BLOG POST 1 - Drain the Swamp

No, I am not delusional, and living in fantasy land hoping to find Alice, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man on the Yellow Brick Road.  But, we keep have incident after incident, often unreported or under reported that reveals the absolute necessity of Draining the Swamp NOW!  I fully understand that the immensity of the Swamp makes it virtually impossible to fully drain or drain in any timely manner or even to the degree that we clearly see the results.  BUT, we must begin the process and President Trump can do some but it will take Congress to fully implement the process.  How many expect them to do that?  That’s what I thought, about the same number that believes the liberal Democrats are going to become Trump supporters.

Here is a headline that gives a clear example of how dirty the federal bureaucracy is, “IRS rehired employee that falsified documents, had unauthorized access to taxpayer information.”  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.  That employee should be in jail not handling our Tax Documents.  In the AUDIT from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration where they wanted to evaluate and protect citizens from identity theft and ensure that the employees of the Internal Revenue Service were of “high integrity” some interesting facts surfaced.  The auditors found that there were 200 employees rehired between January 2015 and March 2016 that had been TERMINATED or SEPARATED from the agency due to being investigated or misconduct.  Some of the conduct issues were falsifying employment forms or documents, unauthorized use of taxpayer accounts, misuse of email or property, absence and leave issues, workplace disruption, failure to follow instructions, and violations of the Internal Revenue Code, to name just a few.   HOW ARE THEY BACK ON THE JOB?  Oh, I know, the Democrat Administration wanted them back because they were doing the dirty work of harassing and gathering information against Conservatives or Conservative Organizations.  THE SWAMP is real.  Two of those rehired, according to the audit REPEATEDLY falsified employment forms by omitting prior convictions or terminations and one even had a felony for possession of a forgery device, and another had threatened his/her co-workers.

Moving to the Special Counsel or Investigator, Robert Muller, in the pursuit of any potential or possible collusion with the Russians by Donald Trump and the charges of attempted Obstruction of Justice by the President we find more reason to DRAIN THE SWAMP.  The role of Mr. Muller was suspect in the beginning and continually becomes more politicized with each new revelation of staff and actions on his part.  He is a long-time friend and colleague of James Comey and that clouds his ability to be an INDEPENDENT UNBIASED BI-PARTISAN investigator.  Representative Trent Franks, a Republican serving on the House Judiciary Committee has called for Mr. Muller’s resignation based on the likelihood of ‘conflict of interest’ which is a violation of federal law.  Muller and Comey have been allies since 2003 or before and both men worked in Washington.  Muller served as FBI Director and Comey served as Deputy Attorney General.  Those who know them attest that they are close friends and that places such a cloud on his ability to do an Independent Investigation, he should resign.  BUT HE WON’T.  He was named to do a hit job on Trump and vindicate his friend James Comey and in the hopes of the NEVER TRUMP CROWD take down Trump or at least render him impotent to get any of his agenda through Congress.  The staff that Mr. Muller has assembled looks more like a who’s who among Democrats in the Clinton Camp and that tarnishes any hope of a truly independent unbiased investigation.  I am all for getting to the Truth but want the Truth to be disclosed regarding Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Samantha Powers, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, the IRS, the Unmasking, the DNC, etc.  If we are going to go after one “truth”, which may have no truth in it, then let’s go after them all.  Hard evidence has been presented against those but no legitimate investigation has or likely will ensue.  Does Congress want TRUTH or a TARGET?

Senator’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham have repeatedly subverted all efforts of this President and been party to the RESISTANCE that the Democrats like to call their antics.  Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, has lauded Robert Muller as a fair and impartial man and not a Democrat Partisan.  He argued that the investigations in the House and Senate “de-politicizes” this investigation.  SERIOUSLY, Speaker Ryan?  Seriously!  Oh, I forget you said before the inauguration that you would not support the Trump agenda but once inaugurated you tried to appear as though you were on the team and fighting for the fulfillment of the campaign promises.  However, both you and Senator McConnell have repeatedly taken actions that do harm not benefit the fulfillment of those promises.  Mr. Ryan argued that Congress was not spending all its time focusing on Russia but they were focused on solving people’s problems.  WOW!  I did not know Congress, under his leadership had become a Counseling Service to solve people’s problems.  I thought they were a legislative body that was supposed to enact legislation that dealt with the real issues facing America such as our borders, national security, economy, taxes, Obamacare, the military, terrorism, to name a few.  His claim that they were working on problems people care about is laughable.  People care about the things I mentioned yet, the House and Senate continue to demonstrate either total impotence, incompetence, or intent regarding those issues.  THE SWAMP IS REAL and Congress is a significant part of it.

Those are just a few examples of why we need to seriously take action that will begin the process of DRAINING THE SWAMP and restoring the CONSTITUTION to WE THE PEOPLE.  The only question is a question that reflects how we got in this mess, “Are we willing to do the heavy lifting to get it done?”  We (proverbial we) did not want to be bothered by what was happening in Congress and the Swamp in years gone by and slumbered while the politicians and bureaucrats stole our liberty and enlarged the swamp.  We, as some do today, argued that we did not want to be bothered with politics.  However, politics affects life and life are something that we all should be very interested in.  Politics affects our liberties as well as our livelihood so it is of consequence to each of us.  Politics left to the politicians can only result in the development of an Elitist Professional Ruling Class of Politicians who seek and secure Power to the Point of Tyranny (soft or hard).  We let it happen and now it may be too late to turn this ship around but we must try!

I may not like everything that President Trump advances or the way he goes about dealing with people or addressing issues but I do like the idea of Draining the Swamp, securing the Border, strengthening our ability to defend ourselves, Tax Reform, Repeal of Obamacare, the Economy, and limiting those in DC’s ability to engage in cronyism, graft, and corruption.  I like the idea of keeping Campaign Promises.  There is no perfect politician or person and although I do not expect President Trump to change I do expect Congress to take positive action to advance the agenda that was promised to the voters in the last election.  If they fail or refuse, then I want them OUT THE DOOR as quickly as possible.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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