BLOG POST 2 - The Law

Actually, they believe they are the only true defenders of the Law and that the Law is whatever they determine it to be at the time.  They use it, abuse it, ignore it, and violate it at will and attempt to make everything that any Republican and/or Conservative does ILLEGAL.  I suppose that would include breathing since so many of them have called for violence and even elimination of those of us who are not Democrats.

James Comey, the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, knew and knows the Law and he knew and knows that he violated the very Law he swore to defend in leaking his memos and documents to his friend.  His friend who he knew would ensure that the Press got the Memo and designed to secure the appointment of a Special Prosecutor or Investigator into President Donald J. Trump.  Even if his memos contained ZERO Classified information it was incredibly unethical and cowardly to LEAK IT.  He then went before Congress and Lied under Oath about the contents of those memos claiming they contained ZERO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.  We now know that was inaccurate and there is no possible way Mr. Comey, a lawyer and the former Director of the FBI did not know that at the time of his testimony.  He had a mission and an agenda and just as he protected Hillary Clinton he is seeking to destroy Donald Trump.

The information now available is that 4 of the 7 memos he removed from the FBI headquarters contained CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.  He broke the same Law that he absolved Hillary Clinton of violating.  He knowingly and with malice and forethought created classified government documents and then leaked them to get them into the hands of the Press for political purposes.  That means he is in violation of the Federal Espionage Act and guilty of Perjury before Congress.  Those are not minor misdemeanors they are incredibly serious felonies, but I see no effort by Congress to take him to task over those violations.  The Democrats certainly will not.  The MSM will do nothing but defend him and do everything to harm President Trump and anyone associated with him.

James Comey testified before Congress, under oath, that the memos he created were his own papers and contained no classified information.  The question is, “Will Special Counsel Muller actually go after Comey on those counts?”  The answer is “When Pigs Fly.”  No, he will not go after his buddy and fellow Democratic Trump hater even when the preponderance of evidence is as great as it is.  Real evidence, not innuendo like is being used in the Trump investigations.  Congress could charge Mr. Comey with Contempt and refer the case directly to a Grand Jury and bypass Mr. Muller but I seriously doubt they have the courage or willingness to do that.  Mr. Comey testified before Congress as to his INTENT and that was to damage the President.  My plea to every America who cares about Law and Order and wants to see Justice served is to CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS and DEMAND this be done with regard to Mr. Comey.  It is high time that we stop allowing the Leftist to violate the law for political purposes or any purpose and hold EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE.  By everyone, I mean EVERYONE, both Republican and Democrat. 

We have no reason to believe that Robert Muller, a close associate, and friend of Mr. Comey will do anything other than attempt to advance Mr. Comey’s desires and protect his “bird of a feather.”  With the list of attorney’s and people, Mr. Muller has been hiring to investigate President Trump one would think this was a DNC organized investigation, not an Independent Counsel.  The team he has amassed are devoted liberal Democrats and extreme Anti-Trump individuals some of whom are directly connected to Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation.  It appears that the Law is the Law only if you are not a Democrat in Power.  When people (Clinton associates) can take a hammer to destroy Blackberry phones attempting to prevent investigators from being able to retrieve data and nothing is done, we clearly see that The Law is the Law only if you are not a Democrat.  If you are, however, it is whatever you want it to be or as Mr. Comey said regarding Hillary Clinton’s usage of a Private Server and other violations of the Law, “She did not intend to do harm.”  Seriously?  If I drive 90 while in a 55 MPH zone can I tell the officer I didn’t mean to do any harm and be let go with a slap on the wrist?  You know the answer to that.  If a criminal holds up a store at gunpoint and then shoots someone can he tell the arresting officer that he didn’t mean to do any harm and be set free?  I would hope not.  How is it that when the President, acting within the guidelines of the Constitution fires the FBI Director he is suddenly guilty of Obstruction of Justice but when Loretta Lynch can meet with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation and that is not?  The Law is beneficial and has power, ONLY if it is uniformly enforced without regard of person, position, or status.

We are a Republic that has a Constitution and that Constitution establishes the basis of our Law and that Constitution and Law MUST be uniformly applied.  When we allow the special consideration for political purposes to be the norm we relegate our Constitution and the Law to a meaningless state and press the Republic nearer and nearer to extinction.  It is said that “Justice is Blind” meaning that Justice regards no man but equally applies the Law and Facts to every case.  IF only that were a reality today, especially in Politics we would resolve many of our societal ills in America.

I am praying for America to wake up and return to Constitutionality and a place and time when The Law is equally and rightly applied to all citizens.   May God, bless you and may He bless America Again!

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