BLOG POST 1 - Non Investigation

Why would I say non-investigation investigation?  Well, that is simple and complex but I’ll try to give a few reasons for my statement.  I would also like to highlight the incredible disparity between the “so-called” investigation of Hillary and her emails on an unsecured server and the Russian Connection of Donald Trump and how Russia stole the election from Hillary and the Democrats.  Those who know me know that I do not believe the latter and do not believe there was a genuine investigation on the former point.  There you have the nutshell of my assertion.  But that does not suffice for inquiring minds so let us dig a little deeper into the mystery of the Grand Jury subpoenas but the absence of a true Grand Jury investigation.  What a tangled web they have weaved in their attempt to deceive.

There is a devoted effort to investigate the Russian involvement in our 2016 Election but not a smidgen of concern over the Justice Department’s meddling in a criminal investigation by the FBI?  I don’t think I have to address the reason for that very deeply but it was POLITICS and nothing less.  Thanks to Judicial Watch we have learned that the Obama Justice Department and the FBI actually used Grand Jury subpoenas regarding BlackBerry service providers during the “investigation.”  That fact contradicts the previous reporting of the DOJ, FBI, and Clinton herself that NO GRAND JURY was involved.  That would be a bit difficult to defend since there were Grand Jury subpoenas involved, wouldn’t it?  I guess not if you are a liberal Democrat and have the political arm of the Justice Department and FBI at your disposal.

It appears that the subpoenas were limited, sketchy and low-risk.  WHY?  Because they did not want to actually uncover anything they could not hide or walk away from.  There were no subpoenas for Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson to provide access to their private computers which were used to review Hillary’s emails.  There is firm evidence that they had access to classified emails on those computers which are UNLAWFUL.  Rather than using subpoenas, the DOJ made promises not to use the evidence uncovered against them in exchange for access.  THAT IS PHONY and reveals that it was not a true investigation but a sham to give cover and find out what needed to be hidden and suppressed.  There was no deep investigation, no subpoenas for her cronies and subordinates in the State Department and Campaign.  WHY?  You dare not dig too deeply in an area where you might uncover the unwanted truth.  This investigation was conducted very differently from the normal criminal investigations and therefore I call it the “non-investigation” investigation.  It was for show not seeking substance and truth.

Maybe you were aware that prosecutors are no longer required to meet with a grand jury or even ask permission to issue a subpoena.  Also, there is almost always a grand jury in session in virtually any federal court district so no need to convene a special one for this investigation.  When the subpoena requires a witness to turn over information to the FBI or law enforcement they often do not have to show up personally, the physical evidence is taken and evaluated.  The catch is that it is a genuine expectation that the prosecutor will eventually present the information for grand jury action.  NOT SO it would seem in this investigation but alas, it is a “non-investigation” investigation.

We know that in 2015 the Inspector General for the U.S. intelligence agencies revealed that CLASSIFIED information had been transmitted and stored on Hillary’s private server.  That was the signal to the FBI that crimes may have been committed and an investigation would be opened.  That is the norm.  The DOJ acknowledged that they had received a criminal referral from the IG but later backtracked and softened the referral to simply a concern about the emails and attempted to make Hillary the victim, not the perp.  But what else would we expect?  Hillary continually proclaimed that this was not a “criminal investigation” but a simple “security review.”  Seriously?  The FBI is now conducting Security Reviews for politicians.  Sorry but that dog won’t hunt.  As this progressed the FBI Director James Comey virtually had to rewrite the statute in order to avoid charging Hillary with a crime.  Charging her would have been unacceptable to the Obama administration, therefore the lapdog Comey, as any good soldier, toed the line and manipulated the system.  And some wonder why the rank and file citizen does not trust our justice system.

I have learned from some legal eagles that the issue was or should never have been Hillary’s intent to transmit or receive classified information but KNOWLEDGE.  If she knew, and she did then she could and should have been charged, at a minimum, with willfully mishandling classified information or for gross negligence.  Both are serious crimes, but no such charge for Director Comey said, “No problem, she didn’t intend to do any harm.”  Sorry, Director but that is not what the law states and you know it.  Compare the actions against Hillary and those against General Petraeus and you see the hypocrisy and why I would call this a “non-investigation” investigation.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the myriad of others who acted illegally are not and will likely never be brought to justice, at least not on earth, for their crimes and unethical activities.  Congress in its current makeup will never have the spine to tackle that issue and I do not believe that President Trump will push for the proper and just conclusion of a genuine investigation on the matter.  President Trump will continue to endure the endless and incessant accusations about Russian collusion and virtually nothing he does will absolve him, in the minds of those who want him guilty.  AMERICA, it is up to us, the citizens, WE THE PEOPLE, to address issues such as this and the best way we can do so is AT THE POLLS.  Voting is important and unifying for America is essential.  How bold, brave, and determined are you?

God, bless you and God bless America!

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