THE CONSTUTION – – The Republic Can Only Survive as It Is Honored…

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As directed by our American Constitution virtually every holder of any office including our military take an Oath of Office or Service.  The Oath is usually something like the following:

“I [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the                  United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith                  and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental                      reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the                 duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So, help me God.”

The common thread in every Oath taken by anyone connected to the federal government and those becoming citizens of these United States is an Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution which is the Republic.  Without adherence to that Oath, our Republic and Constitution is meaningless.  We have survived for 240 years because we, as a people, have taken that Oath with a high degree of seriousness.  That has changed or is changing so it would seem.  If a majority of people in the United States ever adopt the view that many politicians, activist groups, and even religious sects that our Constitution is to be selective obeyed if at all, we perish.

One of the cornerstones of a Free Republic is the consent to accept the outcome of elections.  Donald Trump was castigated and called many vile names and his patriotism and commitment to America called into question during the debates.  Hillary and the Democrats tried to use his refusal to declare that he would accept the outcome of the election against him.  They insisted that was Un-American, bordered on Treason, and was quite other than the American way and could not be tolerated.  NOW, who is refusing to accept the outcome of the election?  You get a gold star, it is Hillary and the Democrats along with some of the Never Trump Adherents.  They are not only denying the outcome they are encouraging those prone to protest to not only protest but do so violently.  They have applauded the looting, burning, rioting, and vile speech as simply being dissent due to disappointment.  Barack Obama and Michelle encouraged them to continue without specifically saying, “Burn, loot, maim, and commit crimes.”  They did not have to say those words, those protesting understood the endorsement and signal of approval.

The Democrats in Congress have set themselves to OBSTRUCT anything and everything that Donald Trump does UNLESS he agrees to allow them to choose the Judges and other positions.  That is foreign to the Constitution for that document gives the right to appoint judges to the President and the Senate is to give “advice” and “consent.”  I do not mind debating the credentials and even the character of the nominee, that is within the scope of the Constitution.  They have not stood in an almost 100% Bloc to prevent Judge Gorsuch for being confirmed claiming the seat belongs to Merrick Garland, which it does not.  They are objecting because he is not liberal enough saying he is not ‘mainstream’ and objecting to his originalist positions and are trying to use the Constitution to defend their antics.  It is interesting that the Left will use the Constitution when they are in power to advance their agenda but when they lose they seek ways to bypass it and reinterpret it.

When Democrats win, the Republicans say, “They won, so they get to choose.”  I am quite certain that is partly due to a condition of spinelessness on their part and partly because they recognize that for the Republic to survive the Constitution must be followed.  The Democrats believe, as many have expressed, the American Constitution is outdated and must be considered a Living Document that evolves over time to adapt to the whims of society.  That is what Democracies have done and one of the keys in their demise or suicide.  Our Founders and Framers hammered out a compromise in this System of Government guided by the Constitution that would withstand the test and ravages of time and changing societies and we must not abandon it.

The Islamist do not disregard authority they simply declare that there is no higher authority than their Sharia Law. The Democrats believe in authority when they are the ones issuing the decrees but if not the Constitution is an antiquated document.  The unmasking of American citizens, in intel that had nothing to do with national security or the Russian investigation, by Democrats is deemed part of their job.  If it is or were done by a Republican, there would be immediate demands that we have a special investigator and indictments the result.  They ignored the violations of law that even the FBI Head acknowledged existed but his justification was that she did not intend to do harm.  Try that if you speed and see if your ticket is dismissed.  When Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkas can do what they have done and it is perceived and advanced by the Left as their part of their job or an act of great patriotism.  Van Jones has now declared that Donald Trump should award Susan Rice the Presidental Medal.  SERIOUSLY???  Yet, if any Republican omits even one small item in their disclosure they are guilty of High-Crimes worthy of criminal charges and to be banned from government service.

We have one side who IGNORE the Constitution, are failing to honor their Oath of Office and are facilitating the destruction of the Republic. The danger, in my view, is that if the number of citizens who adopt the view that the Constitution can or should be ignored THE REPUBLIC IS LOST.  I am not suggesting might be lost but it is LOST.  The only way America can survive as a Free Republic is through adherence to the guidelines and restraints of the Constitution.  No judge has a constitutional right to legislate from the bench he/she are to rule according to the constitutionality, not ideological preference.  No elected official has a constitutional right to ignore the Constitution, refuse to accept the peaceful transfer of power and adhere to the constitution and their Oath of Office.  If they violate that, they should be dismissed by the other members and if not by them, at the next election they should be shown the door.

I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, the Constitution is the Law of the Land and it must be followed.  In that document, there is the method to alter it to our liking and that is the Amendment Process. That process is time-consuming and difficult as it should be because we are a Republic, not a Pure Democracy and Republics do not change to accommodate a current whim.  We have survived because we have a Constitution that has been, in large part, followed and we will cease to exist if we no longer follow it and keep the oath of office every elected official and most government personnel have sworn to uphold.  I ask that everyone pay attention, study that document, pray for our leaders and nation, and insist that the Constitution be followed and politicians fulfill their Oath of Office.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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