BLOG POST 8 - Russian Influence

The continual playing of the “Russian Card” is wearing thin for me and many Americans.  Sadly, for another very large sector it is resonating and although I fully believe that the Democrats know this is all smoke and mirrors they have found something, they believe is working, and they will work it to the bitter end.  The Democrats are incessant in their chant that the Russians hacked in and influenced the Presidential Election.  When challenged to give factual evidence on how the Russians affected the outcome, they swiftly change directions and some will say, “Well, they didn’t actually change any vote totals but they might have influenced how people thought.”  SERIOUSLY?  That is your argument? 

I heard the Speaker of the House, Congressman Paul Ryan make the declaration on National Television, “We know the Russians tried to influence our elections.”  I thought, “AND?”  The Russians try to influence everything they can but attempting to assert that they preferred Trump over Hillary, in my view, is a stretch.  I believe the Russians, as do most countries were seeking to gain an advantage for their cause, regardless of which candidate won.  If they were actually the ones who hacked into Podesta’s email and the DNC and tried unsuccessfully to hack into the RNC what was their motive?  If they were trying to hack both would that not lend credibility to my argument that they were doing what adversaries do, SEEKING TO GAIN AN EDGE or ADVANTAGE?  They had and have dirt on Hillary and no doubt wanted dirt on Trump so they could hedge their bets regardless of which candidate won.  The Russians and many other nations have tried to influence our elections for decades and this is not a new revelation, so why is it such an issue now?  TRUMP WON and the DEMOCRATS LOST!  That’s it in a nutshell.

Rather than accepting the fact that they (Democrats) had a flawed candidate and flawed message they desperately need to find someone or something else to blame so they can continue attempting to sell their political snake oil to the public.  Well, to the gullible public.  We have attempted to influence elections and the most recent were Barack Obama’s blatant attempt to influence the Israeli elections and defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.  The report from Congress and verified was that the Obama administration used “taxpayer dollars” through an NGO (non-governmental organization) to aid in the attempt to defeat the Israeli Prime Minister that he detested.  Obama gave upwards of $350,000 to “One Voice” an NGO operating in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Within days after the ‘grant period’ ended the NGO deployed campaign infrastructure and resources using U.S. grant funds to support a political campaign to defeat the incumbent Israeli government.  The campaign’s explicit goal was to elect ANYBODY BUT BIBI by mobilizing leftist voters.  Does that sound familiar?  How about the Anybody but Trump campaign conducted by some here in the U.S.?  Obama did everything he could to influence Britain in the Brexit vote and used our ‘tax dollars.’  He has attempted to influence governments to favor Islam and sought to influence election after election elsewhere as well as here in America.  SO, WHAT ABOUT THE RUSSIANS? 

Speaker Ryan, said, “We need to find out what they are up to.”  Let me help you with that Mr. Speaker, “They are up to Russian interest.  How is that different from what virtually every other country does.”  My argument is not whether the Russians attempted to gain an edge or even influence our elections, my argument is why did Podesta not have better cyber-security.  Why could anyone hack the DNC but not the RNC?  Why did Hillary use a private unsecured email server sending classified information and exposing our national security to grave danger?  WHY is that a non-issue but Russian influence such a colossal one?  WHY?  Let me make it simple, THE DEMOCRATS LOST and TRUMP WON.  That again is it in simplistic terms.

Now lets’ focus on the attack on Jeff Sessions and his having met with the Russian Ambassador as a serving U.S. Senator and Senator Franken’s question.  I have heard from many attorneys saying that Mr. Sessions answered the question and even went beyond.  They advise their clients to answer the question asked, nothing more and nothing less.  The question appeared to have been whether Senator Sessions had met with any Russian officials as a surrogate of the Trump campaign and talked about the campaign.  He said that he did not.  NOW, the Democrats are calling for his head and even suggesting that he should be indicted for perjury and serve prison time.  Can we go back just a bit to the meeting of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of the airport in her plane for over 30 minutes?  This meeting came just days before the FBI was to release their findings on Hillary’s email scandal.  Of course, Ms. Lynch and Mr. Clinton said they just chatted about the weather, grandkids and bland things of that nature, but never discussed the investigation.  Senator Schumer stated regarding that meeting that there were two options.  He argued that since Ms. Lynch was an honorable person and said that nothing happened they could either determine that she lied or that it did not matter because nothing happened.  His conclusion, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  But, when Jeff Session is brought up, he determines that Mr. Sessions is a liar and should immediately resign and face the consequences.  SERIOUSLY?  Are you going to be that hypocritical?  Sorry, I almost forgot you are an extremely partisan political ideologue determined to defeat your opponent and protect your own.  Please forgive me for that oversight.

Senator Claire McCaskill blasted A/G Sessions and claimed she had NEVER met with the Russian Ambassador but the record reveals that she tweeted twice about meeting with the ambassador in 2013 and 2015 and who knows how many other times.  Nancy Pelosi said she had never met with Russians and there are pictures of her sitting near Russian officials in meetings as well as Senator Schumer and others.  THIS IS HYPOCRISY and while I try to tone down the rhetoric of being a Witch Hunt it is most assuredly a fishing expedition and an attempt to divert attention and force the Trump administration to be sidetracked.  How should the President handle this?  Well, I’m not privy to all that is going on but I would suggest that they should take a page from the Democrats and during an attempted diversion go FULL STEAM AHEAD with their agenda.  I would like to see Senator McConnell and Congressman Ryan be true leaders and confront a problem head-on, shutting down what needs to be shut down and pressing on with what needs to be pressed forward.  DO YOUR JOBS and get the nominees confirmed, get the Obamacare Repeal and Replace on the Floor for a vote, secure our borders, and deal with the many problems that are facing America today.  Tell the Democrats what Barack Obama told you, “Elections have consequences, deal with it!” 

We spy on other countries and they spy on us, that is no shocking revelation.  If you choose to believe that the Russians elected Donald Trump that is your choice.  I ask you, “Do you think that illegals and voter fraud were used to attempt to elect Hillary Clinton?”  I hope you are honest on that one and if you argue there was no voter fraud then how could the Russians have affected our election?  Let’s beef up our cyber-security and secure our natural borders making America safe or safer and focus on America and what is best for her not what someone else might have or might have tried to do.  LET’S FOCUS ON WHAT WE CAN DO.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


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