BLOG POST 1 - Identity

There was a time when if you said, “America” the idea of Freedom, Strength, and an Oasis of Hope to which peoples all over the world wanted to come and become American would be the first thought.  The Liberal Leftist tell us that we are a Nation of Immigrants and that is true and false depending on how you define and understand that statement.  Our Founders and the Framers of our American Constitution, as well as the American populace, envisioned opening our doors to those who wanted to come and become American.  We were open to those who would come, add value and assimilate into our culture and system of government.  It is a fairly recent phenomenon that advances the idea that rather than assimilation we are a collective or many nations within our nation.  It is a relatively young assertion that we are supposed to exhibit a tolerance that allows us to be a smorgasbord of beliefs which are not amenable to the American Constitution.  There are those who demand that we allow the followers of Islam to incorporate Shira Law in sectors of cities ignoring our American Laws and social mores.  A house divided against itself cannot stand and in America, there is a definitive and determined attempt to divide America and the end result will be destruction. 

What is our identity?  Maybe a better question is, “What should be our identity nationally?”  What is the America of the Founders and Framers?  What is the America that made this Republic arguably the greatest nation on earth?  What is the America that will best serve Peace and Prosperity throughout the world?  When peoples around the globe hear America or American what is the image they conjure in their minds?  I understand that those who hate us see us as arrogant and they are not totally wrong.  I remember my days in the military and watched how people responded to American servicemen and the respect or lack thereof displayed.  I was not a Christian and like many soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen I drank and went to the bars to let off steam.  I watched as guy after guy would lay their money on the table and allow the waitress take whatever they desired in payment without paying attention or asking for proper change.  That was not me and I noticed that, over time, I received more respect from them than did my brothers in arms.  Why?  The image those guys presented was that we were rich Americans who had no appreciation for the value of a dollar and those people disrespected that attitude.  They valued every nickel and when I paid attention and insisted on the correct change they viewed me as someone who could relate.  In many ways, we have brought the disrespect and hate on ourselves.  That is not to say, that we deserve their ire or the terrorism that ensues.  Heaven forbid!  They would hate us if we never demonstrated arrogance and sometimes they call arrogance our belief in exceptionalism and our willingness to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness for everyone.  They view our system of government anathema and detest our Christian heritage and nothing we could do would alter their hate.

I want my life to be identified by my commitment to God and my devotion to Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I want my life to be identified by my defense of the American Constitution.  I want my life to be identified by my willingness to accept people as they are while not allowing them to subvert or pervert our System of Government and destroy our Republic.  I do not hate Muslims but I hate what those advancing terrorism and Sharia Law promote.  I do not hate the Illegals but hate their disrespect of our Laws and National Sovereignty and realize that allowing them to violate our laws with impunity will ultimately destroy the Republic.  I do not ask that everyone in the world follow our Republican Form of Government and do not want America to be the Policeman of the World.  I want our government to take the steps necessary to protect and defend our nation and people and stand for freedom and liberty honoring our commitment to our friends and demonstrate a willingness to stand against our enemies.

What is our identity America?  Under the previous administration, it could be characterized in some single words such as Wimp, Weak, Vacillators, Unfaithful, Disloyal, and Unreliable.  I pray that is changing and will change as we move forward under this new administration. I, as you, desire America to become or return to being the Beacon of Hope for Freedom in the world.  I desire that we, once again, demand assimilation rather than allowing our nation to become a collection of peoples diverse and desiring systems of life and government that would be destructive to our Republican Form of Government.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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