BLOG POST 1 - Squander

I guess I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree or a Republican-led Congress that does not shoot itself in the foot every time they have a Golden Opportunity to achieve something positive for the American people.  The questions that keep coming to my mind are, “Are they that dumb?  Do they have a death wish?  Are they simply Democrat Lights and preservation of the Ole Boy System is of greater importance and value than America and the Constitution?”   I’m afraid that some or all of those are YES, YES, and YES!  Some of the latest polls I have seen is that the Republicans are taking a significant hit in ratings and that does not bode well for 2018.

The Republicans had years to prepare for this moment but apparently did not think they’d reclaim the White House this quickly so they are not prepared to deal with Obamacare.  They are totally unwilling to simply repeal it and then work on whatever replacement might be deemed prudent so they are, according to many reports, advanced a law that would be little more than Obamacare Lite.  There were aspects of their plan that I could endorse and parts that I found and find repulsive and objectionable.  It appears that the bill that Paul Ryan and the Establishment sold to the President rankled enough conservatives it was doomed to fail before it began.  It is a bit troubling that the President after endorsing it demonstrated a side of his nature that could be problematic.  He threw down the gauntlet saying, ‘Deal or No Deal’  and informed Congress to either pass it or keep Obamacare.  That meant WE KEEP OBAMACARE with all its incredible destructiveness for the foreseeable future.  That could mean that in 2018 voters are going to remember and be infuriated with the Republicans and it is quite possible they will give the House and/or the Senate to the Democrats due to Republican failure and lack of preparedness.  THAT IS A TRAGIC POSSIBILITY  but a cycle that continues to occur with Republicans.  America is the loser!

The Spying that has apparently has taken place on members of the President’s Transition Team and possibly the President himself, completely unrelated to the Russian inquiry is an issue the Republicans MUST deal with decisively and definitively.  They MUST uncover where this originated, hold any and all persons accountable under the law for any illegalities and unethical actions.  They MUST expose those involved even if it leads all the way to Barack Obama’s door.  NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE should be above the law, Republican or Democrat.  If we fail to do this Political Targeting and Police State Activity will become the norm rather than the exception.  Representative Adam Schiff, (D-California) has become the Democrat mouthpiece and the Republicans are not demonstrating a willingness or ability to connect the dots on this Benghazi Lawyer who called the heroes who defended the embassy liars because they disputed Obama and Hillary’s narrative of what happened.  Those men were there and pulled back the curtain on the fraud, deception, and outright lies of the Obama team.  Now, Congressman Schiff is trying to downplay and discredit the information Representative Devin Nunes, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has uncovered that reveals there was purposeful or incidental spying and that the information had wrongly been spread around Washington unredacted.  That is of serious concern, but the Democrats want nothing to do with it, after all, it might expose their phony fishing expeditions and spin as they attempt to discredit President Trump.   As my brother said, “If they gain inroads in 2018 there will be an immediate and active push to Impeach Donald Trump.”  That is coming regardless of their gains but will assuredly escalate if they do gain ground.

The lack of intestinal fortitude by the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is another example of squandering opportunities. He has allowed the Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, and the Left dictate what he does.  The Republicans have allowed the Democrats to slow-walk the nominations of many of Trump’s proposed appointees and now the Democrats are vowing to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination.  Senator McConnell, it is time for you to press the button and drop the nuke and get this done.   Sir Chuckie Schumer argued that judges should be independent and neutral as a reason for opposing Judge Gorsuch.  I wonder where that strong moral stance was when Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagan were up for confirmation?  Oh, I forgot, they are leftist Democrats so that standard does not apply to them.  Sorry, I keep forgetting how this works.  Sir Chuckie also said that he could not vote for Judge Gorsuch because he was not MAINSTREAM and it would appear that Senator Schumer’s idea of MAINSTREAM is someone who believes in a living Constitution rather than the Original Intent.  It would appear that it means someone who endorses the Leftist Agenda and is willing to legislate from the bench in forcing America and Americans to accept laws, edicts, and presidential acts that are unconstitutional.  If that is MAINSTREAM, then thank God, that Judge Gorsuch is not.  That is, even more, reason to confirm him immediately.  I find it laughable that now Senator Schumer wants to argue that the answer is “not to change the rules, but to change the nominee.”  Where was that argument when Senator Harry Reid CHANGED THE RULES?  Sorry, I forgot again, that is acceptable when the Democrats do it but an abomination when the Republicans do.

Republicans we gave you an opportunity to reduce the size and scope of government.  We gave you the tools to repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, secure our border, strengthen our national security, and rebuild our military, don’t squander it.  We gave you the opportunity to rekindle the fire of the economy and limit the massive and intrusive regulations that are strangling our economy, don’t waste it.  We gave you the opportunity to stem the tide of this runaway spending train, massive national debt, and political targeting by various left-leaning agencies and bureaucracies don’t ignore the problem or it will be costly.  NO, I am not threatening anyone, I am PROMISING and PREDICTING the outcome of another WASTED OPPORTUNITY.  The voters won’t tolerate it and the Democrat Party that was on the ropes gasping for political air will be resuscitated and given new life.  America loses! 

What can we do?  We can make our voices heard.  We can find our prayer closets.  We can make the members of Congress aware that WE WILL REMEMBER.  If we are sufficiently vocal and doggedly determined, we just might get their attention.  DON’T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY it may be our last.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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