BLOG POST 1 - INeptitude

Yes, I am blasting the GOP especially the RINOs and Establishment portion of the Grand Old Party (Republicans) for their continual failure to REPEAL Obamacare and/or REPLACE it with anything that even remotely resembles a positive move.  Hey, Guys, you have had over six years to have a workable plan in place and even with the Republicans who are not Republicans and the self-serving ones like John McCain you should have and could have had a plan.  WHY HAVE YOU FAILED? 

If I could answer that fully I would be both an incredibly wealthy person and someone whose services are in high demand, but I am not and cannot sufficiently answer that question even to my own satisfaction.  WHY?  There are times when WE THE PEOPLE should and must ask that question of those we elect to represent us in Washington.  The Republicans have a slim majority in the Senate, a substantial majority in the House and now hold the White House as well, so why the ineptitude or seeming impotence?  WHY?  Since I cannot get into the minds of each individual Senator or member of Congress I won’t try to tell you why the various individuals are acting as they are.  However, if you follow the money, reflect on the Ole Boy System, Cronyism, and political posturing in a quest for power you begin to unravel much of the dilemma.  Sadly, in many cases, it reveals that the GOP and the DEMS are creatures of the same ilk – POLITICIANS or more specifically SELF-SERVING POLITICIANS seeking their own not that of the Republic or their constituents.  You may consider that harsh and unfair but from where I sit I believe it is somewhat generous and charitable rather than unfair, unkind, or harsh.

The GOP failed miserably to articulate why their plan was better than Obamacare.  I wonder if they assumed that everyone would automatically accept the idea that virtually anything would be better.  If they did they, once again, misread the American people and that has cost them and us time and again over the past few years.  They allowed the Democrat spin to stand and their feeble efforts were reported as death sentences to millions and therefore failed to garner the popular support it should have.  The Democrats and the MSM tell us that if we repeal Obamacare and pass a replacement bill it will mean that MILLIONS of the poor, including disabled children and women, will be thrown off the MEDICAID rolls and left to fend for themselves resulting in the death of thousands if not millions.  THAT IS A FABRICATION but since the GOP failed to offer a counter, it stands for many.  The expansion of MEDICAID was not a life saver and the failure of Obamacare forcing the expansion of that program has cost millions dearly in their healthcare but the GOP seems incapable of articulating that with real data and in terms that the average citizen readily understands.  There is much not to like about the failed GOP Senate Bill that John McCain showboated in sabotaging but it would have been better than OBAMACARE.  One thing it did was prioritize federal MEDICAID spending and provide more for the poorest and most vulnerable of our Republic.  NOBODY REPORTED THAT and John McCain’s revenge sunk the ship.  I would recommend you locate and read an article by the Heritage Foundation it gives some wonderful insight in this matter:  http://www.heritage.org/health-care-reform/commentary/the-senate-health-care-bill-could-save-america-billions

I am not a defender of Big Pharma or Insurance Companies for they have colluded and gouged the public for decades amassing their fortunes, increasing their power, and buying enough politicians to insulate themselves.  In the 70’s we suffered from a “stagnant recessionary economy” identified as “stagflation”.  We have very high unemployment and through the roof interest rates which brought financial ruin to millions of Americans.  Among those groups not suffering hardship were the Big Insurance Companies as they received premiums and benefited from the 12-18% interest rates and in that period, we were introduced to HMO’s and WellCare.  It was during that period that some incredible breakthroughs in medicine occurred and the ill were given new hope but at a higher price.  The lobbyist for the insurance companies was successful in getting state regulators to mandate certain types of coverage (mental health, chiropractic, skilled nursing, etc.)  As more coverages were mandated the higher the premiums climbed and the more the Big Insurance Companies benefited from the astronomical interest rates.  They grew larger, richer, and more powerful affording them the luxury of buying more politicians.  More government regulations and mandated benefits resulted in the glee of the insurance companies because the premiums increased and they earned more in interest.  Every time the government becomes involved in our lives it takes a huge slice for itself, we lose freedom and money in the process and are awarded a less efficient product.  THAT’S WHAT POLITICIANS LIKE, Power and Profit.

Before the Obama administration’s fingerprints were found on the insurance industry the law of the land was the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945.  That Act granted anti-trust exemptions for insurance companies to market across state lines.  The insurance companies were regulated by the states, not the federal government.  It was more difficult for the lobbyist to achieve their objectives because they had to deal with ALL THE STATES and did not have a blanket mandate from Washington.  By centralizing the regulation in one place it allowed the lobbyist to access the politicians in Washington and use their money and influence to achieve their objective.  Competition would drive the prices down and produce a much more desirable commodity but politicians love power, position, and the purse too much to allow that to happen.

WHY has the GOP failed?  At least one reason is that many of them are so deeply indebted to the lobbyist and special interest they dare not upset the Golden Goose and jeopardize their reelection chances.  SELF-INTEREST is one of the biggest reasons for their failure.  Our Framers and Founders warned us of allowing that type of politician to ascend to power or stay in power.  CAN WE CHANGE THIS?  Only if we pray earnestly, work diligently, and unite solidly to oust those of all parties who serve themselves not the people or the Constitution.  WHERE IS MY BROOM?  Let’s sweep the Halls of Congress clean of professional politicians and return to citizen representation.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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