I am deeply disturbed by the violence and bitter vitriol used by those protesting President Donald Trump and our most recent Presidential election.  We have laws that prohibit the inciting of riots and make those who do so culpable to the crimes being perpetrated by the rioters.  That should include politicians including those who lost the election such as Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

Recently the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine said in a public interview: “We are so excited that the American public is energized to speak out against the abuses of this administration…”  Imagine that.  He went on to say, “What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s momentum to be able to do this.”  Much of what he said, I have no problem with because I believe in the 1st Amendment and people have the right to peacefully protest and dissent regardless of their political affiliation.  I may adamantly disagree with their position but I defend their right to express their dissent.  However, there is one part of his statement that troubles me greatly and it is akin to much of what former President Obama and others have said from time to time.

His statement and encouragement to “fight in the streets” is particularly alarming and needs to be clearly defined by Senator Kaine.  It is more than inflammatory it is calling for anarchy, violence, and destruction.  He may not have intended it to go that far, but many of those on the left who are causing havoc in the streets will interpret it exactly that way.  This can only be considered an endorsement of violence and disruption.  That is the kind of thing that Mr. Obama said regarding Ferguson, Missouri, the Black Lives Matter Protests, and other incidents.  It is the kind of rhetoric that results in people on the fringe and maybe not so fringe will take as a license to violence.  There are calls for the murder of the president, rape of his wife and daughters, and eradication of whites including killing white babies.  This is not something that should be condoned by anyone, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.  No American should be willing to tolerate widespread violence, rioting, looting, and causing property damage or physical harm to citizens.  This is wrong!

The vitriol of the Democrats in Congress making personal attacks against nominees and scurrilous accusations toward them, the president, and all who are conservative and support the president is dangerous.  When companies like Starbucks allow their CEO to publicly state that anyone that supports Donald Trump is unwelcome in their establishments that are dangerous and damaging.  When Barack Obama was president those same people lectured those of us who opposed him accusing us of spreading hate, discord and being Unamerican and racist.  Had we done what they are doing, there is little doubt many of us would be facing a magistrate, have been charged with crimes and incarcerated.  I did not support Barack Obama and found virtually every policy of his scandalous and in direct opposition to what our American Founders and Framers intended, the Bible instructs, and diametrically opposite of the values of anyone with a strong moral mooring.  I did not take to the streets, call for his murder, wish harm to his family, or seek to incite riots and cause mayhem in America.  I considered that dangerous and destructive for our Republic.  I voiced my objection and encouraged people to put pressure on their elected officials.  I encouraged people to become involved in politics and vote for change to the dangerous path he was leading us down.

If it were only the Democrats I might not react as strongly but Evan McMullin, another defeated presidential candidate has taken an even more incendiary stance, in my view.  He spins fantasies about Donald Trump that are unfounded and unwarranted.  He argues for ‘direct,’ not Democratic action.  He argues that Congress will not stand up to Trump and that Mr. Trump will likely ignore the courts because he is an authoritarian and mimics despot.  He argues that Trump will run roughshod over all checks, cultural norms, and the press.  McMullin lauds what he calls the ‘powerful voice’ of the protests, the ‘macro tone’ by which he appears to mean intimidation declaring that Congress could not ignore them.  He encourages people to ‘engage directly’ with their representatives and mainly Republicans.  He urges those in protest to write op-eds, and contribute to the opposition of the elected officials. He then says that since that might not have the desired effect they should then engage in “old fashioned civil disobedience” which can only be interpreted to mean riots and violence.  That from a person who sought to be the President of the United States of America.  What would he be calling for had he won and people protested his administration?  I’m sure it would not be the same!

America rejected their ideas and elected Donald Trump both in rejection of the Leftist, Moderate, Liberal ideology, and agenda and in support of the agenda that Trump advanced.  It was not simply a vote against, it was for some a vote for and Donald Trump. Presiden Trump is now attempting to fulfill his campaign promises.  I fully support everyone making their voice heard in Washington and we should all be denouncing the kind of rhetoric and vitriol that is transpiring.  Those in the MSM, Hollywood and various activist organizations should be ashamed.  America has spoken and as with Barack Obama, we should work to achieve the best for America through a peaceable pathway not attempt to completely destroy our entire system of government.  Their path would do exactly that if allowed to continue, stand, and succeed.

God bless America and God bless you!  Freedom is the Prize and the Republic hangs in the balance.  Defend her we must so I urge you to Pray for this nation, Labor for our Freedom and stand with me for Faith, Family, and Freedom!



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