BLOG POST 7 - Cause for Concern

No, this is not a Never Trump article nor am I blindly waving the pompoms.  However, I am concerned that some, if not many, of the campaign promises will fall by the wayside because of the lack of intestinal fortitude, conservatism, and resolve by the Republicans in Congress.  I’m not just talking about those easily identified as RINOs but some who are frequently identified as conservatives.  Why the lack of will to address some of the issues that the voters wanted to be addressed?  There is no easy answer but one answer is they are part of the “Elitist Professional Ruling Class Political Establishment.”  That is a mouthful but I believe explains the lion’s share of WHY’s.

Let’s take the Fake News Rhetoric and spin of the Democrats, Progressives, and Establishment types in Washington regarding Obamacare as a starting point.  We are constantly being told that if Congress truly repeals Obamacare over 22-23 Million will lose their health insurance coverage and many will die.  The hysteria is to fan the flames of distrust and accuse all Republicans and any who support the public’s expressed desire to repeal Obamacare as evil, bigoted, racist haters of the elderly, women, and children.  The purpose of that is not to truly address a genuine concern but to solicit votes in the next election to advance their partisan political agenda.  It is about political control and power not about healthcare or any genuine concern about people’s health.  You may disagree but that is what I see from where I sit or stand.

There was a time we thought ‘rag magazines’ such as the National Enquirer, TMZ, and other gossip here-say sources were totally unreliable sources of information. Today it seems that many times they have become a more reliable source of news than the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times or most of the news mediums of today.  That is a sad indictment and when you toss in CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and much on the internet you have a situation where people are, at best, confused, and at worst, deceived and blinded to the truth.

If it were just the news outlets suffering from this condition of ‘faux truth’ it would be bad enough but when government agencies take the same road it places Americans in an impossible situation where they cannot trust the news mediums nor their government.  When you cannot trust anyone that is a condition that can only lead to disaster, chaos, and ruin and it appears that is where we are today in America.  The Congressional Budget Office describes itself as, “Strictly nonpartisan” and claims that it conducts objective, impartial analysis hiring employees strictly and solely on their professional competence with no regard to their political affiliation.  If you believe that, I have some pristine Pacific Ocean Front Property here in North Texas that I’d like to sell you.  Their analysis of the AHCA presented by the Republicans sounded more like it was written by the Clinton Campaign, the Obama Administration or the DNC than a ‘non-partisan’ agency.

The result is the Senate, called the ‘greatest deliberative body in the world,’ will most likely twiddle their thumbs, sit on their hands, dilly, and dally around the issue and DO NOTHING.  Politicians, for the most part, seem to believe that keeping campaign promises is for chumps and losers, not professionals.  The fact that President Trump has tried to keep his promises has earned him the moniker of “novice” as one of the kinder labels.  As, Speaker Ryan said, “He’s new at this and doesn’t understand.”  The image presented by the Speaker was that Trump was incompetent and the professionals would have to carry the load and keep everything business as usual.  With friends like Speaker Ryan, Mr. Trump needs no enemies.  The Senate has no stomach to deal with illegal immigration, the border, tax cuts, and a myriad of other issues that could and should have been addressed years ago.  WHY?  Because they are members of the “Elitist Professional Ruling Class Political Establishment.”  Business, as usual, is their objective while solidifying their Position, Power, and Purse at our expense and to the detriment of the Constitution.

The CBO claimed that 22-23 Million would lose their health insurance under the ACHA by 2026. That’s all the RINO’s and Democrats needed to hear to send them into full hysteria and dig their heels in the dirt resisting any repeal or replacement.  The CBO did not address the disaster that is now existing with Obamacare and no one seems to be talking about the part of their analysis that declared a $120 BILLION savings over that same 10-year period.  Heaven forbid that we should talk about any positives of the ACHA, after all, to do so would suggest that the Democrat agenda and the policies of the past 8 years were not the best things since sliced bread.  Did you know that the Kaiser Family Foundation released a finding that 49% of Americans are covered by employer-based insurance, which covers preexisting conditions?  That is also true for 20% who are on Medicaid and 14% on Medicare.  That leaves only 16% on individual plans (Obamacare) or uninsured.  The uninsured constitute approximately 9% and preexisting conditions are moot because they don’t have insurance now!  The faux news does not tell the 7% that are on Obamacare plans that the ACHA requires coverage for preexisting conditions.  Therefore, tell me how 23 Million will lose their coverage and how repealing Obamacare will kill people? 

The issue virtually nobody is focusing on is True Portability of Insurance coverage and the fact that because you have coverage for a condition it does not mean that the doctors and hospitals offering that care are in your network.  One report I have seen is that about 500,000, not 23 Million are in danger of losing coverage and those could easily be included in Medicaid. Isn’t it a wiser option to deal with this small segment than destroying the entire system as does Obamacare?  Obamacare has resulted in people losing the plans they were happy with, being unable to afford coverage due to rising costs, and other issues.  It is a disaster and the Fake News and Professional Politicians are helping to destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world.  Is there cause for Conservatives to be concerned?  YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THERE IS!   This is one of the many reasons I would like to see “pink slips” handed to many incumbents in the 2018 and 2020 elections.  It is time to break out the brooms and clean house in Washington.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


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