RELIGION OF THE LEFT – Government as God…

BLOG POST 3 - Big Government

After the failure of the Republicans to advance any measure to repeal Obamacare the Democrats were applauding the defectors of the GOP and calling John McCain a courageous hero.  McCain apparently had informed Chuck Schumer in advance of his plans but had not informed the GOP leadership.  That is anything but courageous and heroic it smacks with vengeance and retaliation, not courage.  But, that is another subject for another time and I don’t want to attack Senator McCain as he fights his battle with cancer.  No, I am not justifying him or declaring him off limits due to illness but suggest that his brain cancer may be partially the reason for his seeming incoherence at times.  I seriously doubt that is the full reason but that is not my focus in this article.

After the failure, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) revealed the heart of the Left that Big Government is the answer to everything and is a virtual god to the liberal leftist.  He tweeted, “Last night proved, once again, that there is no anxiety or sadness or fear you feel right now that cannot be cured by political action.”  WOW!  No anxiety, sadness, or fear that cannot be cured by the government.  That view elevated government to the status of God and reflects the religion of the Democrats that Government is their god.  How could anyone trust a politician or political party that believes what Senator Murphy articulates?  Can government fix a failing marriage?  Can government heal disease?  Can government do EVERYTHING?  Anyone in their right mind and honest would give a resounding NO to those questions.  Senator Murphy, the government may be your all in all but it is not for millions of us and anyone who ascribes that power to government is doomed to servitude and subjecting themselves to ultimate tyranny.  I REJECT THAT!

I recently saw a report that compared the growth of the Texas economy to that of California.  This, in a great measure, is a comparison of a liberal, politically correct agenda to a conservative one.  One had good success the other can only be described as an abject failure.  Can you guess which one had an economic growth rate of 3.9% and which one had a 0.1% growth rate?  I’ll let you think about it for a minute.  I do believe that you know because you are thinking people and pay attention.  Yes, it was Texas that had the positive economic growth and California that had a virtual ZERO growth rate.  My desire is not to bash all Californians.  What I desire is to compare as one example the contrast between the Conservative government and the Liberal government.  We see it all over the country and city after city and state after state the fails economically are under Liberal Democrat control and those that fare better are under Conservative Republican leadership.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released a study of how all the states performed economically.  Texas was 1st in the nation and California 41st during the 1st quarter of this year.  The study examined activities such as real estate, mining, durable goods manufacturing, etc.  The Texas economy, according to the study, was enhanced by the boom in the mining and manufacturing sectors.  California suffered from a lackluster performance in arts, entertainment, recreation, retailing, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting, etc.  Politics is the clear difference.  California seeks to be politically correct to the nth degree, deeply entrenched in climate change, and all the liberal objectives. Texas, on the other hand, seeks to open the energy sectors as well as provide a business-friendly environment.  In California, the regulations are stifling and in Texas, they are much more reasonable.  In California, the liberal agenda is viewed as the only acceptable agenda and in Texas, the will of the people and the Constitution are viewed as paramount.  In California, taxes are through the roof and in Texas, there is no state income tax and efforts to rein in taxes on property, etc. are at work.

California desires to become a Sanctuary State and Texas wants secure borders.  California wants to control every dimension of the lives and businesses of the people of their state and Texas, for the most part, wants to let the free market work and people decide their own destinies.  California is the bastion of liberalism as is reflected in the many liberals in Washington that hail from that beautiful state.  Liberalism does not produce economic growth and always seeks to over-regulate and control the lives of people at all levels of life.  Is Texas perfect?  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  We have our share of problems in this state and our political leadership is not always in tune with the will of the people or what is in the best interest of the state but compared to the politics of California, unless you are an ultra-liberal, it almost seems perfect.

The Democrat Party and some RINOs seem to believe that Government is the answer to everything and should be grown larger and given ultimate control in our lives.  That is anathema to the Constitution and Republican Democracy and must be rejected and defeated at all costs.  I urge you to stay alert and become involved in the political process.  America is too great a prize to ignore the dangers and threats to her survival.  Reject the Ultra Liberalism and Ole Boy Cronyism of the Left and the Elitist!  Another election is just around the corner and we can send more of them home, if we will.

God, bless you richly is my desire and prayer!


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