BLOG POST 2 - Child not Choice

Yes, I am talking about the often highly sensitive and volatile issue of Abortion.  Pro-Choice or Pro-Life is a political, ideological, social, moral, and spiritual divider that separates families, churches, and longtime friends.  It has become so volatile that, at times, the discussion becomes more than heated it brings heaters to the argument and blood is shed.  That is no solution to the issue and the vilification of those on both sides of the issue is no longer curious but tragic.  That leads me to my title question, “Who Gets or Has the Right to Choose?” 

That question leads to numerous others which should be addressed and in addressing them I will likely be viciously attacked by those holding opposing views and even taken to task by some who agree, in part, with my position.  I base my opinion, as most would call it, or conviction, as I would describe it on the Bible and moral law.  What is the Choice that women, as it is normally argued, get to make in the matter of Abortion?  Since no woman, other than Mary the Mother of Jesus, became pregnant without male sperm, I wonder why the man is not included in the decision making.  Don’t go off on a tangent over that statement but it is something I have considered and asked dangerously, at times.  How did we arrive at the idea that the entity, being, person, baby in the womb has no rights and this is strictly a matter of a Woman’s Right to Choose?  If you embrace the philosophy and definition of life as Hillary Clinton and many on the Left have, that baby in the womb is not a human being UNTIL it breathes the air of Earth and even if it survived an attempted abortion still has not right to life.  That woman was almost President of the United States and that troubles me as much as anything else about her because it reveals a mindset that is extremely dangerous.  What if those espousing that view decide that those who have reached their golden years and not serving in some high-level government job are a burden to society and society has the right to euthanize them for, in their words, “the good of society?”  If a baby is not a baby and can be eliminated with such a cavalier attitude what would prevent considering those suffering from various birth defects, mental disorders, or health conditions as being deemed unnecessary and too costly to keep alive?

But, back to the question of CHOICE.  What are the choices that we are allowed to make in this matter?  At the risk of alienating my audience, you do not have the Right to Kill that baby unless your name is Jehovah God and it is not.  You have the CHOICE to not have sex before marriage or unprotected sex.  If you are unmarried then sex is a decision you made in violation to God’s principles and if you get pregnant as a result that is a burden you are obligated to bear.  You do have CHOICE in whether to allow that baby to be adopted or raise that child but you do not have the right to snuff out its life.  Some will immediately argue, “But Roy, what about the case of rape or incest?”  WHAT ABOUT IT?  How did those situations as horrible as they are, change the value of that child?  You may be completely incapable of accepting or loving that child because of what happened to you or your wife but killing it is not your right.  If you deem that you cannot love that child, then allow one of those thousands who want a child but cannot have one to shower that baby with their love and raise it as their own.  The only place that the CHOICE of who lives and who dies is when life or death is the question.  I cannot answer that for you, though I have a strong opinion.  If the life of the mother is deemed to be at risk to the point that continuing the pregnancy would mean her death that is a family matter that should be handled by the family privately and possibly with the help of pastor or priest, not by politicians and activist.

You have the RIGHT OF CHOICE.  You can choose not to have premarital sex.  You can choose to use proper protection (although some would argue that is pre-abortion).  You can choose to give that baby up for adoption to someone who will be able to love, appreciate, nurture, and train them in life.  I’m sorry ladies, it is not simply a matter of it being your body and you can do with it what you please.  Are we a society where we make inconvenience a justification for taking a life?  From the biblical argument, it is not your body for according to passages such as 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 12:27, 16:19-20; Romans 12:1-2; and Psalm 139:14 our bodies are not OUR BODIES they belong to God!

Few of us believe we have the right to arbitrarily decide who lives and dies in any case except when it comes to abortion.  Why do we find that morally, spiritually, ideologically, and judicially acceptable?  Would we consider it acceptable to eliminate someone at work who is a nuisance, inconvenience, a hindrance to our careers or we simply don’t want around anymore?  Do we not consider it heinous terrorism when someone decides that they have the right to blow up a bomb, drive a truck or take a weapon into a crowded place and indiscriminately begin killing people?  One of the most distressing ideas, for me, is the killing of a truly innocent person.  Again, if you adopt the philosophy of Planned Parenthood, the liberal activist, the Pro-Choice Crowd, and many politicians that that baby is not a human being then you are not taking a life you are simply removing an unwanted parasite as you would a mole or skin blemish.  On the other hand, if you consider that baby in the womb a living soul, taking its life would be virtually unconscionable in almost every case.

Who Gets or Has The Right to Choose?  I hope you seriously examine that matter for I believe that the almost 60 MILLION innocents aborted in America since the inception of Roe v Wade represent a blight on our nation that only the Blood of Jesus can remove.  The impact not only to that baby who lost his/her life but to those directly affected is far beyond what most will ever know.  I weep daily over the millions of babies lost because they were not wanted and pray God spare our nation and help us turn this ship around.  Please don’t bother attacking me, it won’t change my position and will only cause you to harbor hatred that you and I do not need.  If you believe differently, your arguments can and should be heard but if you resort to anger, vitriol, and violence they are unworthy of considering.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



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