BLOG POST 3 - America

I realize that when I say things like I’m going to say, I frequently receive hate mail, threats, and some of those following me or on my friend’s list on FB or other Social Media sites rail out loudly in censorship and name calling.  I understand that some are unable to tolerate any view other than their own and when I couple what I’m going to say with the Bible it becomes doubly dangerous to their little corner of the world.  Why would I venture into such dangerous and dark waters if the aforementioned is a reality?  There is one simple answer, AMERICA!  Not that the other dimensions of my life, focus, and purposes such as Faith, Family, and Freedom are lesser in importance but we are talking about America, her current condition, and future.  Therefore a prime focus and prodding within my heart demand that I argue and fight for AMERICA. 

I know that there are some on my side of the political aisle, the other side, and some who try to straddle the fence who agree with me that AMERICA is a prize worth fighting for.  Although we may be on diametrically opposite sides of many if not most issues, the Republic is valued and worthy of defending.  I resist the urge to insist or assert that because a person is a liberal they hate America.  I do not believe that to be universally true.  However, some of the things they defend and seek to protect as well as the things they are at war with are rooted in something quite other than love for the Republic and our Constitutional Republican System of Government.  Therefore, I believe that some of them are blind due to deception.  Some are blind due to the stigma that the Left has effectively tagged those of us who are Conservative, Constitutional, and believe the Bible is our guide for faith and practice in life.  Some are blind due to pride and have allowed envy and jealous skew their ability to use rational and cognitive reason in any political discussion.  They are bombarded incessantly by the Left, the Media, Celebrities, and even some liberal theologians and that continual dropping of rhetorical water has eroded the stone of reason to the point that agreeing with anyone who desires and seeks a return to a truly constitutional form of limited government is impossible.

Here is a that will likely draw hostile fire, “Is America being turned over to a reprobate mind?”  NO, I am not suggesting that everyone has or even that a majority have but is that a direction we are heading nationally and politically in America?  I believe the question a valid one.  As I consider what is happening in this nation and observe the moral and political condition I ponder the question.  In the Book of Romans, Chapter One, the apostle Paul was addressing the vileness, perversion, and corruption of the human family and suggested that a long-term continual state of depravity and debauchery would result in God pulling back His hand and allowing the dark forces of hell to dominate minds and hearts, giving them what they, by their actions, indicate they want.  In verse 24 he speaks of God giving them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts and that gives rise to vile passions which include homosexuality and many other sexual sins. However, this condition is not limited to sexual sins and corruption but gives rise to EVIL HEARTS where people seek their own and become what he warned of in Timothy concerning the conditions of the Last Days.  Paul in Romans Chapter One verse twenty-eight says, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind…”   Then he gives a long laundry-list of bad results from that condition.  Again, I ask, “Is that a condition identifiable in our society today?”  Are we heading toward this terrible state as a nation?  I pray we are not but fear we are.

The determined push to force everyone to embrace, as normal and acceptable, all alternative lifestyles, allowing men to go into women’s bathrooms where there are unsuspecting, unprotected women, and naïve young girls is a danger signal if not an evidence.  The caviler attitude many have regarding the unborn in the womb is one step from an acceptance of euthanasia of other segments of society such as the elderly or handicapped.  The insistence that we eliminate all things biblical and Christian from the public arena is an indication of our unwillingness to retain God in our knowledge and a refusal to recognize His hand and providence in our republic is a symptom.  You may not believe in God or you may follow a religion that does not accept the God of the Christian Bible and if so you will take offense to my assertion. However, I ask you to consider the continued decline in morality in our nation, the callousness people are demonstrating toward one another.  Hate is often driven by envy and fear and when I argue the points of this article I am accused of being a hater or some other vile name.  But, hate is not what is driving me to address this but rather love.  My love for AMERICA, my love for my fellow man, and my love for my God will not permit me to sit silently when I see destruction coming.

Our government has evolved into something so diametrically opposite of what the Framers and Founders envisioned and established it is frightening.  Our government was designed to be limited and most decisions were to be left to the states and the states would then largely leave the lion’s share of decisions to communities, cities, and towns within that state.  Today, the Federal Government has assumed the role of a deity and appears to envision itself as a true sovereign with all authority and power.  Rather than WE THE PEOPLE being the owners and overseers of government, the government is the owner and overseer of WE THE PEOPLE.  That would be bad enough if those in power were following biblical principles and the precepts of biblical morality but when they are heading to following a Reprobate Mind it is catastrophic and will not end well.

I ask again, “Is America being turned over to a Reprobate Mind?”  The word translated reprobate in the Bible means, “unapproved, that which is rejected; by implication, worthless (literally or morally).  Are we heading for a time of darkness where human life, in America, is considered of no more value than a piece of stale bread?  Government cannot remedy this problem because it is a heart problem that has become a head problem and will result in a national problem.  What can we do?  2 Chronicles 7:14 gives an answer that is valid and viable.  Matthew 6:33 gives a pathway that will lead us out of this darkness.  John 13:34 is the answer – LOVE.  Some find the thought of Loving Everyone impossible and in the natural, it may be.  But, if we truly want to fight for America we must return to the original documents that established this nation and restore those principles that ensured each person the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  I pray that we, once again, become ONE NATION that is UNDER GOD and seeks to provide liberty and justice for all.  A civil and free society CANNOT allow its citizens to do what is right in their own eyes with no regard or respect for the person or property of others.  Hate me if you choose but know this, I LOVE AMERICA and want what is best for ALL AMERICANS.  

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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