BLOG POST 3 - Invalidating the Election

If we are going to preserve our Republic and maintain our Republican Democracy, we MUST NOT allow this to happen and MUST find a way to bring it to an end.  From time to time people are elected to office that we do not like, favor, or desire but that does not invalidate or give cause to seek to invalidate a legitimate election.  If we lose, we lose and must find peaceful ways to deal with the situation and maintain our Constitutional Republican status otherwise we damage or destroy the Republic.  The actions of the MSM, Activist, the Democrats, Anti-Trumpers, and the Elitist Establishment Republicans are dangerous and will do irreparable damage to our system of government.  The damage these groups are inflicting is far worse than that sought by any outside entity or foreign government.  The attempted invalidation of the election of President Donald J. Trump is a slap in the face of the Framers and our Founders and all who sacrifice to gain our Freedom and Independence.  It is an insult to anyone who honors the Constitution.  You may be adamantly opposed to Donald Trump and believe him unfit for office but HE WON THE ELECTION and if you love America and respect the Constitution you should be appalled by the antics of the aforementioned groups and individuals.

I have thought much about the leaks from within the White House and heard Juan Williams give his leftist take on the reason for the leaks and it was not surprising.  It was disgusting but not surprising.  He inferred that rather than the leaker being a criminal, doing damage to our National Security and the President’s ability to interact with Foreign Officials on or off the record, this was simply a patriot who felt that President Trump was not acting in the best interest of America and must be stopped.  WOW!  If someone had said that about Barack Obama, Mr. Williams would have been calling for their head as would the rest of the MSM and the Left.  I am convinced that the person or persons engaged in this leaking are doing so to make it virtually impossible for Donald Trump to do his job.  I do not know who is guilty but I now suspect that this is being coordinated or facilitated through the National Security Agency and is directly connected to H.R. McMaster and when the dust settles (if it ever does) that trail will lead to the Establishment Republicans, the Obama Administration, and the Clinton Camp.  Dismiss that if you please, and I will readily acknowledge I have no proof other than the tell-tale signs of his opposition to President Trump and the Agenda promised to the voters in 2016 and his purging of Trump Loyalist.

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America duly elected in a legitimate manner through our electoral system is fighting opposition like no president in my lifetime.  I don’t know what previous presidents encountered other than what I read and even then, there are conflicting accounts of those presidents and their battles.  President Trump is finding, probably somewhat surprisingly, that the Swamp which embodies the Political Establishment would rather destroy the Republic than give up their position and power.  The label “Public Servant” is a misnomer and misapplied to most members of Congress.  It is rare that I have witnessed any semblance of an attitude of SERVING the people but have seen openly their desire to SERVE themselves.  The network and brotherhood they are a part of is very devoted to STATUS QUO and the preservation of Political Elitism.  Most politicians do not view the voting public as their bosses but see themselves as our caretakers, guardians, and overseers.  They do not believe we are capable of understanding what is needed or best and believe themselves to be far superior.  THAT IS TRAGIC!  I can only imagine what the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution would say about what is happening today.  Jefferson would be calling for watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of the Patriots as would several others of that illustrious fraternity.  I AM NOT!  I want to retake our government peacefully and through the system, we are fighting to preserve and maintain.  WE CAN DO IT but only if we UNIFY and determine that the Constitution is more important than personal preference.

John McCain, who sunk any hopes of repealing Obamacare is now working with Chuck Schumer again and has expressed his desire to see Congress pass the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill when he returns.  He was joined in his collusion with Senator Schumer, by Senators Collins and Murkowski.  I pray that the Senate reject his efforts and the House will send it to File 13 where it belongs.

The Special Investigator, Robert Muller is using a Grand Jury, something never done with regard to Hillary Clinton or the many Democrat scandals, to go after Trump Jr and indirectly Donald Trump himself.  This is part of the effort to INVALIDATE the legitimate election of Donald Trump. The hatred for Trump runs so deep and the disbelief by the Establishment both Democrat and Republican that he won is driving them to sacrifice the Constitution and the Country for the sake of preserving the Position and Power.  The fishing expedition will either result in someone being criminally charged or provide the Democrats with bullet points and campaign slogans in 2018 and 2020.  In my view, any politician who participates or facilitates the continuation of the kind of destructive behavior and activity is unworthy of holding office.

I confess I do not like everything that President Trump does or says but I love America and endured 8 years of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and actions that did great harm to America.  I want to get to the truth in all corruption and that includes Democrats and Republicans.  I do not want to see Special Investigators or Prosecutors, the DOJ, the Courts, Congress, or any Federal Bureau politicized so that it is nothing more than a partisan or establishment weapon against a politician or elected official they do not like or disagree with.  THAT IS NOT OUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT.   Wait, it seems to be our system today but is not what the Constitution or the Founders and Framers intended.  We sit silent and allow this to transpire to our hurt.

I ask that you join me in praying for America and in working to send people to Washington, DC who are committed to the Constitution and our Constitutional System of Government.  We MUST purge from the ranks all who are not else we become complicit in the destruction and fundamental transformation of the Republic into something none of us truly want.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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