BLOG POST 6 - Mad Mad Mad World

I know that is the title of a movie of some years ago and the slapstick comedy was hilarious and ridiculous.  The madness of our present world is anything but funny and is assuredly not a comedy, it is a life or death struggle for many.  There are times when it is impossible to determine who the players are and what team they are playing on with the ever-evolving positions politicians take.  Determining the position of the Hollywood types is not that difficult because, for the most part, they are liberal leftists.  The MSM are easy to identify because other than a handful of outlets or voices they are also super liberal leftists.  The Democrats are easy because regardless of what their constituency desires they vote and voice in harmony with the Establishment of their Party and Vote Far Left with incredible consistency.  The Republicans and Libertarians are less easily identified because they fluctuate from issue to issue and day to day.  Let me backtrack on that statement and say those of the ilk of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow and the RINO, self-serving liberals of the Republican Party are Trump Haters of the highest order and may exceed the hatred of the Democrats.

Watching Congress, the MSM, Hollywood, Entertainers, Climate Change Activist, and Terrorist clearly reveals that our world has gone completely mad.  My Dad called it “Horse Sense” and if he was alive today he would be fully convinced that Washington is totally devoid of sense and the only part of a horse being exhibited is the South end of a Northbound one.  We had eight years of ‘fundamental transformation’ or ‘fundamental dismantling’ of America and when a President assumes power who is willing to tackle some of those issues and revoke the actions of destruction he is deemed Lucifer incarnate and a danger or menace to society.  When the President calls out those free-loaders in NATO who are not carrying their load, he is deemed an enemy to peace and a shill for Russia.  When the President pulls out of the Paris Accord, an agreement that was not constitutionally entered into with Congressional consent he is a denier, a flat earth society member, a hater of people, and an enemy of the environment.  The agreement was bad for America and bad for the world and based on faux science, not genuine provable data.  Even some liberal scientist has consented that our pulling out will not have any appreciable effect on ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change.”  I contend it will have none because of man’s involvement in the problem if there is one, is minimal.  However, the haters will continue to hate and look for anything to bring discredit to the president.

Hillary Clinton cannot cease blaming everything under the sun for her losing the election except herself, the previous eight years under Barack Obama, and the policies and positions of the Democrats.  Heaven forbid that she and the Left should acknowledge this was a rejection by the American people, not the Russian Federation.  Even James Clapper and every other person with information acknowledge there is no evidence of collusion with the Russians or that the Russians actually affected the outcome of the election.  I am not sure that we will ever get to the bottom of the hacking or the many potential players involved and there is certainly no definitive evidence and very little circumstantial possibilities that any of them were aligned with the Trump Team trying to defeat Hillary.  The Russian Leader, Putin wanted to pay Hillary back for her involvement in trying to defeat him and he was unconcerned about who her opponent was.  The investment of Hillary and her people in Russian dealings are matters that should raise eyebrows but since she lost the idea is, “nothing to see here, move on.” 

It seems in America today we are more concerned about the feelings of Muslims and Islamic Terrorist than the lives of unborn babies.  We are more concerned with the plight and flight of refugees and those seeking to come to America, legally and illegally than we are protecting American citizens.  We have an economy that has been decimated by Democrat policies and the attempts to rectify it are deemed actions to enrich the rich and harm the poor.  The Left will never acknowledge that if we fix the terrible tax code, remove regulations that are stifling the ability of business small and large to expand, secure our borders, deal with Obamacare positively, and have a strong military to enhance our ability to have a strong foreign policy we will better America.  Horse Sense, as my Dad called it, is too logical and rational so we must pursue the inane diatribe and rhetoric that is spilling into the streets and pushing us to the brink of anarchy.  That should concern every American.  We didn’t take to the streets under Obama.  Sadly, Republicans stayed home in the 2008 and 2012 elections and allowed Barack Obama to ascend to the Presidency and do the damage he has done.  In 2016 many Republicans decided they would rather continue that destruction than support Donald Trump and amazingly he still won.  Some have called the assertion that this was the result of prayer and the presence of God’s hand is apostasy.  I believe the Bible when it says that God sets up kings and takes them down.  Yes, I believe that God allowed Barack Obama to become president due to the apathy and attitude of America.  I also believe that He heard the prayers of the millions who cried out, “Enough!” 

We live in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and the only solution is to engage in Horse Sense and Prayer.  We can see the Republic restored and protected from the ravages of the Liberal Leftist.  We cannot achieve that objective through apathy, passivity, or failure to become involved.  America needs her Patriots today as much as ever.  WILL YOU STEP FORWARD FOR AMERICA?


God, bless you and God bless America!


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