BLOG POST 11 - Deep

This may earn me the left-foot of fellowship from some but I address this with a desire to encourage everyone to seek common ground and find healing in America.  I will refrain from calling them any of the names that many on the Right feel justified in calling the Leftist and their hateful vitriol.  I did so with one hope in my heart, to find some way to tone down the hate and violence.  I did say, “The Black Soul” and I don’t know how to avoid that assertion or allegation based on the things said and done by Leftist over the past few months.  I’m sure that there were those on the Right who wished similar things for Barack Obama but I did not hear them.  Today, I hear them virtually every day and rather than the Media, Democrats, RINOs, and Hollywood elitist being outraged over the terribleness of their rants, they smile, wink, and often endorse or justify them.

America has more than a political problem.  America has a deep spiritual and moral problem and the depth runs so deep I’m not sure we can bridge the chasm and heal the wounds.  I pray that we can and know that nothing short of a mighty move of the Spirit of God transforming hearts we will not see the desired healing.  There have been calls for God to kill Donald Trump, prayers that he would die, and abhorrent wishes on his family and by association all conservatives and Republicans.  That is troubling!

When a Pulitzer Prize winner who writes to our children openly expresses his daily wish that President Trump would suffer a massive stroke and be carried out of the White House on a gurney and little is said about, the blackness of the soul surfaces.  Michal Chabon while on Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation radio, he asked the host Goes Pinto to help get rid of Trump.  His tweet is as follows: “Every morning I wake up and hope that this is the day trump is going to have a massive stroke.”  I would have difficulty allowing any child or grandchild of mine read anything he has or writes in the future.  That kind of hatred has no place in any society and reflects a serious soul condition from which many seem to be suffering.

We are aware of Kathy Griffin’s attempt at humor if it was humor she was attempting. Humor that descends into such darkness as holding a bloody fake bloody head of the president is dangerous and disgusting.  I’m sure she felt safe among her liberal friends and felt that everyone would give her a pass.  She did not get one and no one else should.  Jim Carrey attempted to defend Griffin’s stunt and he has demonstrated some incredible darkness at times as well.  Madonna joined the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington in January and threatened to blow up the White House.  She even called for revolution.  We must not omit Snoop Dogg and his video in which he pulls out a gun and executes a fake Donald Trump.  Then little doggie Bow Wow didn’t want to be left out so he went after the First Lady, suggesting pimping her making her a prostitute for them.  The Arts were not to be left out for in Shakespeare in the Park and the dressed-up Julius Caesar as Donald Trump and murdered him.  Rosie O’Donnell wanted to have Barack Obama declare martial law and delay the inauguration until Trump was cleared of all charges.  Of course, the Democrats would never clear him of anything so we would have had another four years of Barack Obama.  How about Sarah Silverman who called for the military to join the left and overthrow the government.  Charlie Sheen has openly desired the death of President Trump and tweeted after the death of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds saying: “Dear God; Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Etc.”  Of course, Robert De Niro never ceases his rants against Trump.  Then the not funny Stephen Colbert used vile language regarding the President including sexual abuse of him by Vladimir Putin.  Larry Wilmore, before he was let go from Comedy Central, fantasized about suffocating Donald Trump and then insisted that his threat was to be taken literally. Michael Moore declared that he wanted the disruption of the inauguration and said, “There should be no peaceful transition.”

Those are a handful of the many expressed wishes of public figures who have some influence or are seeking influence over the public encouraging violence, murder, rape, and mayhem in America.  That is what I mean by the blackness of the soul.  I opposed Barack Obama from day one and detested much of what he did but I did not call for his death or wish harm on his family.  I realized and realize that God sets up kings and takes them down.  Although we do not have a king in America there is the ever-growing danger of tyranny and the larger and more powerful the government grows the less free the citizens are.  AMERICA can only be the land of the free so long as the brave are willing to confront this kind of evil in the civil means available.  We must become intercessors for America and we do not have the luxury of being political spectators.  We must confront the lies with truth and confront the hate with love.  THAT IS GOING TO BE A DIFFICULT ROAD but a necessary one.

God, bless you and God bless America!






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