BLOG POST 5 - When

If the question is when will the NEVER TRUMP and NEVER ANYTHING TRUMP diatribe end, it won’t.  There could be an unmitigated statement by all the investigations that there is NO COLLUSION between Trump and the Russians and it would still be argued, there might be or might have been.  The absence of ANY CONNECTION after months of hard searching suggests to rational minds there is nothing but that does not, has not, and will never stop the Leftist.  I have said before, “This is Personal” with them and will continue to be an incessant voice demanding his ouster.  It has less to do with what he is doing, although some of it is tearing down their house of cards and more to do with who he is and what he represents.

If the Democrats were to drop the Russian connection card, the Comey threw the election Trump’s way card and the other excuses for losing they would have to acknowledge the truth.  They lost because enough Americans were fed up with the policies, ideology, and actions of the Obama administration and the Democrats and wanted to try something new.  Many of us realized the impossible situation should Hillary Clinton win the White House and voted NO on Hillary and to do that voted YES on Trump.  Some who identify as conservative, Constitutionalist and even Republican found and find Donald Trump so offensive they are willing to work actively or indirectly with the Trump Derangement Syndrome Crowd and want him gone for any reason and every reason.

The Democrats and Liberals, which makes up the bulk of the media today never stop beating the drum that Trump is mentally ill and not fit to be president.  Their illogic never ceases to amaze me but even more amazing is that people buy their spin.  It appears that Donald Trump has a map showing all the counties he won in red and those won by Hillary in blue and the map is almost all red. The exceptions are the pockets of liberalism on the Left and Right Coasts, namely California and New York along with a few other strongholds of ultra-liberalism.  It seems that visitors to the White House have received these maps and the media is now using that to argue Trump’s mental disconnect with reality.  They contend that Trump is stuck in campaign mode and it is not possible to govern the same as you campaign.  They insist this is evidence that Trump is mentally disturbed and should be impeached for the good of the country and for his own good.  How benevolent!  The illogic of this and the hypocrisy is that those few federal judges that have ruled against Trump have argued they are not interested in what the Executive Orders say they are evaluating them based on what he said in the campaign.  WAIT?  If you can’t govern the same as you campaign, how can you use campaign speak as the basis of ruling on an Executive Order ignoring the text and insisting there is a sinister motive behind the words?  THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE LOGICALLY.

Our Constitution affords us the RIGHT of Peaceful Assembly but what is happening by the Left is anything but peaceful.  In Tennessee, a woman was charged with felony reckless endangerment when she tried to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall meeting.  She was enraged at his support for the American Health Care Act and demonstrated a propensity for violence before the incident.  A popular parade in Oregon had to be canceled because of threats of violence against a Republican Group.  The email warning was that 200 or more protesters would rush the parade and drag the Republican marchers out.  They boasted that the police could not stop them because they were too powerful.  The email was sent from an email address registered to RiseUp.Net, a liberal anti-capitalism organization.  A North Carolina GOP office was firebombed before the election and the building spray painted with graffiti that said, “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”  Olivia Corn, president of Cornell University’s College Republicans was physically assaulted as her attacker shouted unprintable slurs at her.  Those on a handful of a mountain of incidents all conducted by rabid Leftist, some of who are paid protesters, organizers, and agitators.  They have received the commendation and endorsement of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton along with other Democrats.

The media goes on a 24/7 rant with any new story they think will damage Trump and/or the Republicans and the Comey blitz is not having their desired effect.  The polls after the Comey firing did not move much in either direction regarding Trump personally or his job performance.  In fact, just a day or so ago a new poll indicated that Trump has received a better than 50% approval rating.  You would think with the tireless effort by the Democrats and Media to make this the worst scandal ever would have shifted public opinion dramatically against Trump.  Not so and they are in a quandary and that leads to more and more far out illogical reports and allegations not supported by facts.  If they were to acknowledge the truth they would have to admit they lost not because of outside collusion or any of the numerous excuses they use but because America rejected them, their candidate, and their position.  That is a virtual impossibility for them for they are so convinced they and they alone have the answers.  They are convinced that anyone not agreeing with them is either illiterate, incapable of rational thought, uninformed or so filled with hate and bigotry they must be eliminated or marginalized to a state of meaninglessness.

When will this end?  It won’t.  It will not end even if we vote out all the leftist and replace them with constitutionalist.  The country would fare better and move in the right direction but their shouts, rants, protests, and wars on sanity would not cease.  They are so deeply rooted in their ideology only a divine intervention would change them and their party does not believe in the God who could intervene.  After all, that is the party that booed God at their national convention and has taken stances diametrically opposed to the Bible.  I am praying for this nation and all the leaders both Republican and Democrat.  I am praying for America and Americans and asking God to guide us back to the right path and lead us out of this present darkness.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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