BLOG POST 3 - Worthless

I did not say, “Has Our Government Become Worthless?”  Rather, I said it as a statement of fact, It Has Become Worthless!  Many of us have thought and argued that for a long time, but with all the antics, shenanigans, illegalities, cronyism, obstructionism, partisanship maneuvers, and incessant rhetoric and diatribe in Washington and the media it is too obvious to ignore.  No, I do not want to disband our government and go back to square one and hammer out a new constitution under which we are to be governed.  I’m not sure we have enough people today, as existed in the late 1700’s, who are wise enough and devoted enough to the idea and ideal of a Free Republic to achieve a positive outcome.  Those men, through long debate, serious struggle personally, mentally, emotionally, politically, and spiritually arrived at what they deemed the BEST POSSIBLE government and time has proven them right.  It was and is nothing short of miraculous when allowed to function as originally designed.  Sadly, we are so far from those principles and precepts the founders and framers would be aghast were they to see what is happening today.  Thomas Jefferson would be calling people to water the tree of liberty with blood and George Washington would be infuriated, as would most, if not all the others.  Those men knew that they did not get, individually, everything they wanted in the Constitution but they came to a workable agreement they believed would best serve the Republic for generations.

Today, in 2017, we are so embroiled in partisan activist politics we meet impasse after impasse and the Left is separated from the Right as far as the East is from the West and it seems that never the twain shall meet.  Every day, almost, there is some new revelation denied by the Left and not sufficiently challenged by the Right revealing how deep the divide and how dangerously close to total anarchy we are.  The Democrats were overconfident, thinking the election of Hillary Clinton was a slam dunk and now they are hell-bent on defeating, delegitimizing, and destroying Donald Trump and his presidency.  The damage that would result were they successful and now being done by their actions is painful to watch.  If they were truly concerned about America and the Republic I could empathize with them in their defeat, but they are not so I do not.

Now we know that Susan Rice, the national security adviser to Barack Obama, the same Susan Rice who lied about Benghazi and other things was the person who requested the names of Trump associates in the raw intelligence data and reports.  WHY?  She, as before, was asked on national television, “PBS NewsHour” about the unmasking and said, “I know nothing of this.”  Whoa, Nellie!!!  Ms. Rice, the NSA has revealed that you not only knew something about it but you asked MULTIPLE TIMES for information.  Chairman Nunes made some explosive comments about the unmasking and the ranking Democrat Adam Schiff has not seen the same data.  Congressman Schiff tries to spin the spin but won’t comment on the unmasking because if he did he’d have to out the Democrats and the Obama administration as CRIMINAL.  That will not happen from a dedicated Democrat.  This should be immediately investigated and criminal charges filed post-haste.  America deserves to know the truth and those guilty are deserving of their own bed in one of the government’s special hotels.  We have had other revelations of unlawfully or unethically gathering information by the Obama team and Democrats for political purposes.  WHERE IS THE OUTCRY?

The Hypocrisy of the Left is rendering our Government meaningless and worthless.  The Democrats are attempting to demonize everything Trump does and everyone he nominates and accusing them of things the Left has been guilty of historically.  Jeff Sessions was accused of being Ku Klux Klan but the empirical evidence was that as A/G of Alabama Senator Sessions took on the Klan, defended civil rights, and upheld the law.  Concerns about the KKK is interesting since the Democrats have a long history of appointing or including former members of the Klan in their ranks and government jobs.  President Franklin Roosevelt appointed a man who had been a member of the Klan to the Supreme Court, namely Hugo Black.  Senate Democrats from the North and South voted overwhelmingly to confirm Justice Black. President Harry Truman, who himself was a member of the Klan for a short time, named as his Attorney General, a man widely believed to be a Klansman, Tom Clark.  Mr. Clark’s racism was so well known that black leader Paul Robeson called his appointment, “a gratuitous and outrageous insult to my people.”  In more recent history the Democrats ousted Teddy Kennedy as their whip and elected Klansman Robert Byrd in his place.

Allow me to highlight a few of their hypocrisies and inconsistencies.  The Democrats are Pro-Abortion but Anti-Capital punishment.  They claim to be Pro-Technology but Anti-Free Market.  They are Pro-Homosexual and Pro-Muslim at the same time.  They are largely Pro-Darwinian Evolution and Anti-Human Domination.  They defend Religious Freedom for all Religions except Christianity.  They are Pro-Education but Anti-School Choice.  The claim that anyone disagreeing with them is engaging in Hate Speech and promoting Hate but if they deliver vile and vitriol they are simply being patriotic.  They claim to be Pro-Women but viciously attack conservative women such as Sarah Palin and others.  If the Democrats are not Racist, why do they insist on categorizing everyone by the color of their skin?  They claim to be Pro-Jew but they are consistently Anti-Israel.    Those are a few of the myriad of examples we could offer of their hypocritical and incoherent and indefensible positions reveal another reason our Government has become WORTHLESS. 

Can we fix the problem?  Not easily, but yes, we can.  It will require a 1776 type dedication and commitment to draining the swamp, sweeping the halls of congress clean, and refusing to accept anything other than a return to our Constitutional Republic and governance.  Do we have that resolve?  TIME WILL TELL.  We can fix the problem only if we return to our founding principles and return to prayer for our nation.  There is hope but not if we attempt to ignore problems and continue conducting business as usual.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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