BLOG POST 1 - Get Along

The infamous words uttered by Rodney King some years ago are still echoed today.  My simple answer is, NO!  No, we cannot all just get along when the requirement is that we all AGREE.  Total agreement is a human impossibility today because people are incredibly passionate about their ideologies, agendas, and rights or perceived rights and entitlements.  No, we cannot just all get along when the requirement is that we ACCEPT activist agendas and denounce everything we believe and hold dear constitutionally, biblically, socially or morally.  No, we cannot all just get along when one side or the other wants to infringe upon the unalienable rights of another in the pursuit of their actual or perceived rights.

Yes, we can all get along having civil discourse about issues if both sides are willing to allow the other to voice their opinions and agree to disagree on some points.  Yes, we can all get along if we reject the race-baiting diatribe of those who seek to divide our nation and people.  Yes, we can all get along if we agree to honor the Constitution of these United States of America and defend the rights of others even when we find that right objectionable to our personal views.

I believe in FREE SPEECH as presented and recognized in the Constitution, therefore, I am willing to defend your right to speak your mind.  I do not have to agree and will not accept censorship of one side in favor of the other.  I believe in FREEDOM OF RELIGION as presented and recognized in the Constitution, therefore, I am willing to defend your right to peaceably practice your religion.  I do not support any religion attempting to coerce another into compliance with their views or faith.  I am a Christian and believe that Jesus is the Door to Salvation, you may not and I respect your right to believe what you believe not your right to silence me while proclaiming your beliefs.  I believe in the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS and respect your right to believe all guns are bad not your attempt to strip me of my rights.  When you attempt to take away my inalienable and Constitutional rights getting along becomes incredibly difficult if not impossible for I will resist.

The Bill of Rights provided some incredibly needed protection for the American citizens from the overreaching of government and imposition of activist group’s ideologies.  We are afforded protection of private property, from unreasonable search and seizure, extended rights when accused of a crime, legal pathways in a civil case, and the 10th Amendment to protect the States from the overpowering of an imposition by the federal government.  If you accept those principles laid down by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we can all get along but if you seek to interpret in such a manner as to impose your will on those who hold differing views getting along will be virtually impossible.

I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, you may disagree.  If you choose to marry someone of the same sex or multiple people, that is something you will have to reconcile with God.  I can accept your right to make wrong choices AS LONG AS you do not try to force me to participate in violation to my religious, personal or moral convictions.  Marriage is not a constitutional right and was established long before there was a United States of America Constitution.

I believe that all men are created equal and have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  Political correctness will not correct our societal ills.  Policing thought and even speech will not resolve ideological differences, erase bigotry, hatred or prejudice.  Rewriting history to fit our narrative and agenda will not change history only the view of it skewed to meet our desires.  A free society has room for disagreement and even passionate disagreement but when mandating agreement by force surfaces GETTING ALONG heads for the door.

People on both sides of modern political issues feel so strongly they are willing to die for their beliefs and UNLESS we reach a place where we once again allow the constitution to be the law of the land without politicizing it we will not all just get along.  If we continue the course, we are on there are coming much darker days in America.  It is my observation that when anyone is pushed beyond their limit they push back and usually with more force than they were pushed.  I do not want to see an internal war in America.  I want us to return to being the Constitutional Republic where all citizens are free.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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