BLOG POST 2 - Republic 1

The words of Benjamin Franklin, “A Republic if you can keep it,” almost haunt me, at times, as I consider the state of my nation.  We have KEPT IT because we have adhered to the Original Intent of the Framers and the desire of the Founders who won our Independence in the Revolutionary War.  We have KEPT IT because of the resolve of the America people and our commitment to the principles of Liberty and Freedom.  We have KEPT IT because our American tradition and history has been THE PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER election after election.  That does not mean that those on the losing end of the electoral equation happily embraced the new administration but they did not take to the streets, riot, burn, look, maim, harm, impede, and damage person and property.  They sought to use the legitimate and constitutional means of offering their dissent and opposition.  THAT IS CHANGING and thus it is my conviction that we are in grave danger of LOSING OUR REPUBLIC.

Thomas Jefferson suggested that in America and as Americans we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead nor will we be overcome by error as long as reason is left free to combat it.  The censorship we have experienced in the past few years from the PC Police, Activist, Liberals, Progressives, and Leftist is weakening that principle.  Those on the Left have demonstrated a propensity to ignore the truth and advance rhetoric that supports their ideological position and agenda.  When we, as a society, reach the place that we justify breaking the law and endorse lawlessness to advance a political or personal agenda we damage the foundations of Freedom.  When we, as a society, arrive at a juncture where the law does not apply equally to everyone we jeopardize the very Pillars of Freedom and Liberty that enable us to maintain our Republic.

We are in danger of losing our Republic because, in part, we have TAKEN IT FOR GRANTED and assumed that things will continue as they have been for 240 years.  As in every facet of life, when something or someone is taken for granted there is a real danger of losing that thing or person.  Abuses occur in that state and those abuses push the envelope to the point that drastic and dramatic reaction transpires.  Homes are disrupted, businesses fail, relationships destroyed, and governments fall when the people TAKE FOR GRANTED that which must be fought and labored for.

In today’s political climate in America, there are those who have virtually if not literally declared war on anyone and everything that is in opposition to their ideology.  We have a segment of our society who find it impossible to ACCEPT the outcome of the Election and are DETERMINED to destroy this new president and if that damages America they are unconcerned or unaware of the danger of their endeavors.  Those on the Left believe that if we disagree with Global Warming or Climate Change being the greatest danger to the world, we are unenlightened and must either be reeducated or marginalized to the point we are irrelevant.  They vociferously seek to deny anyone opposing their views the right to voice an opinion or present factual argument.  That not only applies in that area but all areas in which the Left embraces including abortion, illegal immigration, secure borders, religious convictions, healthcare, and the god-status they have ascribed to government.  Disagree with their position and you are branded as ignorant, bigoted, misogynic, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, unfeeling, uncaring, and desire to kill women, children, and the elderly.  There is no common ground, no give and take, no willingness to LISTEN to any opposing argument.  It is THEIR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

The danger of adopting the current actions and antics of the Leftist who refuse to accept the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America is the destruction of our Republic.  What will be the result if in each successive election those on the losing side take to the streets, riot, loot, burn, destroy, and impede progress?  What will be the result if those in the losing party, in Congress, violate all principles of Republicanism and take whatever measures possible to impede and destroy the new administration?  We will have created a condition and a nation in which no one believes in our system and no one feels safe under the Laws of our Land.  We will have a condition in which anarchy becomes the norm and everyone seeks to become a Law unto themselves.  We will have a condition where people believe they can selectively obey our laws and the result is anything but a Republic and Civil Government.

We have a unique system of government that has survived largely because we, as a people, have embraced the PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER.  We have, as a people, trusted our system, even if we have not always agreed with those governing.  We have been a Nation of Laws which has helped to maintain a peaceful society where the Constitution and Congress recognize our unalienable rights has passed Laws to protect those rights with the intent to equally protect everyone under the law.  Have we failed on any of those fronts?  Clearly, we have but our system has survived and provided a condition of Liberty and Freedom experienced by few, if any, peoples on the earth.

A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT?  Can we or will we keep it?  We can and will if we are able to set aside our personal agendas and consider the best good of the nation.  We can and will if we become men and women of Prayer.  We can and will if we are willing to rid Washington of the corruption, failed professional elitist politicians and DEMAND they follow the Constitution and maintain a condition of Peaceable Transfer of Power.  America is the prize we are fighting for; how much are we willing to pay for her preservation?

God, bless you and God bless the United States of America is my prayer and desire!

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