THE MEDIA’S SPIN – – “Obama Good, Trump Bad…”

BLOG POST 3 - Media Spin

That is very simplistic but accurately sums up how the media contrasts the beginnings of those two presidents.  One of the guiltiest revisionists in the media is the New York Times, which is without question a major mouthpiece of the Leftist Democrats in America.  They released a recent article declaring that Barack Obama was handed a colossal mess but handed Donald Trump incredibly low unemployment, relative quite around the world, and an economy that was strong.  I wonder what world they were referring to, but I don’t want to be too cynical.

The Times, as have the Democrats, shouted from the rooftop that when Barack Obama was sworn in as President we were losing upwards of 700,000 jobs per month, the financial system was about to collapse, and the world was in shambles.  They claim that by the time he gave his first speech to the joint session of Congress he had righted most of those wrongs and turned things around.  I wonder what world they are referring to, but again I must guard against cynicism.  They credited him with the passage of a stimulus bill through the Democrat-controlled Congress, passing a gender pay parity act, an inspirational children’s health insurance law, and issued executive orders that would result in the stabilization the financial woes of the auto industry.  He, they said, was facing a second Great Depression rivaled only by the original Great Depression and he went to the podium unifying the country.  Again, I wonder what country they are referring to, and this time I can’t help my cynicism.

If you examine the facts, you will discover that the GDP numbers reported by “Macroeconomic Advisers” indicate that the economy had begun to stabilize BEFORE Obama took office.  Wait, that can’t be possible because after all we must blame Bush and that would strip us of that ability.  They reported that the worst monthly declines were in the rearview mirror and the recession was deemed to have ended five months into his presidency but long before any of his actions could have taken effect.  WOW!  He can’t get the credit and Bush can’t get the total blame, so what shall we do?  I read that economist Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi have credited the $700 billion TARP program, signed into law by George W. Bush and the aggressive action by the FED in 2008 as being, “substantially more powerful in bringing the recession to an end than anything done by Barack H. Obama.”  Oops, we must delete that for it will not neatly fit into the leftist narrative of the miracle-working powers of Mr. Obama.

Regarding the disastrous Stimulus Package of Mr. Obama, it did virtually nothing to turn the economy around but was a grand gift to the Democrats to fulfill their wish list of spending projects.  What about those illusive ‘executive actions’ that Mr. Obama issued to stabilize the financial and automotive sectors of our economy, can we have the list?  Sorry, there is no list and one would assume that the reason the Times listed them as numerous is because they knew they were bogus and could not offer specifics.  Alternative Universe, with Alternate Facts, to support a Virtual Reality in the Utopian World of Politics.  The truth is that his executive actions did more harm to the auto industry than good.  His ‘tailpipe emissions and fuel mandates’ did not stabilize the industry it harmed them greatly.  Facts reveal President Bush had already delivered to GM and Chrysler BILLIONS in emergency loans to keep them afloat, but Bush bad, Trump bad, Obama good.  Does anyone remember Obama’s “Cash for Clunkers” program?  What a disaster!  Who benefited from that debacle?  Mainly the Auto Unions.  But, Mr. Obama did sign a $500,000 salary cap for executives of companies receiving bailout money.  WHOOPEE!  He signed the incredibly bad Dodd-Frank ‘financial reform’ bill and that totally failed to achieve the stated goal of making the banking system safer.  That came from Obama’s own financial adviser, Larry Summers.  WOW! 

What we have now is what we have had only worse.  The Republicans are evil and the Democrats are the saviors of the people.  NO, I do not believe that but that is how they spin the narrative and with the incessant harping by the MSM, the tired rhetoric of the Democrats and the failure of Republicans to expose the fraud for what it is has led to millions believing the diatribe and accepting it as Law and Gospel.

Donald Trump is the first president in a very long time to actually take steps to fulfill his campaign promises.  Politicians are not supposed to do that, are they?  Not according to Washington standards.  How often have we elected a politician who made promises that seemed so sincere only to find that once they were sworn in something in the water, the air, or in the Halls of Congress transformed them and they conveniently forgot their promises and compromised their convictions selling us down the river?  I don’t know if there is a machine they send them through that transforms them, if it is the water, or something in the ventilation system or something more real world, like money, hunger for power, and position but something happens.

I am praying that the Trump administration will hold true to the promises and actually deliver to the American the lion’s share of his commitments.  I pray that the Republicans will find it within themselves to not squander this opportunity and become Public Servants and fight for us.  Will that happen?  Time will tell, but if it does not I cannot envision the Republicans, now in office, not being held accountable in 2018 and beyond.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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