BLOG POST 10 - Strategy

What strategy might that be?  It is multipronged but seems to be focused on destroying Donald Trump in any way possible.  They have been harping for months now that the vacant seats in Congress vacated by those who accepted positions in the Trump administration were going to show the Democrat Power and how America was already fed up with Donald Trump.  It was to be a rousing endorsement of their resistance and refusal to even attempt to work with the Republicans in Congress.  It was to be an endorsement of the Summer of Resistance in which we were to have more of the rioting, demonstrating, looting, and bashing of anyone and anything conservative.  It was to be a silver lining in the cloud pointing to a resounding Democrat thrashing of Republicans in November 2018.  Of course, that could still happen but what has happened is also important.

The Race in Georgia was going to propel Jon Ossoff to a win and signal a change in the political landscape in Georgia and the rest of the nation in favor of Democrats.  It failed and was the most expensive Congressional Race in history where the Democrats funneled multiplied millions from all over the world into the campaign.  The MSM pundits were salivating and the Democrats in Congress were shouting victory and counting their chickens before they hatched.  So far the Democrats have ZERO in wins in the special elections they thought they could flip.

I have said for some time that the Trump Derangement Syndrome that virtually all the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and RINOs have become infected with is dangerous for the Republic.  It is not simply a matter of liking or not liking Donald J. Trump it is a matter of our Republican Representative Democracy and the Constitution.  The Tea Party was birthed in opposition to the policies of Barack Obama and the Democrats and proved to be an effective grassroots organism, not just an organization that drew people from all walks of life into the fold.  It shifted the House from Democrat control and later the Senate.  I believe the Tea Party was very instrumental in maintaining that power in Congress and putting a Republican in the White House.  The danger that I see is that if Republicans in Congress do not develop a spine and follow through with a plan and strategy to fulfill many of the campaign promises the Democrats will gain momentum and flip seats in 2018 and 2020.

The Progressives have been claiming they have a Progressive Tea Party, although being Taxed Enough is not their mantra or belief, but a coalition of resistance to defeat the Republicans and Donald Trump.  I believe that has yet to become a reality and there is splintering in the Democrat ranks.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and dangerous and the fruit of it was evidenced in the shooting of a Republican Congressman in Washington and other incidents where violence against conservatives has been evidenced.  Unlike the Tea Party Movement which was non-violent and sought to win at the ballot box by informing, energizing, and empowering enough people the Progressive Movement and Trump Derangement Syndrome seeks to overturn the election by violence or any means possible.  Do you remember Barack Obama telling his supporters to get in people’s faces, argue, and he said, “If they bring a knife to the fight we will bring a gun?”  Guess what?  That is what is happening even when our side is not bringing a knife they are bringing knives, guns, and clubs.  That is not what this country was established to be and not a provision of the 1st Amendment.  It is anarchy and in no way, resembles any kind of democracy or republic.  It is destructive and counterproductive.

The Tea Party, to the best of its ability, sought to purge itself of dangerously zealous elements that wanted to resort to violence.  Those of us who could easily identify with the message of the Tea Party believed that type of action would pollute our message, hurt our cause, and damage the Republic.  We knew that the MSM would portray us as bigots, racist, terrorist and we were called such names by the press and politicians including some high-ranking ones.  I am convinced that if the Progressives fail to develop a genuine message that resonates across a very broad spectrum they will never develop a Tea Party type movement they must have to strip the Republicans of power.  It could happen and I am praying it will not.  I am concerned about 2018 and 2020 not because of Donald Trump but because Congressional Republicans are failing to demonstrate cohesiveness and coalesce around the promises made on the campaign trail.  Americans are angry and fed up with Congressional Failure and if they fail they will pay and when they pay and that will mean AMERICA suffers.

It is my hope and prayer that the Republicans will unite and somehow purge their ranks of some of the members who are willing to destroy the Party and damage the Republic to continue their Anti-Trump stance and rhetoric.  You may detest Donald Trump, you may love him or be ambivalent toward him, that is a personal choice.  However, I pray that we can set aside our differences on the man and focus on the nation long enough to enact some much-needed legislation that will secure our borders, strengthen our national defense, bring about genuine tax reform, restore the economy, deal with healthcare, and much more.  DO SOMETHING POSITIVE and stop allowing the Democrats to control Congress as a minority party.  If there are Republicans who will not join the effort to do what needs to be done, end this senseless expedition to oust Trump and work for us, LET’S SHOW THEM THE DOOR.  We have a window of opportunity to turn this train around but it is, in my view, a very short and narrow window.  TODAY IS THE DAY and NOW IS THE TIME.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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