BLOG POST 2 - Political Insaity

Will it?  Not in the foreseeable future!  Now that I have made a statement that sounds rooted in despair let me expand on what I see happening and what I believe can happen.  You may disagree with all or part of what I theorize or you may find yourself in agreement.  Both are okay and you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine.  I won’t attack you for disagreeing and hope you will treat me in the same manner, but again that is your decision.

When I read and heard that the University of California-Davis’s student senate voted to allow the removal of the American flag from its meetings, I was saddened deeply.  I cannot say that I was surprised but angered and saddened.  The incessant move of the Left to politicize everything and turn from the symbols and principles upon which America was founded deeply disturbs me.  I am a combat veteran, having served in Vietnam in 1967 and consider myself a patriot, declare myself a Constitutionalist, and am devoted to my Christian faith.  Those factors drive everything in my life, socially, morally, economically, relationally, spiritually, and politically.  The UC-Davis group issued a statement that “patriotism is different for every individual.”  It is not that I disagree with that statement but can readily see where that would lead and the political correctness and over emphasis on tolerance is its root.  They declared that, in their view, there would be times when flying the American flag in an American University in America would be inappropriate.  WHEN WOULD THAT BE?  I would love to ask them that question but I already know the answer.  They deem it inappropriate to fly the America flag at an American University in America when Muslims or people of other nationalities who do not love America are present.  To this group at UC-Davis, the feelings of those people, their political, religious, or ideological views trump America and we must withdraw our American pride and commitment to the Sovereign Republic called the United States of America to accommodate them.  NO, WE DO NOT!  Find that anywhere else in the world.  That is a small example of the idiocy of the mindset of the Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Leftist now running amok in America on our campuses, in our streets, and deeply entrench in the Democrat Party.

This type of mentality, rhetoric, and ideological positioning is the result of at least two generations of Progressives controlling Higher Education and impacting all levels of public education.  This is the result of the anarchist of the 60’s being college professors today on many campuses especially in liberal-leaning institutions.  Social Engineering is threatening our constitutional liberty in America and we have allowed it to go unimpeded for too long.  The Obama plan for higher education and that of the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Socialist was and is to shift our focus from faith, family, and freedom to a societal view that makes the collective more important than the individual.  They have and do seek to completely wipe out individual rights for the sake of collective rights.  Remember Hillary’s declaration, “It takes a village to raise a child?”  The Leftist believe that it is government’s responsibility and right to indoctrinate, shape the view, and nudge our children to their point of view.  In a real sense, they believe it is their right to oversee the raising of our children.  They ignore the biblical and long-standing American tradition and value that the children are the responsibility of the parents.  No, to them, the children are government property and once the government has sufficiently indoctrinated them via public education and the MSM they will be eternally entrenched in the ideology of the collective and vote as they are supposed to, endorse what they are directed, and believe in the almightiness of the Government.  Those of us who oppose that are mortal enemies and must be eliminated.

Barack Obama and the Social Engineering adherents implemented the incredibly dire program known as “Common Core.”  It is worse than many thought or even think and if you take the time to read the 136 page, “A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future” your blood will boil or should.  You will tremble with trepidation and perplexity over the objective of the Obama initiated “Common Core.”  The stated objective was an attempt to shift the focus of institutions of higher learning from preparing students for careers and professional employment, away from unbiased truth to focusing on social justice, community organization, development, and involvement.  It is a liberal attempt to brainwash students and make them good loyal liberals unwilling to investigate truth but doggedly devoted to the ideology of liberalism.  It is designed to destroy all national patriotism, advance the idea of globalism, and advance the idea of a borderless world as the desired objective.  That elusive utopian world of the Left where all is fair and everybody is equal.

We have a world where our children, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through advanced learning institutions are fed a daily diet of liberalism, collectivism, and social justice designed to steer them from individualism and national patriotism.  The collective is the objective and education in this system is designed not to prepare individuals to succeed, discover truth, investigate the questions of life, but to ADAPT to the Liberal Philosophy. Those institutions are now mobilizations units of the Progressive Liberal Leftist Agenda.  Will the Push of the Leftist every stop?  NO!    It will not stop until we reclaim our schools and insist that institutions of learning promote the true scientific pursuit of truth in an unbiased manner.  It will not stop so long as we continue sending politicians to Washington who embraces the collective globalist view and rejects the constitution, American sovereignty, and willing to engage in social engineering to achieve their goals.  WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN STOP THIS.  God is but unless we pray and become involved He will not arbitrarily do so.  He will allow us to reap what we have sown.

God, bless you and God bless America


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