This has gone on for so long it has become a norm in Washington and among politicians to skew the data to advance their agenda and paint them in a more appealing light.  Phony is phony and helps nobody.  It does not put food on the table, clothes on the backs, roofs over the heads, or provide the needs of the families or individuals.  The only way the phony national unemployment numbers that were continually reported as trending down under Obama could find traction is rooted in FREEBIES, BRIBES, and OUTRIGHT LIES.  It required and requires complicity and collusion from the MSM, the politicians, activist, and various talking heads.  It requires the masses to check their cognitive reasoning powers at the door, drink the Kool-Aid, and embrace the spin and rhetoric.  It also endangers our Republic in more ways than simply the economy, it is a national security threat and a national sovereignty threat.  IT IS UN-AMERICAN and I want it to stop and stop now.

The truth may hurt but unless we face the cold hard facts we will not alter our course and take the needed steps to resolve the problem, restore the economy, strengthen our national security, and preserve the Republic.  The year 2016, was another disastrous year for WORKERS or those who are NOT WORKING.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their report for 2016 and a glaring fact that will not be reported by the MSM, acknowledged by the Democrats, and will probably be ignored by some Republicans must be brought to light.  The BLS reported that NO FAMILY MEMBER was employed in 16,069,000 U.S. families or 19.6% of ALL FAMILIES.  How does that stack up with the unemployment rate of 5%?  The two cannot be reconciled.  The report indicated that the number of families with NO FAMILY MEMBER working increased by 19,000 in 2016.  Yet, we are told that the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE decreased.  THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE without using smoke and mirrors, skewing the data, and twisting the truth.  Someone said, “But, that’s politics.”  It may be but that does not make it right and is something that needs to be harped on so loudly and long that it cannot be ignored.  AMERICA IS HURTING and politicians are playing spin games with the truth.  How does that help anyone except the politicians? 

The report indicated that black and Hispanic families were more likely to have an unemployed family member in 2016.  The data indicated that 10.9% of black families had someone unemployed and Hispanic families were 8.7%.  White and Asian families were listed as 5.7% and 5.6% respectively.  They also indicated that having children, under 18 years of age in the home was a factor in the members of the families being more active in looking for work.  We found that 80.4% of families with children under 18 participated in the labor force, compared to 56.7% of families with no children under 18.  An economy where 20% of ALL FAMILIES have ZERO people in the labor force is not a sign of a strong economy but rather should be a warning sign that something is dramatically wrong.  We were told that the policies of Barack Obama had restored our economy and enabled us to turn the corner economically, but those statistics indicate the opposite.

Allow me to offer a tidbit you may or may not know but should get your attention.  It is reported that there are 5.7 MILLION job openings, millions which pay $50,000 or more per year.  Why aren’t the filled?  Many reasons come into play but among them is the government has made it more lucrative to NOT WORK than to accept a job paying less than government subsidies, entitlements, and freebies.  THAT IS DESTRUCTIVE TO THE ECONOMY.  There is also the problem of skills to fill those positions.  Some people are unwilling to accept a position paying less than what they were making previously or believe they should be awarded.  Just because you think you should start at mid or upper-level management does not mean you should.  If the government is going to invest itself in anything it should not be more entitlements which encourage idleness but investment in community work programs that enable people to engage in vocational training to equip people to fill those $50,000 jobs.  Rather than imposing a $15 minimum wage we should be seeking to enable people to climb the ladder to a more productive career.

If we truly want to help people we must FACE the FACTS and rather than pointing political fingers trying to advance a position we should admit that we are in difficult times.  Instead of insisting that Illegals are doing jobs no America will do we should curtail the FREEBIES and we might discover that people are willing to do those jobs as they fight to dig their way out of their situation.  As long as someone or a government enables idleness we will have the problem, unemployment will not truly decrease, and our Republic will remain in grave danger within and without.

STOP THE PHONY REPORTING and TELL THE TRUTH!   It is not compassion that enables a person to remain imprisoned in the plight.  Compassion tells them the truth and offers to help them help themselves.  Compassion is proactive, not reactive.  Compassion exposes lies that imprison and reveals the light that sets free.  AMERICA, it is high time that we look in the mirror, face the cold hard truth, and return to those principles of Limited Government that will enable people to become more self-sufficient and thereby restore our American Economy.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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