THE OBAMA UTOPIA – – The Liberal, Progressive, Democrat Version of a New and Improved Fundamentally Transformed AMERICA…

BLOG POST 3 - utopia

For eight years, we watched the systematic and consistent assault on the United States Constitution by Barack Obama and his cohorts in the Democrat Party and it should have disturbed and angered everyone.  In the very beginning of Obama’s reign (his view regarding his term in office) he and his wife have trashed America, talked down American Excellence and consistently apologized for what they apparently view an evil empire called the United States of America.  That should cause one to believe that he wants to completely destroy this nation but is that his objective?

I believe that he and many of his fellow leftist fully believe the rhetoric and narcissistic views he and they express.  Barack Obama seemed to believe that he was the savior of the planet and commissioned by all that is divine to right the perceived wrongs of this nation from its inception.  He was so filled with distaste for America and most of the West it could not be hidden.  However, I believe that his objective and the leftist was not the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of America but, as he promised, the “fundamental transformation” of the nation.  The only question is “transformed” into what?

The Leftist, including the former president, like most communist and socialist before they taste the power of rule believe the propaganda of a utopian world in which all is equal and everyone shares and shares alike.  The problem is those in charge do not want to share, do not believe they are required to share and therefore live as royal potentates while their subjects live in abject squalor.  There is no remorse or twinge of conscience over that disparity for they believe that it is through their superior intellect, morality and knowledge of what is right and best they have earned respect and worship of we lesser mortals and it is their divine right to reap the benefits at our expense.

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Mr. Obama and the Leftist seem to believe that the United States is and has been an arrogant nation needing to be taken down a peg or two and they are diligently working to accomplish that.  They believe that ‘redistribution of wealth’ will create equality and provide a certain reparation for the gross evil of those who risked, earned, developed, created and grew businesses and wealth.  In short, they view capitalism as the evil enemy and a target to be destroyed.  They fully believe that government is god and that only government can create wealth, jobs, a stable economy, and a utopia and therefore anyone who is conservative or a constitutionalist is a mortal enemy and must be destroyed without remedy.  For them, defeating constitutional conservatism at the polls is not enough. They desire that the individuals and organizations so identified must be eviscerated, annihilated and completely eradicated from existence or forced into submission.

They see in the demise of the Republic as it was created a new Phoenix rising from the ashes and a New American Utopia established in its stead.  They seem to truly believe that America was founded by evil, selfish, hate-filled white men.  The amazing thing is some of them have amassed fortunes from the very system they seek to destroy and are white but still, they advance that agenda religiously.  (It is a religion).  They work in conjunction with the A.C.L.U.,, and the Center for American Progress, Media Matters, and other leftist organizations.  They also join with Islamic groups such as CAIR and seek to use America’s freedoms as weapons against this great nation.

BLOG POST 3 - New And Improved

Although I believe that Barack Obama and his followers want to solidify and create a Democrat Party that is so overpowering it is undefeatable I do not believe he cares as much about the party as his legacy and place in history and his ascension to Grand Potentate of the Universe.  I believe that the former president demonstrated that he is naïve, narcissistic, ideological and delusional?  I believe that his efforts harmed America?  I believe that had Hillary Clinton been elected the agenda began by Barack Obama would have been advanced to the point of no return?  I am thankful she lost!

The grand tragedy is that there are millions who do not believe the truth that the objective of the Obama Liberals was to REMAKE America and millions agree with the expressed antipathy for America.  If you listen you will hear the voices like Jeremiah Wright ‘condemning’ America and becoming almost giddy when she suffers at the hands of those who want to destroy us.

I am convinced that we have been given a brief reprieve from the destruction and afforded a small window of opportunity to restore America to her constitutional status.  The issues before us are about far more than the White House or which party controls Congress it is about the Constitution, the Republic, and Freedom.  If we do not hold firm and in 2018 & 2020 evict those who refuse to stand firm constitutionally and elect people with patriotic courage, integrity and dogged determination to see America restored we will have lost or severely done harm to the Republic.  God can deliver us if we fall on our faces repenting and praying.  If we sit on our hands in our ivory towers and continue to declare that Christians cannot be involved, we will lose… No, we will have lost. 

America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave once a reality is in danger of becoming a memory.  What say you?  Will you stand for America and do what must be done to see her restored?

God, bless you and God bless America!

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