BLOG POST 1 - Truth

 Before you freak out let me address the title and insert my agreement with the Word of God and reality that TRUTH, God’s Truth makes us free.  However, there are some admissions that reveal some truths that DO NOT SET FREE but if the actions of those truths are allowed to persist enslave and destroy.  I’m not trying to be coy but there was a revelation by MSNBC’s stalwart, Chris Matthews as he was being interviewed by Chuck Todd that is TRUTH but the actions of that truth are incredibly detrimental to the Constitutional Republic and future of America as a Sovereign and Free nation.

I will confess I was shocked to read and then listen to his rant.  No, I was not shocked by the revelation of what they were doing and intend but his openness and honesty in admitting it.  He said, “This president (Donald Trump) has gale-force winds against him.  He comes in with the media killing him every day.”  He continued and said, “The New York Times does enterprise pieces, four or five a day against him.”  News Flash, SO DO MANY OTHERS!  He went on a rant about how John F. Kennedy won by only 100,000 votes but when he came to power the media championed him and shaped public opinion to drive poll and approval ratings upward in his favor.  He argued that many did not vote but after the election, virtually everyone claimed to have voted for JFK.  His argument was that virtually NO ONE will admit they voted for Trump.  Mr. Matthews, might I suggest you are asking the wrong people and using another skewed poll to champion your cause and make your case.  I recall that after Barack Obama’s election it was not long before one found it difficult to find anyone who would admit voting for him, but the media made him appear as the champion and choice of ALL THE PEOPLE. 

Messrs. Matthews and Todd went into the typical leftist rhetoric, diatribe, and spin decrying the intelligence of Trump supporters while suggesting that we were emotionally driven without intellectual foundation.  Of course, they argued that those on the Left were not driven by emotion but rational and intelligent thought.  Seriously?  I wonder if either of you has actually watched the riots, demonstrations, protests, the college campuses, and listened to the media reports or the arguments of Democrats in Congress?  Rational and Intelligent thought?  HARDLY, what we are seeing are the flames of emotional hate fanned to a dangerous level and that is THE TRUTH.

Chuck Todd then lashed out at President Trump saying, “I think the first 100 days are the easiest period of a presidency.”  Normally, that is correct but we have a situation today we have NEVER had in our history where before Day One it was decided to wage war against this president and prevent him from achieving anything and block the fulfillment of his campaign promises.  Despite that opposition and obstructionism, there have been some achievements but due to lack of Unity among Republicans the Democrats, Media, Protesters, and Activist have been successful in KILLING TRUMP, as they say, is their objective.  Mr. Matthews admitted that he found it almost impossible to refer to Donald Trump by his proper title, President of the United States of America.  This is the same man that said, Barack Obama was the finest president America has ever had while ignoring all the scandals, fraud, deception, lies, distortions, and damage done by his administration.  They have long ceased from being NEWS AGENCIES and MEDIUMS to being a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE for the Democrats.

THE TRUTH that is destroying America is what the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, Activist, and Liberal Politicians are doing.  They have vacated any premise that they are interested in America and revealed they are interested in their agenda, partisan politics, and ideology and if America suffers as they attack that is acceptable collateral damage in their minds.  THE TRUTH that will set us free is to acknowledge what is happening and take steps to rectify that condition.  If we need to boycott the media and allow them to crumble financially, may we find the resolve to do what is necessary.  If we need to vote out of office every politician in Washington, at State and local levels who are more interested in ideological partisan agendas than America, then may we find the resolve and unity to do it.  If we want to reclaim our Republic we MUST face the Cold Hard Truth of what the media is all about, what partisan politics is all about, and the fact that remaining a HOUSE DIVIDED will result in our destruction.

How much is the Republic worth to you?  How much are you willing to sacrifice to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and thereby keep America as the Free Sovereign Republic?  Will you PRAY fervently and effectively?  Will you LABOR devotedly and tirelessly?  Will you INVEST your time and money in pursuing the best good of America?  Will you demand TRUTH and reject RHETORIC?  That cuts both ways and I want a return to the media being news reporting agencies, not political arms that seek to make the news or offer personal political opinion designed to shape and shift public opinion.  I want a return to being ONE NATION, under God, where the pursuit and desire are that we have Liberty and Justice for all as we are allowed to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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