Party and the fear of seeing it become a State issue is terrifying to them.  The Democrats will roll the dice to ensure they do not lose their ‘donors’ and will seek to filibuster and obstruct the nominees.  The question is, ‘will the Republicans make them recline in their bed of thorns?’  I certainly hope so.  Yes, it is a double-edged sword but considering where we are today a sword that must be wielded.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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