BLOG POST 1 - Promises

That song has been popping into my head recently when I hear the arguments of some of the GOP as to why they will not REPEAL Obamacare.  I have replaced the words with “Where Have All the Republicans Gone???”   We gave you the House and you have squandered that power and open door.  We gave you the Senate also and you chose to sit on your hands and lament that the Democrat in the White House would not sign your legislation.  We gave you the White House and now you break ranks and show your true colors and do things to derail any attempts to REPEAL this monstrosity.  Some of you argue from points that are illogical that you will ONLY vote to REPEAL if you get everything you want in REPLACEMENT.  Hey, if you are going to build a new house on the site of an existing house you must first tear down the old house.  What a novel idea?

Peter, Paul & Mary sang Pete Seeger’s song in protest to the Vietnam war and I am protesting the lack of intestinal fortitude and the failure to demonstrate any cohesiveness among the Republicans, Conservatives, and those claiming to be Constitutionalist.  You made a Promise and now we expect you to fulfill that Promise.  DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO and remove that millstone called Obamacare from around the necks of the America people.  Deal in real numbers and address the real issues of healthcare and health insurance rather than parroting the Leftist rhetoric and talking points.  Bring the Free Market back into the equation and allow genuine competition to produce the product that is desired at a price that is affordable.  Allow for true portability and do not draw imaginary lines that prevent people from seeking out the best coverage across state lines and outside your protected boxes which create monopolies.

President Trump has nominated almost 150 people to fill important federal positions and you have managed to get less than 50 approved.  WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?  You have the votes if you were truly unified and could begin the process of draining the swamp but some of you seem to like the swamp too much to see it drained.  You could address Tax Reform and give genuine tax breaks and cuts to businesses and individuals that would stimulate the economy in a powerful manner.  You could, but unless you get your piece of the pie and your slab of pork you seem to be unwilling to do what WE THE PEOPLE voted to achieve.  WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? 

The Democrats vote in a unified bloc but the Republicans are often so fragmented they can get nothing done even when they have control of both Houses of Congress and the White House.  The Democrats lost the election and are in the minority but with what is happening in Congress, for the most part, one would think they won and are in control.  WHERE HAVE ALL THE REPUBLICANS GONE???  The Democrats may not all agree 100% on any piece of legislation but if it is a bill from the Left it gets almost 100% of the Democrat votes every time.  They coalesce around their Party and even though they have no real message other than hate and obstruction they are unified in a way the Republicans never seem to be.  Please understand, I applaud people having a mind of their own and standing against their party if something is bad for America but many of the things they cannot agree on have ample room for compromise.  There is enough common ground to advance the agenda that the 2016 Campaign Promised the American people.

REPUBLICANS, if you continue this path to destruction you will so anger the voters that they either stay home or vote NO on you in future elections.  If the voters become so angry they allow the Democrats to return to power America will suffer enormously, so WAKE UP and DO YOUR JOB.  I’m tired of asking “Where Have All the Republicans Gone?”  My advice is “GET ‘ER DONE.”  We voted for you either by voting for you or voting against the Democrat so we expect you to keep your promises.  Instead of fighting among yourselves realize that those in the opposition party do not have America’s best interest at heart and it is imperative that you find ways to unify and advance the agenda promised.

I am concerned for America, disgusted with politicians, but hopeful that the American people will find a way to apply enough pressure to those Washington denizens they will begin to do what they promised to do!  I hope that my hope is not ‘pie in the sky’ but a real possibility in the near future.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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