I am not surprised but I am incensed by the way the MSM, the Democrats and far too many Republicans (so-called) are teaming up to damage or destroy the Trump administration before it even begins.  I expected the Democrats and the MSM to unite against Mr. Trump and knew that there would likely be some ‘snowflake’ Republicans, who are adamantly Big Government and Anti-Trump join the chorus line of resistance.  I may not like the way Donald Trump does some things.  I may not like his twitter outbursts from time to time.  BUT, the fact that he has demonstrated his desire and willingness to attempt keeping his campaign promises is encouraging and for any Republican to stand in the way of that is disgusting, to this American.

I read that Senator Susan Collins of Maine has announced she was voting NO on the confirmation of EPA administrator-designate Scott Pruitt.  He is not liberal enough for her and does not by the hype, spin, rhetoric, and fabrications being advanced by the leftist and he wants to take a common-sense approach to EPA regulations.  That is not acceptable to her, it would seem so she is lining up with the Democrats against him.  This was not a total surprise for Senator Collins has lined up with the Left more than she has with the right in her tenure in office.  One could ask, “Why is she called a Republican?”   On the other hand, a Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia spoke positively about Mr. Pruitt.  We know that the two liberal independents, Bernie Sanders and Angus King promised to vote NO as were most if not all the Democrats.  Thankfully it did not come down to a 50-50 vote and he was confirmed.  Hopefully, we can begin a positive move toward stripping the EPA of some of its power that is dangerous for America and destructive for Americans.  The EPA has been out of control for a long time and it is high time that we reign it in and break the stranglehold it and other agencies hold over America and Americans.  We need to have our chains broken off and focus on people, not simply policies and theoretical possibilities.

I do not watch it but am aware that recently on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” the infamous Senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker was a guest.  The Senator is not known for his conservatism and he was being interviewed about the resignation of General Mike Flynn.  Senator Corker, to the glee of the liberals, stated that the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ was the Russian influence.  He blasted the Trump administration and wondered if it could stabilize itself, as though the Obama White House was stable.  Senator Corker never found it necessary to question most of the activities of President Obama but President Trump is another issue.  He considered the ‘intelligence leaks’ a sub-issue but Russian interference in the elections a major issue.  Seriously?  I wonder if he and MSNBC have already forgotten the input of Barack Obama in October when it appeared that Hillary Clinton was tracking for a landslide win?  Former President Obama chided Mr. Trump and said with detectable scorn that “Donald Trump was headed back to reality TV because Mr. Trump had claimed the election was rigged against him.”  Mr. Obama went further scolding Mr. Trump saying, “Stop whining and go try to make a case and get the votes.”  Trump and his team did just that and won!  Mr. Obama also said something that nobody on the left and almost nobody on the right is reminding people of.  He insisted that there was ‘no serious person’ who would suggest it was possible to rig American elections.  WOW!  I would presume that also included the Russians, right Mr. Obama?

Yet, Senator Corker, along with Senator McCain and other Republicans continue to join the chorus of the left and insist this is the BIG ISSUE and MAJOR CONCERN for everyone.  He and they diminish the issue, that to me, is even larger THE LEAKS BY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  I have some simple questions that hopefully will stir your hearts and inspire your involvement and prayer.  The American Intelligence Agencies are spying on American citizens and the New York Times had a headline that read, “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts with Russian Intelligence.”  First, how did they know that?  The article cited ‘phone records and intercepted calls’ between the Trump team and Russian intelligence agencies.  I do believe that the campaign officials were U.S. citizens and are not to be spied on by the CIA or NSA without cause and warrant, right?  SO, how did the New York Times get this information?  Surely the Times is not tapping the phone lines and spying on American citizens.  There is no question that the CIA, NSA, or FBI did the wire-tapping but HOW DID THE TIMES GET THE INFORMATION?  The ‘elephant in the room’ is the answer to that question.  They could not have gotten it without a leak from within those Intelligence Agencies passing it along to them.  That is criminal, dangerous, Un-American, and could be classified as treasonous.  That is not a problem but is a sub-issue to Senator Corker.  SERIOUSLY?

We have not even dealt with what the American people are expecting from Congress and the failure of people like Senator Corker and others to clear the path for the new administration to attempt to fulfill its campaign promises.  The failure of Congress, the Obstructionism of the Left and the RINOs is another BIG ISSUE in my mind.  I am becoming increasingly fond of the idea of ‘term limits’ and am assuredly a fan of ‘breaking out the brooms’ and FIRING THE LOT OF THEM in 2018.  America, we are focusing on the ‘wag the dog’ issues not the real issues and it is high time that we wake up and pressure our elected officials to get on board with the plan to ‘drain the swamp’ and ‘restore the republic’.  I do not claim that all of Mr. Trump’s ideas are good or will be good but we need to reclaim the lost ground stolen by the Left under Barack Obama.

God, bless you and God bless America.


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