BLOG POST 1 - Democrat vs Republican

I will try to resist using a broad brush about which brand of politician or bureaucrat gets a pass and which ones do not.  I could say, Republicans go to jail and Democrats go free as a blanket statement and it would not be terribly far-fetched so I won’t.  If it were left to the Main Stream Media, the liberal-leftist political pundits, the Hollywood types, and Democrats in Washington it would be spot on.  Sadly, it has been left to them too frequently and that is an issue that needs to be addressed by the rank and file (you & me), the politicians, and whoever has a voice or platform from which to address this matter.


It seems a bit odd that during the eight years of Barack Obama’s administration we observed scandal after scandal and illegality after illegality but not one of his subordinates went to prison.  There were no indictments or convictions and even with the almost continuous Congressional investigations there was no special prosecutor or investigator to delve deep into the allegations.  How is it that there is one now and will likely be more during the Trump term of office?  Why was it deemed satisfactory that Congress investigate, the FBI, CIA, NSA or any of the other agencies of government handle the inquiries but not with Donald Trump?  It is largely due to the hate for him but it goes beyond that to a double-standard concerning Republicans and Democrats.

If you examine the record and research the history of Democrat handling of Republican scandals, real or fabricated you will see what I’m suggesting.  In Watergate, we heard about the “Plumbers” who were trying to plug the leaks against Nixon and all hell broke loose.  There was no hard evidence that Nixon knew anything about the June 1972 break-in in advance or that he authorized it.  That mattered not to the Democrats and at the end of the day Nixon was forced to resign for covering up a crime he possibly learned about later.  The Democrats in the Senate formed a committee resulting in 69 people being charged with various and sundry crimes, 48 found guilty, and 16 served prison time.  I do not mean to dismiss or diminish any crimes of the Nixon administration but there were no national security issues, no national secrets stolen or compromised and the information the Plumbers obtained was inconsequential.  If the break-in had not been exposed the information would have minimal effect on the election, which was a massive re-election of Richard Nixon.

We also must not overlook the Democrat pursuit in exposing the Iran-Contra scandal.  Regan’s administration officials secretly sold arms to Iran and then used the proceeds to fund the covert Contra resistance against Nicaragua’s Sandinistas.  The national-security team of the president was seriously concerned about the real threats of the pro-Soviet Sandinistas.  The memories of the Soviet Cuban Missile crisis were etched firmly in their minds prodding them to act in the way they did.  Lt. Colonel North led this effort and argued that his actions fell under the protection of Reagan’s presidential authority.  The Democrats refused to accept that and “Contra-gate” became a major scandal and saw this as an opportunity to bolster their political capital to offset that of the very popular Ronald Reagan.  A three-judge panel appointed Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh to investigate.  The attack on Reagan spanned over six years and dozens of people were implicated.  Most of those had absolutely nothing to do with Contragate and the harassment of various Anti-Communist organizations ensued.  Lawrence Walsh managed to criminally charge 14 Republicans and 11 were convicted.  I do not seek to justify any wrong doing only to highlight how the Democrats have responded to Republican scandals, real or fabricated.

The Clinton’s have operated a “pay for favor” foundation for a long time and allegation after allegation has surfaced but the Republicans did nothing and the Democrats insisted there was no need for any Special Investigations. The actions of Loretta Lynch and James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton has not been treated in the same manner as the Democrats go after Republicans.  With the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it looks as if the Republicans have lost any stomach for truly investigating the illegality of Comey, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, or any Democrat.  As usual, it appears that the Republicans cower in the shadows as the Democrats advance their agenda, cause, and seek to imprison any Republican they consider a threat.

The scandals under Obama that demonstrated clear violations of federal law have been largely ignored.  The IRS scandal is still a bone in my craw but the Republicans in Congress have largely moved on.  WHY?  Could it be they do not want to strip the IRS of its power, hoping to have that tool available to them at some future time?  If that is true they are sorely mistaken for the hierarchy of the IRS is liberal leftist Democrat controlled.  The VA scandals exposed some incredible violations of ethics if not laws but no serious pursuit by Congress.  The “Fast and Furious” scandal of gun-running resulting in the death of Americans and countless other acts of mayhem has been virtually ignored.  Hillary Clinton has been given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and her subordinates given immunity and the evidence against her and them destroyed by the FBI and the Republicans make noise but it is all foam and no beer.  If you take Water Gate and Contra-gate you discover that the Democrats managed to have 83 Republicans charged with criminal conduct.  How many Democrats have been charged in all the scandals of the Obama years?  ZERO!

Drain the Swamp was a rallying cry during the 2016 Election but few had any idea how deep or far-reaching the swamp is.  The Swamp has declared full-scale war on Donald Trump and we need to convince the Republicans in Congress they cannot afford to be “water bearers” for the Democrats.  We gave the control of both Houses of Congress and the White House and if they do not develop a Constitutional boldness we will watch the destruction of the Republic and allow the Left to block everything good that could be accomplished under Donald Trump.  If the Republicans continue their cowardice we will see a shift in the political landscape in 2018 and the renewed pursuit of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the Republic resume.  If that happens it will be Obama on steroids and all of us will pay the price!

God, bless you and God bless America!

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